November 30, 2007

More destashing this time Posh yarn etc

Still more destashing, got to get Mr Mog away if at all possible before next round of treatment
I have several skeins of Posh yarns kid silk lace, lots of mohairs and other yarns
email for details.

November 26, 2007

A bad day all round:(

Today was consultant day regarding further treatment for Mr Mog. He is to have 7 and half weeks of daily radiotherapy and at least 2 years hormone treatment. but oh boy the side
effects:( I know they have to be open with you but it's so harsh hearing the consultant telling you that yes there could be incontinence, diarrohea, bowel damage and possible colostomy. Not what we wanted to hear. Apparently Mr Mogs cancer was a little worse than we had thought, more aggressive. Hard to believe when the dear love hasn't an aggresive bone in his body.
So all in all not a good day. And when we arrived at the hospital only one other couple waiting and we still had to ask when we would be seen. Not sure what they were doing but the other couple had waited over an hour. Mr Mog has white coat syndrome so his blood pressure goes up at the doctors or hospital and waiting around didn't help him. I could see him getting whiter and whiter. The fear of the unknown I know but even the offer of a chance to do a jigsaw of Fergie and Prince Andrew's wedding didn't cheer him much:))

November 25, 2007

An awesome gift and another pair of socks

Look at the wonderful parcel that arrived from Maylin isn't it fab? In it you see, 2 lots of wool that Maylin plied for me so definately OOAK:) then 2 skeins of Colinette Zanziba, haven't tried this before but looks gorgeous and feels soft.
A great bag for toting my new obsession around , covered in cats and a notebook with cats for keeping track of patterns and inspiration:) A pair of addi circs large enough to knit the purple yarn, I'm seeing shawl here Maylin what about you?
A very evocative card with the green man or tree spirit and I've framed this:)
And finally Ta Daaaa , Maylin made Mr Mog a pair of socks and they fit a treat as you can see in the picture underneath:))Where incidentally you can see the progress on the other pair and the finished items on Mr Mog's feet:))
I've started another pair in the rainbow yarn from Ruth and once I've finished the latest earflap hat I'll be casting on another shawl.
Didn't get to Harrogate sadly as Mr Mog wasn't too good, I didn't want to leave him on his own. My DD has just come out of hospital Friday after having her gall bladder taken out and she is very fragile at the moment also.
Times flies on and we go to the hospital Monday morning to meet the Oncologist about Mr Mog's radiotherapy. Hoping it doesn't start until after Christmas to give him a little more time to recover from his operation.

November 20, 2007

Not socks but a scarf:) and new knit group

I'm having a little change from socks. Mr Mog needs a scarf as it is so cold and he liked the look of the Noro Iro so here we have the scarf in progress. I'm doing a simple pattern, bands of garter stitch interspersed with bands of K1p1 rib. Picture is a little dark as it is dismal here today but I think you get an idea of what it looks like. Hopefully finished tonight for wearing tomorrow. There is a new knit group starting up here tomorrow afternoon and I thought I'd try and get there for an hour. Hope to go to Harrogate but realistically don't think I can go. Its 3 hours by train and £24:( Driving is around 2 hours 30 and a wee bit too far as I haven't done any for so long. I'm still frantically asking around to see if anyone local is going but don't hold out too much hope. Maybe next year otherwise.

My ISE parcel arrived:))

Look what my fabulous pal in the ISE exchange sent me:))

Tammy from lavendar knits made me this fabulous scarf/shawl in Lornas laces shepherd sock Black Purl colourway:) It is my colour to a T thank you Tammy:)) That wasn't all as you can see from the stash above. Tammy sent me lots of teas and the Christmas Eve is yummy, Mr Mog and I have just had a cup each. 3, count them, 3 sets of options circular needles in the new colourways. Never ever had these before and they are ace. Even my youngest grandson aged 9 thought he would rather like these if I didn't need them:)) As if I'd let them out of my sweaty paws. Then a pattern for the Japanese vines shawl by Michelle Molis, this is on the to do list once my sock obsession has abated somewhat. Not likely to be soon when you see the other gifts from Tammy, the Lucy Neatby book I wanted, indeed craved after borrowing it from the library. Then yarn in abundance. Knit picks Alpaca cloud in Autumn, 2 skeins of this. I haven't knit with Alpaca so I'll really enjoy trying this. But there is more:) A skein of Cherry Tree Hill supersock in Burgundy and a skein of Twisted zen string serendipity sport. Tammy I can't tell you enough times how wonderful your gift was, thank you so much:)

November 18, 2007

WIPs and goodies in post:)

