October 29, 2009

Wear Pink Day

My blog colours have been changed in honour of Wear Pink Day, the breast cancer campaign tomorrow.
Have you checked your breasts lately? This cancer can affect anyone male or female. Don't let it be you

October 28, 2009

Looking for pagan and goddess charms

I am looking for pagan and goddess charms if anyone has a good cheap source or if anyone would like to trade any? I want pentacles, blessed be, pagan, horned god/triple moon and such like

Bartering for femmes and inspiration

In answer to many emails regarding the latest femme series I would certainly love to barter for them. I am always looking for gorgeous fibre for spinning or luscious yarn to knit with. I also love other peoples art. I f you wanted to trade for a femme do please contact me. We are all connected within this web of creativity and it is good to see and own other folk's art.
Inspiration, where do you find it?
I love to be among trees or by the sea. I enjoy colour and most especially vibrant colours.
I find that after creating femmes I need to top up my inspiration chests. It is almost as if I use up all the colour and ideas within and need more.
A while in my favourite habitats fills me with wonder and joy. It stops me feeling too drained emotionally when finishing a piece.

Maiden to Crone series femmes #4 Sediana

Introducing the fourth femme in my moon time series.
Meet Sediana.
Sediana is the most feared aspect of the triple goddess series, the Crone. For many women entering cronehood was a trial and a horror, not something to be welcomed. And yet, this is a powerful time in our lives. One where we have much knowledge to share and nothing like the same demands on our time. Possibly some of the fear is that we are nearing the end of our present life on this planet. However, don't forget that from death always comes rebirth. Watch how in nature when a tree casts it's old leaves away you can see the trace of buds for new life.
In our lives that can be something as simple as letting go of a negative or draining object to allow in new potential.
Because we have entered cronehood we are not old. We still have sparkle and colour. We are still warm blooded with passion.
She has a wrapped robe to remind us that in cultures across the world there are taboos. We need to honour them but not let them bind us.
Sediana wears a pendant that says Dream, this is to remind us that we need to dream. From dreams come explanations and ideas to use within our physical lives. Listen to your dreams they can tell you so much.
She has a wolf in one hand, wolves are a pack creature. We need others around us to help nurture our inner child at any age. The wolf can also carry her should she need a little help.
Her cloak carries a serpent shape and beads of blood. There is also a path if you look carefully. Is this a reminder of your path, do you need help to find the way?

I hope you have enjoyed a view of my impressions of the moon time femmes. That is just what it is BTW, my impressions. Yours are probably totally different.
That doesn't make either of us correct, it just means there are many ways of seeing.
Mine is just one.

Maiden to Crone series femmes # 3 Hollea

Introducing the third femme in my moon time series.
Meet Hollea.
Hollea represents to me a most powerful aspect of the Goddess. She is still extremely sexual ,and aware of it, yet being beyond childbearing days her sexuality is entirely for pleasure and not for procreation. The bee and beehive necklet she wears is a reminder of her fertility and her link to the great chain but is in no way a burden. As with the earlier femmes she too carries the wooden staff for grounding. Her clothes are a deeper red and filled with the energies of the colour. She brings all this energy with her to help you through all endeavours but reminds you that it doesn't have to be too serious all the time. We all need the freedom to have fun and enjoy life as well.
The back of her cloak has an outline of a heart and hanging from that heart a string of blood red beads. They mean so much to her as they are a reminder of her moon times and the strength she got from them. In fact she still does as her body is linked strongly with the moon phases. There are 3 metal hands attached to the cloak. They are symbolic of her place within the triple goddess pantheon of Maiden, Mother and Crone.

Welcoming her into your home helps to link you with what has gone before and what has still to come.

Maiden to Crone series femmes #2 Marinnana

Introducing the second femme in my moon time series.
Meet Marinnana.
Marinnana represents our most fertile stage, the mother figure. Her fertility is at its fullest strength and power. Part of her name is Innana to honour the great Goddess of sexual love and of course fertility. She brings energy and life force to all she touches. Her power is still a little erratic but more focused.
She carries the wooden staff of her ancestors also, a means of ensuring that throughout all her workings of the great mysteries she is rooted firmly on the earth. Her pendant is the Goddess Isis, the wings outstretched to signify her nurturing and protective aspects.

