September 29, 2015

Autumn scenes

More moon pictures because this months moon is so beautiful. These were taken last night when she first appeared above the house 
I have felt great peace within my heart as I stood outside each night waiting for her to rise

She has calmed my fears and given me strength 

Today we took our eldest grandson to the Lakes as he wished to ride a few passes before starting university 

We left him at the start of his first pass and then Mr Mog and I enjoyed the beauty of the lakes by car. Far less strenuous for both of us.

Most of these are taken from a moving car because despite it being the end of September the Lake District was exceedingly busy and it seemed like every spare piece of ground was occupied by cars, even quite a few of the passing places 

But I think you can see we had a perfect day for our jaunt

Our grandson enjoyed himself immensely. We did have a confusing time when we were trying to contact him and vice versa. Lots of the lakes has no mobile signal which makes me wonder why the rescue organisations tell people to always have a mobile phone with them when they climb the hills.

What use will it be? 

September 28, 2015

Of moons and magpies

I love magpies  and they are one of my totems or that's how I think of them.
I used to be afraid of seeing them when I was much younger. I thought it was bad luck. If I saw one I searched for ages to find a second to neutralise the bad luck. Then I did a lot of meditating on my fears around magpies and decided perhaps my fears were telling me something. That maybe magpie was telling me to face my fears, rather than run away. Also magpies are brightly plumaged , I love a spot of colour in my own outfits. They use that colour and I too use my colours to shield , to lift my spirits when I feel low.
Once I thought it through I knew magpies were part of my life and as such I always greet them whenever one is to be seen.

We have always had lots around chez Moggie and at this time of year we normally see three together on the roof, in the garden and quite often tapping hallo on the conservatory roof as they did this morning. Mr Mog took these pictures for me when the magpies landed on the aerial over the road
Aren't they stunning birds? And yes I know they eat a lot of young birds but nature isn't always sweetness and light sadly.

Last night was the super moon and the lunar eclipse as I am sure most people were aware of. These pictures were taken before the eclipse. Around midnight . I did get up at 3-30 but couldn't see anything from front or back of the house and to have gone outside would have woken Mr Mog. He isn't sleeping very well with this sore back and to be honest neither am I. I think I am worrying a little more than normal and night time, or early morning, is when it is at its worst. So I didn't go out to watch the eclipse but could feel the energies waxing and waning all through the night. 

It feels almost as though a weight has been lifted today. I have felt almost giddy with the lack of pressure on my head. I am hoping that the energies have changed and that we have a better dark half of the year. I hope you do too.

I've been looking at all the incredible pictures around the web of the eclipse, truly magical and awe inspiring.

How was it with you?

Today I have been painting 2 small canvases with gesso ready to collage things on them to creat an underwater scene. I haven't felt like spinning for a few days and my knitting has been on a shawl for a swap I am in.

Once it's finished and the receiver has opened her parcel I will post pictures. I am quite pleased with progress but getting a little worried that my handspun may run out before the pattern is completed. It will be a close run thing.

Autumn splendours part 3

September 23, 2015

Mabon, Autumn Equinox or Spring equinox ? Call it what you will

No matter what you call it we are now at the time of equal night and day. In this neck of the woods The autumnal equinox and the other side of the world it's their Spring Equinox.
I decided the turn of the wheel needed to be celebrated among trees and I hope you like the pictures

This turn of the wheel is a special one for me. I love the changing colours, the smell of the earth especially when you are among trees. It transports me to a magical place.

Water represents emotions and it has been an emotional few months for us both. Neither of us has had energy this summer and we both welcomed the autumns arrival

Yesterday was oncology day for Mr Mog and it seemed apt, although unwelcome,  that the turn of the wheel brought change in his cancer journey.

He has had a bad back for a few weeks and after thoroughly checking the latest scans his oncologist decided that it was time for a new drug regime. 

One of the masses is around his sciatic area and she thinks that is probably causing some of the problem. So new drugs for a new season. Abiraterone plus steroids. To be added to his current medicines. The abiraterone  have to be taken an hour before eating so breakfast is the best time. Then the steroids with or after breakfast.

Hoping that the new regime give him as long as the last ones have. The oncologist reminded him that there is also chemo after this so we haven't reached the last option yet

Bitter sweet time of year but days like these help us both

I wish you a fruitful harvest and to my friends over the seas I wish you a productive Spring.

September 22, 2015

Autumn splendours part 2 and Happy Equinox

It is Equinox Eve a time of equal day and night. A time of balance. The world stands still, waiting for the turn towards the dark half of the year. I wish you all a happy Equinox .
So another look at the glorious woods

A magical place to spend time in

Paths that lead into tunnels of green

Ever onwards we are led

The trees whisper and cajole us  to come closer

There are glimpses of stone

I hope you liked the walk in the woods with me.

September 17, 2015

Autumn splendours

Today was glorious so we decided it had to be a walk in the woods. If that included a walk by the sea even better.
 We took a path through the woods, one that beckoned and called us on, ever onwards.

Past ferns that glowed in the autumn sunlight , patterns that made me want to print from them.

Lush rich greens.

The path led through lots of different trees, some magnificent specimens many years old.

Some scenes had barely any colour as we trod ever deeper into the woodland

Then the merest green tucked in amidst the roots.

Some fallen branches stacked to make tepees, awaiting new residents.
To be continued...

Poetry for Brigid Imbolc

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