October 31, 2007

Mr Mog and yes the squirrels are red:)

We went to the hospital today to get Mr Mog's results and discuss treatment etc.
The good news was the cancer isn't in his bones:)) Bad news is that the type he has and severity he can't have chemo and there isn't a cure. However this operation on 13th November will help. He will be in hospital around 5 days, no strenuous stuff for 6 weeks approx and no driving. Worst thing for him is the no cycling:(
Then he starts radiotherapy. As things go it wasn't too bad, we knew it couldn't be cured by them offering the treatment they did. But hey if he can be my Mr Moggie who enjoys life then I don't care.
He is worried how I will be while he is away and for visiting etc. There is a dial a bus service here I believe and I'll be checking that out. Worst case scenario if friends /family coming in to see to me isn't enough I'll go and stay with my daughter. But I'm an independent moggie so that is something I hope I don't need.
So good and bad stuff. This week we want to go out and about some of our favourite places while Mr Mog can still do so, doubt we will spend much time at home if we can help it:))
And in answer to Rosie yes they are red squirrels and are cheeky little things:)

October 29, 2007

Center parcs visit photo heavy

The visit to Center Parc at Whinfell Forest yesterday was great. Mr Mog and I enjoyed ourselves very much. We had a fun filled day with nary a hiccup(well just one) The location is brilliant, not far from the motorway but when you get there it is like going back in time. No cars allowed on the site, loads of people cycling and lots more walking. There was so much to see. Lots of fungi, lots of squirrels, a joyous day with our family. We took lots of pics as you can see here are a few of them. One very good idea, They have special bicycles for disabled , where the able bodied person cycles and there is a seat attached to the front for the less abled. I didn't try it though as I didn't think Mr Mog was up to cycling me round the forest:)
There was so much to see and the house my DD had was in a great position, well off the beaten track to the centre and with a slope of woodland below them where badgers and squirrels went. Apparently you can specify a property if you wish but if you hadn't been before you wouldn't maybe know which you wanted? They took potluck and this was one of the basic models. Lovely watching the sunset over the forest from the patio:)
There was a lot included for your payment such as the swimming and the water slides but it seemed as if all the activities cost an arm and a leg. Luckily my grandsons adore the outdoors so being able to cycle on and off paths was ideal for them. The colours were at their best and the goddess was certainly with us. It rained all the night before and up to 8am. It cleared as we got to the place and we had a red hot day with sunshine throughout. Then as we got in the car to leave the rain started. The journey home was horrendous, gales and torrential rain where we could barely see. Luckily its only an hour away but weren't we lucky to have such weather?
Can you see the squirrel on the feeding box? It was hard to get clear pictures they are so fast.
The only real drawback was the food places. Bearing in mind it was half term, the place was full. several of the restaurants didn't open until the evening leaving asmall number to cater for all. This meant long long queues for food. We went to Bella Italia, a massive place. Over half of it closed up. Many waitresses but what seemed like just 2 in the kitchen cooking plus a washer up. We queued for a table at 2pm and were told to come back at 3 as the kitchen couldn't cook faster. There were only around 9 tables full. As I struggle to walk and there were empty tables we asked if we could sit and have a drink while we waited. Eventually when they found a person who could understand what we were asking they let us. Most of the waiting staff seem to be Eastern European with a very basic understanding of English.
The meal when we did eat was great, but surely Center parcs on a busy weekend you ought to have more cookin g staff and more places open?
That aside it was fabulous and these photos are just a sampling, we snapped lots of the grandsons which we will treasure as they grow so quickly. The eldest is 11 on Saturday. His other present from his parents apart from the Center parc visit is a day as a zookepper at our local wildlife centre. He wants to be a vet so you can imagine how excited he is about this:)
Well enjoy the pictures, they will give you a little idea of our day. Today did nothing way too tired after yesterday but a nice tiredness

Part 1 , the sock is finished:)