The back of her cloak carries blood red beads and embroidery as a means of showing her fertility. With her by your side on your journey she will bring the energy and nurturing you require within your life.

Maiden to Crone series Femmes #1 RoseTAKEN

Introducing the first femme in my moon time series.
Meet Rose.
Rose represents our first flowering. Our first period and the changes that occur then. The Maiden aspect of the Goddess.
Her clothes have the blush of pink still alongside the brighter reds that symbolise her passage into womanhood. She wears a bronze pendant of the goddess to remind her that she too is a daughter of the moon as are her mother, grandmother and all her female line.

She carries a wooden spear or staff as did her mother before her. It links her to the earth and helps to balance her as she begins her journey into fertility.
The 2 hands on the edge of her cloak are a symbol of her connection to the past and also to the future. She is a link in the chain of life.The decoration on her cloak is a reflection of the journey she will take. Not always a straight path but a good path.
She brings new hope and creativity to her new home. Understanding that new beginnings can be a way forward for us all.
Rose will soon be on her way to her new home

October 26, 2009

Femmes, a maiden to crone series

I've 4 Femmes almost ready for viewing, they reflect my current preoccupation with moon times and all are in shades of red. They represent Maiden to Crone. Definitely the last of this series as all the yarns were one of a kind from various sources so can never be repeated exactly.
If this idea resonates with you feel free to reserve yours as both the moon time ones in the last series have new homes to go to:)
Edited to add I'm sorry if I haven't responded yet to the comments, still got lots in my head that I need to write down and digest:) Will be in touch tomorrow and thank you for all the lovely comments regarding my femmes:)

Les femmes en masse:)

I thought you would like to see a picture of the femmes together, it gives a better representation of their true colour especially the red ones.
And a view of their cloaks.
I'm still buzzing with all the energy that came through to make these. I feel so lucky to have touched the magic and been allowed to create from it.

October 25, 2009

Introducing Sylva, femme of the forests

Introducing Sylva,her name means from the forest and she truly is.
She spends most of her time on the outskirts of the greenwoods. Her clothes reflect the lighter areas that you get when you step deep within the mystery of the ancient woodlands. Her name came about from listening to the Nigel Shaw, Carolyn Hillyer CD Riven Inside and specifically the track "Be wary of lovers who come from the Greenwood" She asks that we consider all actions before we make them. It is too easy to be hasty and miss out on the actual journey.

The oak leaf necklet symbolises her love of the trees and nature and her wish to help care for it. That means caring for people as well as things. Do you perhaps need to care for yourself before others? The bird on her wrist tells us we can fly, nowhere is too far to aim for. We have wings should we choose to use them.Do you?

Her cloak has a bee and her hive, there is a mystery within beehives, talk to the bees and they may share a little of it with you.

Introducing Mackentia, femme of the flames

Mackentia was named in honour of the Goddess Mckenna, her name means born of fire. Her moon times are a blessing to her, she achieves so much within them. They help her to overcome all obstacles if she makes the most of her potential. Not always easy but her feet are firmly on the earth whatever she does.

She carries a blood red staff to help her on her journey and to remind her that periods are a blessing, never a curse. Her necklet is the moon and she is shown either waxing or waning depending on which way you move the charm. Both necessary to a balanced life. Waxing for energy, waning for letting go.

Her cloak has blood red beads and trails of deepest crimson fibres. They suggest a journey and the word empower on the charm is there to help that journey along.
As I said on one of my other femme posts, red is not easy to photograph of an evening sorry

Introducing Indigo, femme of the oceans

Indigo is a true femme of the oceans, her colours a representation of oceans and seas across the world. The orange on the edge of her cloak embody the sun's rays reaching through the waters. Her pentacle necklet is an unbroken line through all the five elements. A balance to the emotions that water can bring.

She carries a turtle, a denizen of this element. They are long lived and able to traverse great distances. It reminds us there is no limit to our capabilities, only the ones we put on ourselves.

She is simply dressed, her cloak a place of rest for all who need it.

Introducing Hadynn, Femme of the flames

Hadynn was named for the Welsh goddess Hadyn. The word means little fire and the fire she represents is energy, life giving energy. The fire we need to accomplish our tasks.Think of the warmth of a summers day.

