May 30, 2009

The moon she be waxing.

The moon is nicely rising day by day and can be seen all day at the moment as well as at night. I've been sitting in the garden watching Mr Mog planting new things and overhead is the faint outline of the moon.
This was taken last night as the light was fading. Not a cloud in the sky, indeed there isn't today either. It has been rather gorgeous. We had to go visiting friends for an hour or two this morning but the rest of the day was spent around the garden.
I've just seen some geese going over, calling to us to see if we wanted to go with them.
Perhaps not.
These barns are for you Diana, taken on our recent visit to see Mr Mog's aged parent.
Also on the same journey going over Sebergham,the river surrounded by new growth.
The bridge is double arched and so pretty at the minute with all the flowers.
Lots of poppies everywhere
As I mentioned yesterday, I have started Elsewhere and this was yesterday's picture. I am a little further on now.
I am loving the yarn and especially the fabulous colours Laal Bear dyed it for me.

The moon this month is bringing me lots of vivid dreams, I seem to be busy all night in them and they vary from odd to strange. Some of this is Beltaine energy and some I think because I've started doing morning pages again. Each morning 3 pages before I get up. I fill them with everything that comes out of my head and I am sure that is why the dreams. After all you have to have something to write down:)


laoi gaul~williams said...

the clear skies here have been great for moon gazing! every night before bed i stand out the front and look up and feel so at peace.

Blue Witch said...

No poppies down here, that I've seen, yet. Also haven't seen the moon in the day.

Lovely colours in the knitting.

I've never done morning pages. Wouldn't have the stamina. I used to use the blog like that at one time, in days when there were lots of people and lots of discussion around. Do you use a special book? And do you keep them for future reference?

Antoinette said...

I do morning pages! Been doing them for about 8 weeks now, and they seem to make a big difference. My brain gets to dump its junk more hehe.

Love the colours in that yarn - very Spring-like.

Those images of the countryside have left me feeling consumed with envy. It's just so beautiful. Oh, and I dig those barns!

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