I've finished my very first sock:)) I can't tell you how thrilled I am to finally make one. I know it is way too big to wear and it is a one off as I have no more of the yarn but even so a sock:))
I'm pleased I made my first sock in thicker yarn, thanks for that hint BTW, and I'm so pleased that my SP thoughtfully sent me the Lucy Neatby DVD. It WAS far easier to see how to do the sock than read about it. I am much more able to understand if I see something demonstrated. So SP, thank you so very much for the gift. I've cast on for a pair of socks in the Fyberspates sock yarn you sent me. Who they will be for we will see when they are made up, Mr Mog quite fancies a pair in that colour:) Thanks to everyone for all the encouragement, you know who you are:) You made me determined not to give up this time
My next post will be about our day at Center parcs.

October 27, 2007

A gorgeous gift from Jo and sock progress

Look what came through my letterbox this morning:) A gift from the delightful Jo
Sorry about the picture quality but mohair isn't easy to photograph. Isn't the yarn beautiful? Thank you Jo I will enjoy knitting this up soon as I've finished my sock.
The sock? Well folks here you see a picture of the progress to date, I've turned the heel, picked up the stitches and I'm knitting away on the way down the foot. Next step the toe still tyo come but I actually think this time there is a possibility of finishing don't you? This will be a solitary sock, a sock to treasure and never ever wear. An antique of the future.
Then a pair possibly to be made for moi, or Mr Mog? Yes I think Mr Mog needs the first pair don't you?
Tomorrow we are going to Center Parcs at Whinfell Forest in the Lake District. My daughter and the family have gone for a long weekend to celebrate my elder grandsons birthday and they have asked us to come for the day as their guests. It is probably the only time we will ever get to a Center parcs so we are both really looking forward to the day. Lets hope the weather is dry as its rained most of the day here.

October 26, 2007

proof of the sock knitting:)

Ta daa
my sock progress:)
I'm very pleased with it to date, time will tell when I get to the dividing and knitting aka the turn the heel part:)
Very very tired today, no sleep at all last night. Mr Mog's hormones have kicked in good and proper. He was very cold all night and very tearful, some of the cancer op I am sure and some the hormone injections. What is a moggie to do> I cuddled him and held him close all night and I think it helped. But it plays havoc with one's system not sleeping, we are both zombies today. Ah well sleep tonight maybe?

October 25, 2007

A little magic for you all:)

Try this website for a little amazing magic:) Not sure how she does it but it is great. 5 times out of 5 it picked the correct one:)

Sock it to me :) plus yarn/tweed set 2 trade and ISE true colour

A little of everything today:) Firstly the title "sock it to me", I'm around 4 inches on the start of my first sock:) Forgot to ask Mr Mog to photograph it, will show you tomorrow. This time around I'm enjoying the 4 needles. The yarn is one of those don't knows:) Its thin enough to work with the 3.5mm needles but no ball band. However I'm treating this as my learning sock so if there isn't enough for 2 it won't matter. Didn't want to use the sock yarn from my SP til I knew what I was doing:)
I've uploaded a picture of my ISE shawl off the blocking mats so you can get a better idea of the colour. Isn't it pretty? I hope my pal likes it.
I've also uploaded a picture of akit I wish to trade. It contains 4 skeins of 3ply wool and a length of tweed fabric plus buttons. There is enough tweed to make a skirt and the yarn tones with it. Looking to trade for sock yarn

October 24, 2007

Finished:)) My ISE shawl is finally done:)

Not easy to see on the play mats but my ISE shawl is finished. I have just noticed when I look at it that I went wrong:( However I'm following nanny Effie's lead on this, she always taught me that if you made someone something a small deliberate mistake was needed to show you weren't competing with the goddess for perfection. So my pal when you get this shawl I hope that the mistake doesn't put you off, I love the drape of the shawl and the colour. More pictures once it is dry and I can pose it on a neutraL background.
Mr Mog is really feeling the cold now and is not sleeping well at all. His hospital appointment came through for the operation, he goes in on the 12th November for unknown ammount of days. They crossed the 3days off that was printed on what was presumably standard letter