Her feet tread firmly on the earth, in fact she still carries traces of moss from her walk in the woodlands. Her pendant is a copper fire goddess, a reminder of who and what she can be. She carries a gold coloured sun and zodiac symbol the back of which is a moon and stars.

There is no limit on what she can achieve should she wish it.

Introducing Ilyana, femme of Winter sunset.

May I introduce Ilyana, femme of Winters sunset. Just before the sun dips below the horizon his light reflects on the winter ice. The rose and purple shades add a colour to the stark white of the landscape. Ilyana has many ice crystals and frost trails on her outfit. She doesn't feel the chill despite the temperature dropping, her outfit keeps her warm throughout.

She carries a silver coloured athame carved with a pentacle. To her it symbolises the balance we all strive for. The 5 elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit all necessary within our bodies and our lives. She brings balance and energy throughout the winter months. A promise of spring.

Her necklet yet more ice crystals, they shine and shimmer in the sunset and light her path.

Star, femme of the heavens

Star is a true femme of the heavens. Her path carries her far and wide through dreams. The colours of her outfit reflect the night sky in all its glory. The moon phases on her necklet and the word Luna remind her that we are all part of the journey of life across earth and the heavens. As the moon's face changes when she travels her path so can we change or transform. Negativity can be transformed to positive an we will it.

She carries a cluster of ice droplets, we all need water to nourish and sustain us.

The spiral on her cloak is the road she travels, always onwards and upwards . She tries not to stay in one spot.

Introducing Fireca,femme of the sunrise

Fireca is a femme of fire and ice. Her outfit reflects the colours of ice at sunrise when the winter sun begins to climb the skies.

She brings a welcoming warmth tinged with the early morning chill. She carries a charm that says Blessed Be to remind her that we are all blessed.Her dress is strewn with ice crystals and frost but her warm clothes carry her through any winter.

Her cloak carries traces of Summer's colours as a reminder that we carry within us the promise of summer days through the darkest, longest nights of winter.

Introducing Rowena femme of the moon times

Rowena honours her moon times because they link her to the great mysteries. Despite the fact she is beyond child bearing years she still feels the pull of the moon each month. She connects with women everywhere, her power is at it's strongest at the full moon. She wears a triple moon and horned god symbol to acknowledge the balance that is within life.
she carries a staff as her link with the earth.

The cat with pentacle upon her cloak means she carries her totem with her on her journeys.
The colour of the femme reflects the blood that pulses within us all, male or female. A life blood.
Apologies that the red pictures don't show well, I can take more in the morning light.

Introducing Querca,femme of the forest.

Deep in the forest something is stirring, a suggestion of a figure moving through the trees.
One minute you see her, the next she is gone, long gone. Querca is that figure.
Her outfit blends perfectly with the undergrowth.

When she turns the swish of her cloak emulates the swirl of leaves moving under a sudden breath of wind. She wears her own curious leaf symbol and has an eagle on her left arm.

The beads and buttons on her cloak help her to merge within the forest should she choose to do so.
Querca brings strength and grounding and the energies of autumn.

October 24, 2009

musings on femmes

Musings on my femmes.
They always say who and what they are, I am just a facilitator. I make what they tell me with material, yarn and jewels.
The light isn't right for photography and of course they haven't chosen their charms and beads yet.
These 2 femmes are in honour of the dark goddess and our female cycle. Even if like me,you no longer have periods our bodies still react to the moon's power. I read on several blogs this past month about the red tent. I can't remember all I read at the minute but it made me think about women's groups in days of old coming together for our moon times. A nurturing environment. I'm not explaining well, this may be down to the yucky bug I seem to be incubating. I may come back to this.

Sky femme reflects the darkest skies of winter

Winter solstice femme reaches deep into the oceans to bring forth her bounty.

As always, if they strike a chord with you email me. They will soon be ready to go out into the world.

