February 13, 2005

sunday musings twas the night before Valentine's day

'Twas the night before Valentines day and I'm busy making a gift for my love. Its a tiny woman figure out of air drying clay. A symbol of my love for him a talisman to keep in his pocket to remind him of me, although this is a tad smaller:) I can't sculpt but I've had a go and although the boobs look a little lopsided its definately a woman. This is third time lucky for me. 2 bad mistakes and then the person I've been looking for all my life arrives out of the blue. I went to an open Ostara celebration 12 years ago and there he was. Do you know how you just click with some people? this was like that. It took me a long while to relax and just enjoy being with him. 2 mean horrible men dented my self confidence so badly I never thought I'd be able to lift my head.
He makes me smile, he makes my heart sing and he makes me laugh. He gave me the gift of being myself, something I'd never known before. A chance to say hello to the inner childm, the artist inside that I had always had to keep buried. Now I can make art and think "yes, I am an artist, my kind of artist who makes things for herself. " If anyone else likes my art thats a bonus.
When I can figure out how to upload photos I'll post a picture of my totem goddess.

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