October 20, 2007

Look what I found:)Trefriw 100% wool and a book

Look what I found today 100% wool from Trefriw yarns in Wales. Shade clematis a mixed purply blue. Quite a twist on it and feels a little harsh. Think that is because it maybe will bloom when washed? I've got 5 x 100gms here. Anyone want to trade for it? Also got the Fabulous fairisle book you see above. Lots of info and patterns. Same thing I'd like to trade for yarn
Lots of knitting going on, I've made fingerless gloves, another felted hat that felted:) I am still knitting on the Iris shawl for the ISE and around3/4 done I think.

October 18, 2007

2 wonderful SP parcels:))

Not one but 2 fabulous parcels arrived today from my SP:) September and October gift packages and this pal has me sussed:))
My September package is centered around my learning to knit socks. Now we all know my sock problems don't we? My SP is determined to help me and what a way to do so. A DVD by Lucy Neatby:) I'd heard of her and I'd heard good reports on her sock DVd but the mog being the mog, I thought it would be a waste of time my sending for it. Let me tell you this is the key to my tackling socks. She explains it so clearly and makes it look simple. I am going to cast on soon as I finish posting so watch this space(GG) To go with the dvd as if that wasn't enough my SP sent some gorgeous fyberspates sock yarn in purples. Isn't it pretty? And do you see the purple needles along side? There is also a blank journal for me that tones nicely with the other gifts and a cat card. I love my cat cards from you SP they always make me smile:) The blank journal is perfect because I've just filled my last one and I've started journalling again recently to get me through all the stuff that is going on.
Thank you for an ideal gift.
BUT; look at October. Are we sensing a colour theme? My cup runneth over. See the little moggie in the knitted sweater? See what she is surrounded by?
5 , yes 5 skeins (295 gms) of mohair boucle from Victoria Smedley Mobair. I'd never heard of her or her yarns but they are top quality, scrumptious and rich colours. A shawl do I hear you saying?? Could be or does anyone have other ideas for this yarn.Has to be something special:)
SP, you are a treasure and you brightened up the day tremendously. The only trouble is do I start socks, do I start the mohair??? Decisions, decisions:) But what great decisions to make
Thank you so much, the moggie is well chuffed:)

October 17, 2007

This n that:)

The wonderful Tess from Silkwood has offered to change the wool I had problems with, despite it not being her that sold it to me. Isn't that kind of her? The seller of the yarn hasn't replied to my emails sadly:(
I'm currently on with another earflap hat in mountain colors yarn for my nephews neice.This will be shown when it is felted.
Beshlie's husband is Dominic Reeve and the books he wrote about their life on the road are:-
Whichever way we turn
No place like home
and the latest one just published I think is- Beneath the blue sky, 4 decades of a travelling life in Britain
All three arrived from the library this morning so guess what the mogs will be reading tonight:)
Mr Mog had his first implant injection this morning and it went well, thanks for all the kind thoughts. The area is bruised and a little painful but he said not as bad as he expected.
We had a dreadful night last night, no sleep hardly. Mr Mog was frozen most of the night despite extra covers etc. I think the worry over today most probably did it, I know it did for me.
I went in the surgery with him and the sister was wonderful, explained fully what was happening and what effects there would be.
We got a letter with another appointment for him to see the consultant to discuss what results and what treatment would be, bearing in mind treatment has started. First letter was for day before the operation which would have been really great don't you think? Here is what we think, here is treatment have you any questions? I had phoned to say we would like earlier one and surprise that came today, to be a month after the operation? So on the phone again and provisionally we now have one for 30th or 31st October. Enquiring minds wonder why they couldn't have done that in the first place.
I'm thinking of a couple of days away if Mr Mog can take the travelling. Hoping to go and see his only aunt who is nearly 90. She lives in Clacton so I'm leaving it with Mr Mog to let me know if he is up for it.
We were supposed to go to a funeral on Friday, the lady we were going to see in Cumbria last week. Sadly she died Sunday. We've decided not to go to the funeral as it is a long way there and back for just 20 minute service.
Please Goddess no more deaths for a while.

