May 29, 2007

Phew, unpacked, tired and happy:)

We are unpacked, we managed to shoehorn the contents of a 3 bedrom, 3 living room, large kitchen home into a 2 bedroom, 1 living room 1 small kitchen bungalow. Gave away lots of stuff which was good and kept the essentials including the yarn stash:)
The bungalow is wonderful, warm, very sunny and light and best of all no stairs. We are 5 minutes drive from the promenade which is flat so easy for me. Close to family and friends and did I say no stairs??
I've been quiet because apart fronm the unpacking I've no broadband til tomorrow so its been hard to log on. I will be with virgin so any one emailing its amberdotmoggie at virgindotnet
Looking forward to reading everyones blogs and seeing what you all have been doing. I've almost finished another shawl, pics soon:)

May 22, 2007

a home by the sea

well we moved yesterday, eventually. I'm sure Loki was with us as everything went wrong til the bitter end. We finally unloaded van at 7pm last night, from Mr Mog doing final packing stuff at 9 in morning. Boy were we shattered when we went to pick up the grandsons and go to my daughters home.
Today has been spent doing very important things, i.e. Mr Mog putting up the bookshelves so we can start unloading the hundreds of books. That will make some space:)
We are still at my daughters until Thursday when we can sleep at the new bungalow for the first time. Can't wait. The house is warm, cosy and close to beach, shops and trains motorway etc.
My email has changed, I am now with virgin(again) so virgindotnet from now

May 20, 2007

heading to new home back soon

Last minute packing and we move tomorrow. I'll be back online weekend hopefully. Wish me luck

May 13, 2007

HELP, Colinette silky chic florentina needed urgently and I'm in love with Woolmeise sock yarns:)and needing help on using woolwinder

You know the shawl I put a picture of before? Yes that shawl. Well I'm getting down to the knitty gritty with the silky chic and when I went to get the other skein to wind it I realised it isn't Florentina its jamboree. Totally different:( Anyone got any florentina they'd swap me for jamboree or other yarns?
Did I tell you I'm in love with Woolmeise sock yarn? Eva sent me some I won and I love it , not for socks because I don't do socks. Did you know I don't do socks???
But for shawls it knits beautifully and is gorgeous to the touch.
Also I recently purchased a knitmaster cone winder. However 8it does not have any instructions with it and I can't make it wind properly:( Anyone know how they work and can help this challenged moggie?
thank you

More shawls and moving date

Latest shawl finished and a new one started. Finished one is mix of unnamed mohair in dark blue mixed with fleece artist eyelash multi color. Love the finished effect on this one. I've started another one in a mix of the Woolmeise sock yarn I won from Eva(thank you Eva)together with silky chic from Colinette. Colour is Florentina I think. Doesn't it look fabulous and the colour is so vibrant. This may be a keeper:)
Received our moving date, we will be heading Lancashire way 21st May. Can't wait now as house is in an uproar, half packed up. Haven't started packing the yarn cupboards yet as I may need more yarn from them:)

May 07, 2007

my muse and moving status

gURL.comI took the "The Nine Muses" quiz on
My muse is...

Calliope is the patron goddess of epic poetry. She is often depicted holding a writing tablet and wearing a golden crown, for she is the oldest of the muses and their leader. Her name means "The Fair Voiced," but Calliope inspires eloquence in writing. Read more...

Who is your muse?

My muse:) Quite apt in some ways as I do(did) love to journal and create with words. I have felt myself itching to get back to my morning pages and journalling. Not instead of the knitting but alongside. I've missed my muse sitting by me when I write.
The move is in limbo, the guy who is in the bungalow still hasn't found somewhere else to live despite saying he'd move soon as we wished. It is hopefully going to be a week on Thursday but I'll know better Wednesday. The destash is going ok, still mucho stuff to go through. Today we packed the best part of the books in the living room, can't believe how many boxes and that is just one room:)
Still knitting, another shawl in a mix of dark blue mohair and fleece artist multi color eyelash. Pictures when I find camera. We currently have a female greater spotted woodpecker on the bird table many times a day. Fabulous sight and Mr Mog took pictures so if I find camera, I'll show you:)

Poetry for Brigid Imbolc

  The Lake Isle of Innisfree BY  WILLIAM BUTLER YEATS I will arise and go now, and go to Innisfree, And a small cabin build there, of clay a...