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Wear Pink Day

Looking for pagan and goddess charms

Bartering for femmes and inspiration

Maiden to Crone series femmes #4 Sediana

Maiden to Crone series femmes # 3 Hollea

Maiden to Crone series femmes #2 Marinnana

Maiden to Crone series Femmes #1 RoseTAKEN

Femmes, a maiden to crone series

Les femmes en masse:)

Introducing Sylva, femme of the forests

Introducing Mackentia, femme of the flames

Introducing Indigo, femme of the oceans

Introducing Hadynn, Femme of the flames

Introducing Ilyana, femme of Winter sunset.

Star, femme of the heavens

Introducing Fireca,femme of the sunrise

Introducing Rowena femme of the moon times

Introducing Querca,femme of the forest.

musings on femmes

New Femmes are on their way

On spinning

I have shiny yarn:)

Handspun magic

What I'm spinning now

Of fungi and trees