October 14, 2007

FFO:( failed finished object

I made a hat for Mr Mog,s nephews daughter. For her 2nd birthday. I used some silkwood supposedly 100% wool yarn. I purchased from a seller on ebay, not silkwood themselves. I fully expected to be able to felt the hat, being as it is supposed to be 100% wool NOT superwash. I washed it twice, second time at 90 degrees. It didn't felt as you can see. Not only did it not felt, it has gone all thin and yucky feeling. Ignore the fluff balls that was me at final desperation point tumbledrying hoping that would work. It didn't
So back to the drawing board and PROPER 100% wool for hat #2.
I've emailed the seller to let her know. Anyone want 150 gms approx of silkwood yarn non felting?
Mr Mog is feeling so tired most of the time now from the pills and he feels the cold more poor love:( I'm exploring the possibilities of a sweater for him. Something easy and warm.
He is awake more in the night with cold even though we have more covers on. All I can do is cuddle him. We had a glorious day in the lake district Friday. We started out in cockermouth and had a cr**p lunch. Place was busy and looked ok food was rubbish. Supposedly Waberthwaite bacon tasted like cheap and nasty bacon . High prices as well even though the season is over. After eating we found loads of other places, sods law of course:) We will know in future. Anyone going to Cockermouth its just at the bottom of the road where Oxfam is next to antique shop. Some good shops there, its been a while since we browsed. A gorgeous shop Banyan Tree with Colinette yarn and the most tactile felted bags imaginable at only £42 each. Oh if I'd had the money:)) As Mr Mog said if we hadn't had the 2 sandwiches and coffee and tea I'd be over a quarter there already. There was another wool shop near the bridge with Noro. I purchased a card deck from Oxfam for 99p the nude in art cards. Lovely old painting and great for if I get back to making collages or ATCs. One card missing but at 99p a cheap buy for Oxfam. I also got the most divine book from them Travellers Joy by Beshlie. She is a traveller and paints the most lovely plants. The book is all about the weeds she saw on her travels, their name and gipsy name and what they are used for. Each 2 page spread is a page of details and then the painting. Look her up on amazon or google. I've ordered some of her other books from the library and 2 by her husband Dominic about their life on the road. From here we went over Whinlatter pass to see the autumn colours, although it was misty we enjoyed it greatly. As you drop down from Whinlatter into Keswick the views are stunning. Keswick was very busy but boy are there a stack of outdoor shops now. Most of the quirky shops are gone and seems like every other shop sells rambling stuff. So sad after all the years of the artist shops.
We then headed to Lakeland at Windermere for some Goes with everything salt and ginger sauce. I wanted some lemon oil rose oil and orange oil for cooking. The lemon has gone up to £10.50 a bottle and they no longer do orange or rose. I'll browse on line I think instead.
We had a thoroughly inspiring day out and Mr Mog was muchly distracted from his worries which is what I wanted.

October 06, 2007

Going pink for Breast Cancer

The Moggie has gone pink as much as I can for this month for Breast Cancer
Not sure how to change the backgroud colour though.

I think this is a great way to make people think, have you checked your breasts lately? Please do and help stop this killer. I'll be asking my friends and family the same question, will you?

