March 19, 2009

A cautionary tale on the winding of mohair

What to do and what not to do when one is winding a hank of mohair.

DON'T wind yarn inside if you can avoid doing so.
DO wind outside if at all possible.
DON'T get your partner to hold the yarn while you wind.
DO use a swift,preferably one you can clamp or an upright swift.
DON'T wind the yarn fast, I know it is a temptation and I know you want to do so but DON'T.
And yes I know it helps to unwind the matted fibres but DON'T. It gets in your throat, up your nose and covers you in fibre.
In fact even using a floor standing swift can provide hazards for one's partner, who is standing on the base of said swift to keep it stable due to the speed one is winding at.
He also gets covered in mohair.
DO wind slowly and carefully using either a wool winder clamped to bench or a nostepinne.
That way you don't disturb the sleeping fibres and allow them to make a break for freedom.
See above it gets in nasal passages, throat and on one's person.
DON'T wind away merrily with utter disregard for one's well being. It is very unsafe and unhealthy.
DO wear a mask. It keeps you safe and you don't wake up with a dreadful sore throat that then entails one losing one's voice and feeling generally yuck.
You saw the fluff in yesterday's post. Imagine how much was unseen.
Joking apart be careful


Tammy said...

This is why I don't like knitting with mohair. It does give me a sore throat, I thought I might be allergic or sensitive to it.

yarnivorous said...

Thanks for the advisory. I mostly find mohair itchy at the best of times!

dominiqueknitting said...

Oh dear! I hope the mohair is tamed now.

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

The last time I crocheted with mohair I found bits of it in my bed ! Now explain that one if you will ;-)
Once my ex husband complained that it was in his sandwiches when he got to work.

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