November 16, 2016

Thank you

Thank you so much everyone. Mr Mogs cremation was yesterday and it was surrounded by much love and some laughter. So many of our  family and family of choice were there it really helped me get through a very sad day.
He was covered in a blanket of autumn shades, made by many friends across the world. Each square different and each one made with love. It had bells of course and I am writing this cocooned in the warmth and magic of this special blanket now.
We had 3 pieces of Mr Mogs favourite music ending with Status Quo - rocking all over the world. Making everyone smile as we left the crematorium. He wanted a simple ceremony and he got it. Just one eulogy from a friend of ours, spoken from the heart and a mix of tears and laughter when she reminded us of Mr Mogs awful cups of weak tea;) we had a simple hot buffet while sharing our memories of a very special person.
Today I feel empty and bereft. The man I love has left me and although I know he is still here surrounding me with his love I just can't see or touch him.
We celebrate his life on 10th December and friends are most welcome to be with us.

November 06, 2016

R.I.P Mr Mog

My lovely husband and soulmate Mr Mog sadly left this earth plane on the 1st November. He died peacefully in the early morning after I had just gone to bed for a nap, having been up most of the night chatting to him . He waited, thoughtful to the very last.
He had become more and more frail and in pain but was determined to attend one last wool festival , the Kendal Woolgathering weekend just a couple of days before his passing.
He had a most wonderful time, enjoying being with all our many woolly friends and family. He was surrounded by love and joy a worthy last event indeed.
Our friends came from one end of the country to the other and he was so so appreciative of their taking the time.
As one of our old friends told me "he was storing up memories for you" not for himself but so that I would remember this most gentle loving person full of smiles albeit very very frail.
He will be cremated  with a simple ceremony and then in early December we will have a celebration of his life to which family and friends are all invited.
Mr Mog planned his funeral and his celebration, I just have to put the pieces into place . My heart is broken and I don't know how I can function without him. I know I have to but it's so very very hard. I have a big lump in my stomach and I have cried enough tears for Britain.
I can feel that He is still here in my heart and all around me but I can't touch or see him. I wait for the sound of his bells heralding his arrival in a room. They don't come.
I know we will be together again as he did, it's just the wait until that happens.
Rest in peace my darling, I love you always

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