Where to begin? I just typed a great post twice and blogger lost it:(
Never mind. I have been having great fun with my second pair of socks. Here you see the first sock almost finished and guess what? It fits Mr Mog so he has claimed it:) Aren't the colours lovely? It's some yarn I purchased a while ago and it doesn't have tags so I can't tell you what it is sadly. It is lovely to knit with though. I think I need to find a bag for sock knitting to travel in, what do you recommend as a place to purchase one? The big knitting bag is too big for the tiny sock stuff:)
Secondly I received some wonderful goodies in the mail this week:)

From Claire bear and her moggies I received this lovely sock book, together with needles and yarn to make some of said socks:) Thanks Claire I really appreciate it:)

from Ruth
2 balls of rainbow yarn for happy socks for Mr Mog:) Thanks Ruth he is pushing me to get them on the needles, talk about impatient.
Mr Mog is doing ok, he is very tired but that is to be expected and I'm trying to make him rest some more than he wants to.
Tomorrow I think we are taking the bus into Lancaster for an hour if he is up to the travel, his idea not mine but it will be nice to have a little lunch in town.
I want to go to Harrogate this weekend but will have to see if Mr Mog is ok before I do. I won't be spending, budget is all to pot with Yule shopping last week but I'd love to go and help on the K&CG stand and meet up with folks. We will see

November 16, 2007

He is home:)))))

Mr Mog arrived home this lunch time. He is fine, in fact more than fine:) He had an epidural for the operation Tuesday morning. He sings the praises of the injection no discomfort, no sickness. In fact he never had any pain relief all through his stay. Only stuff he had was warfarin for prevention of clots which they all had and his normal BP pills. I can't believe how well he did. Its been a traumatic few days. Now he has 6 weeks of healing, no driving for at least 4. Appointment in 6 weeks at clinic and then the radiotherapy. Thank you all for your well wishes and positive thinking, Mr Mog thanks you also:)
more soon

November 12, 2007

A stressful day:(

Mr Mog was supposed to go in for his operation today at 10.30am. We were told to ring at 9 and check there was a bed. There wasn't. They took our number and said they would ring soon as a bed was available. Finally got a phone call 4pm to say no bed. Mr Mog can eat til midnight, water til 6am and go in at 8am for operation 10.30ish. A lot better in some ways as he gets to spend the night at home instead of in hospital worrying over the op. BUT a stress for someone with high blood pressure and cancer to have to spend today worrying what time he would go in and if his op would be cancelled. I think I've aged 10 years at least and have a new crop of grey to be hennaed:)
More news tomorrow when hopefully he will be in recovery
thanks so much for your good thoughts we both appreciate them. Please, whatever path you follow, think positive healing thoughts for tomorrow and after
Thank you:)

November 09, 2007

My very first pair of socks:)

Ladies and gentlemen I give you my very first pair of socks:)
Thanks to the fabulous SP I have who encouraged, nay browbeat (only kidding SP) me in to socks. I've made them and they fit Mr Mog a treat as you can see. We were a little tad short on yarn so he chose the additional colour for the 2nd sock. What you ought to know is that Mr Mog is a big hippie at times, he wears bells attached to the bottom of his trousers and loves his tiedyed socks I've done him in the past. So these are ideal for him:) I'm going to try the toe up next I think then Mr Mog would quite like a pair in rainbows, doesn't want much does he?
Its hospital day on Monday so we have been out and about this week trying to ignore it. Had a great week on the whole. Went Yule shopping yesterday and got almost all the presents we wanted to get so that helps. I'm sorting out lifts for visiting at the moment ready for next week.
More later and SP, thank you so much for this new obsession:))

November 02, 2007

Knit knit knit away:)

Well the first sock of the first pair is well on its way. I'm on the heel now. A little difficult picking up the stitches but eventually I got there:)
No other knitting because the time I have the sock calls me:)
We had a wonderful day today. We went to Lakeland wildlife oasis
It is our eldest grandson's birthday and we decided to arrange for him to adopt another animal. You can book for a day as a keeper and we thought adopting an animal would be something good to remember the day by. It was the first time Mr Mog and I had been and what a great place it is. We've adopted the red squirrels for him and for the money you pay he gets a family pass for visiting, a certificate and gift. Plus his name on the pen saying he has adopted them. Don't you think its a good gift? I know he will. It adds something to the day when they visit also.
There were some gorgeous creatures there but my favourites have to be the Fossa, so like siamese cats and very attractive animals.
Photos tomorrow hopefully of some of the things we've seen and maybe a finished sock??

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