May 25, 2009

Evacuation isn't fun:(

Been a strange weekend.
We went to stay at our friends house Saturday evening because we were having a new bathroom fitted. My dear son in law was doing it with a friend of his. Wonderful job finished in no time and makes the bathroom look twice as big. Well it would do as it is now a sparkling white suite where as before I think it could be called avocado:( The original I'd guess from when the bungalow was built in the 70s.
So that went swimmingly and we arrived home yesterday morning to a new loo etc. Tidied up then decided to dismantle the high bed in my craft/study/spare bedroom as it overwhelmed the room. Mr Mog did a sterling job on it and the room looks much bigger(sensing a theme?)
We are going to try and pick up a sofa bed for occasional use. The idea is that then it can double up as my craft room and a meditation room/sacred space for us. We haven't really got that at the moment in the house, just in the garden.
We went to bed last night very tired. Around 2pm I woke to sirens and voices, no specific words could be picked out but worrying. We are near to a nuclear power station and my first thought was a leak or some such. After a few minutes coming round Mr Mog checked out the window and saw lots of smoke over the way. On ringing the police we were told that due to a major fire they were evacuating the area and telling those not quite as near to keep all windows and doors closed.
I didn't want to stay and risk smoke or chemical problems so we decided to go to our daughters home 20 miles away. We were dressed by this time anyway.
As we got ready to leave the police were knocking next door with the news I'd received on the phone.
We had to take a longer route than normal as roads were closed but eventually arrived at DDs house around 4am, fabulous sunrise over the mountains as we set off along the prom. Amazing how many people were out in the pubs or should I say out on the pavements drinking. More stamina than me:)
Sleep not good at DDs home and 7am I rang police to see how things were going. We were told it was safe to come home so we did.
Back home 8.15am, had quick wash/breakfast then off to Cumbria forMILs 90th birthday celebration.
I don't ever travel on bank holidays if I can avoid it and never to the lake district as it is normally packed solid.
We had a super journey there and back, no jams or problems. A good meal with Mum and other family members then home to relax.
Good night's sleep I hope tonight.

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Blue Witch said...

But avocado bathrooms are *the* in thing for 2009 ;)

An action -packed life you lead there. At least you make space for the important things, like the need to stand and stare once in a while :)

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