April 21, 2016


 Life has been hectic, not always in a good way

It seems to have been a constant round of medical things and appointments. If it hasn't been Macmillan, it's been hospice at home, or doctor or district nurses. Add in palliative pain clinic and you can see where the days went to.

Most of these things are being set in place for when needed and it's reassuring to know. But it got so every day seemed to have something going on.

We have settled down a little now though and are trying to enjoy the days. We were hoping to go to Wonderwool in Wales this weekend but it's too far and will be too exhausting for Mr Mog so we made the decision to stay at home. Both of us very sad as we love meeting up with friends at the wool festivals.

Mr Mog now goes to the day hospice one day a week which gives me a day , well 10 until 3, to do my own thing. I am now driving all the time as Mr M is not allowed behind the wheel, something that upset him greatly as he loved driving..

I've not been knitting much as wrists are still fragile but I have been playing in my art journal as you can see. It gives me a good deal of satisfaction to splash paint and glue about. 

I never have anything in mind when I start but prefer to see "what if"

Health wise Mr Mog is not doing too bad, very weary and sore but no worse than he was. We know it can't last but are enjoying the now. He has put some weight back on which is good. I've lost some more and that's not a bad thing for me either.

So what have you lot been up to? 

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