May 21, 2009

Beaded shawls

Remember the shawls I showed you the other week? I've finally finished beading them both. What a slow job it was, adding each little bead and its stopper bead to each point on the border. Anyway they are done now so I thought you would like to see them
I haven't blocked them as they are very big especially the green goddess one. Who ever gets them can always block if they want them even longer.

pictured outdoors because it is actually sunny today:)
Close up of the edge, you can just see the beads
Then the giant green shawl.

What you don't see is how much is over my hands, another foot or two I'd guess.
The border is done in different greens I wanted to progress from thicker to thin mohair to reflect the way the trees go from bare to full of leaf. There are many different shades of green in the beads also.
Hope you like


Haley @ Iridescent Dark said...

Ooh I just love all the luscious shades of gren you have there *drools*

Cinders said...

your shawls are fantastic. well worht all the hard work

Suzi Smith said...

They're gorgeous... me too drooling over the green one x

Sue Simpson said...

Any chance I can bags the first shawl? Would really go with that Pixie Dress I think? Unless it's already spoken for? :o)
I need to collect these in preparation for my rocking chair! lol.

Brightest blessings,
Sue xxx

dreamcatcher said...

Gorgeous shawls, I particularly love the green one :-)

Mandy said...

They are lovely. I too love the green one.

MandellaUK said...

They're lovely to look at and they're certainly going to do the job very nicely!

Jean said...

Your shawls look so comforting - cosy, what a pleasure they must be to wear. The purple & hot pink one would be fab on your misty foggy day and would cheer up anyone who passes you - they would just have to smile, all that enthusiastic color.

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