Sursa finished and ISE started (again)Wooden needles

A mix for you today:) A picture of the enchanting Lydia wearing the finished Sursa shawl in Kureyon with mohair border.
The second start of my wrap for the ISE exchange. Iris shawl from Jessica Fong. Yarn a mix of 2 colours as I loved them both:) handpainted I think mix of yarn.
As you know I did get to around 18inches into this shawl before I made a silly mistake and couldn't tink because of the YOs. Yes, yes I know lifelines and this time I think maybe I should use them. In fact will place one soon as I finish speaking with you.
I love this pattern its so gorgeous. You can't really see it unblocked but trust me and the yarn has silk in so has a fabulous sheen and silky feel to it. I hope you swap partner likes it.
The final picture is what I found in a store today a set of lovely wooden needles. They range from 2mm up to 6.5mm and are delightful to touch. I don't use fine needles so if anyone wants to swap the 2mm, 3mm and 3.5 mm for something let me know
Thank you for all the support you've sent me to face this horrible time we are having. I do appreciate it. I had to go for tests yesterday for my heart and as I sat there giving blood it overwhelmed me the thought of the funeral and all the stuff that goes with my nephews death. There are accusations and counter accusations from various members of my dusfunctional family and frankly I'm so so glad I don't have anything to do with most of them. The funeral appears to be a time for them to get drunk and fight, now that will really honour my nephews life won't it? His wife is in hospital being induced with their 3rd child. I'd thought she had had him as his name was in the deaths notices as one of their children. Poor soul going through all this, my heart goes out to her.
You know there aren't any winners in this:(

On a happier note my lovely Mr Mog came in from the garden yesterday and asked me how many cvompartments for yarn would I need? I know you are as confused as I am aren't you?
He has made me a box with 3 compartments for yarn with 3 holes in the lid. So I can knit without the balls of yarn getting tangled, isn't he a sweetie? He just has to make slits in the top so that when I want to put yarn I'm working on in or out we can do. Neither of us thought of how we would get the yarn out when it was attached to knitting:))
photos later I hope. He is doing ok at the minute. Hes had several days of the hormones to date and has 3 more weeks of these pills to go. He starts the injections in a weeks time and they will be monthly. I'm hopeful now and keeping my fingers crossed for a good result. Haven't got our appointment with the consultant yet but we do have a mail strike at the minute which isn't helping.
I'm currently trying to find a new ISP. Have totally had it with Virgin:( They have now put me down to 512kbps and say its all my line will allow, despite my receiving up to 3 megs up to 2 weeks ago. I've been hanging on with premium rate phone lines for ages for past few days to no avail. Final straw was yesterday when after queing for 35 minutes for a MAC code to leave them, they answered and as soon as I asked for MAC code the guy at the other end disconnected me. Tell you what after many years with them I've had it. Now to find a new reliable fast ISP
watch this space.

October 03, 2007

It never rains but it pours

Thank you all firswtly for the wonderful comments and emails I do appreciate it.
Now to the title,
Firstly, and minor when you hear the rest, I had done over 16 inches on my scarf for the ISE. I'm doing the Iris shawl and it looked wonderful, just wonderful. All lacey and even unblocked looked stunning. Then last night we stayed over at my daughters to babysit. Listening to the 2 boys and Mr Mog playing a quiz, I got sidetraCKED and I made a mistake:( Not only that but because I'd been going well no lifelines. I know, I know don't shout at me I'll put them in now. Now? Yes I tinked but with all the yarn overs got in a worse mess so frogged it all:( every single hard worked inch of it, all frogged.
I'll start again I promise and I will use lifelines.
But reason for making mistakes wasn't only the quiz, my eldest nephew(a year older than my son) hung himself:( My daughter phoned to tell me. He was only 35, just had a baby a couple of days ago, his third child. The other two are a few years older. Why? I knew he had been depressed 3 years ago but it seemed to lift a little.
I feel so sad, so overwhelmed by it all.
In the scheme of things the knitting isn't anything after all.
Mr Mog started his hormone treatment today, fingers crossed it will help
this little moggie feels overwhelmed by events, I'm wanting to retreat into my cave and I can't I have to be strong.

October 01, 2007

Destashing vintage Stitchcraft magazines

Am destashing some more stuff for Mr Mogs holiday fund:)
I've the full set of Stitchcraft magazines for 1934 plus many more. email me for more details

Poetry for Brigid Imbolc

  The Lake Isle of Innisfree BY  WILLIAM BUTLER YEATS I will arise and go now, and go to Innisfree, And a small cabin build there, of clay a...