New Femmes are on their way

New femmes are on their way, currently you can see the beginnings or nearly finished Forest,

2. "Be wary of Lovers who come from the Greenwood" title of this one comes from a Riven Inside CD by Carolyn Hillier and Nigel Shaw. Fabulous CD,


more to come when I can upload pictures:)

October 23, 2009

On spinning

Thanks for all the kind comments. I know the yarn isn't perfect but it is much better than when I first started:)
BW I always predraft, a good friend who spins recommended it. It does help to stop the fibre breaking for me. I can't predict at all what the yarn will come out like especially as I ply the 2 threads as they come. Another friend has recommended that for a more predictable yarn I spin all the fibre the same way and also if you navajo ply that keeps the colours as they are on the bobbin I think.
I also found out that if you split the fibre in half before spinning that ensures you will have 2 bobbins holding more or less the same, I didn't at first:)

October 22, 2009

I have shiny yarn:)

I started with shiny fluffy batts from Laal Bear
Colourway Happy hippy.

I fluffed it out even further and predrafted it.

Started to fill up the bobbins. Plied the finished yarn and ended up with this gorgeousness:)

I ended up with 245yards from 100gm which in my book is good.
Doesn't it look pretty?

Handspun magic

Knitting with hand spun is totally different to knitting with ordinary yarn.
It has a heart, it is alive. It moves in harmony with you and the needles . There is an electricity to the stitches you make. An eagerness to become "something".
I realise now that other knitting yarn has been dead in comparison.

Hand spun wants to weave magic, to transform and become something special.

By that I don't mean my knitting is particularly special, but what I create with this yarn can be.
Maybe it is the transformation from fleece to garment. Most especially I am sure with fleece you dye, spin and knit. Putting intent within each action, focusing on the item and the object.
Turning lanolin soaked sheep's coats into gossamer thin clothes that wrap themselves around you as you don them.
That would be a hypothetical gossamer at this stage of course.
Working a sympathetic magic the pair of you, the fibre and yourself.
Trapping within all good thoughts and well wishes for the recipient.
take it further.

Choose the phase of the moon to do such things.
Did the women of old do such as they spun and wove?
Is that the basis of magic stories and fables?
The pricking of finger on spindle to put a heroine into a deep sleep.
The witches chanting spells to weave into their fabrics as they wove.
But yet,
from that we can harness the mystery and ritual too.
As we prepare and use the fibre we can put into it all our hopes and wishes for the intended recipient.
Surely if we do so the magic will transform a greasy fleece into an object of beauty with a little hint of otherworldly mystery.
Prayer shawls after all do so much good for the people who receive them. They know they have been made to help.
Can they perhaps feel a little of the great mystery travelling down through the ages?
Do they feel the power of good hopes and wishes the creator of the shawl sends to them?

I believe everything we create is for a purpose, not just fibre items.
If we put within them good intent we are honouring the gift we have been given also.
We are also honouring our contact with the muse of creativity.

There can be nothing better than harnessing an idea and seeing it take form within our hands.

October 16, 2009

What I'm spinning now

As I mentioned in a previous post my current spinning is using batts from Laal Bear.
They are rather bright and have the name Happy Hippy:)
This fibre is a mix of mohair, merino and trilobal nylon and spins beautifully. I love the way the colours flow onto the bobbin as I spin.

Isn't it lush? Like a cloud of silk

A close up of the bobbin although a little blurred. I've now almost filled the first bobbin.
Can you tell I like this fibre?

Of fungi and trees

This time of year I adore being among trees.
Or by water, and if you mix the two of these I'm in heaven:) All these pictures were taken just a short journey from home.
I love textures and the way lichens form on stone and wood.
This bridge is very similar to ones on the Lancaster canal and brings back happy memories of days spent cruising under them while the sun shone overhead. The chill was a delight when you knew you had hotpot or soup bubbling away on the little stove that also heated the boat.
This reminds me of Japanese pictures of temples by lakes.
The inhabitants of this tree root only come out when the people have gone.
This could be an entry to the otherworld don't you think?
This tree has been well trimmed over the years by the look of it.
Strange temples among the trees.

I like to look for paths as always, to other places or other times.
I can visualise so many things when I gaze into woods
This seat was extremely chilly as it is solid stone.
And as the title of the post suggests, there were fungi in abundance on our journey
Around tree roots, under benches, it seemed as though there weren't any places that hadn't been blessed with fungi.

This creature watched us taking pictures and took it all in.
Some fungi preferred a lonely existence.
While some took pleasure in the company of like minded souls.
Tiny clusters all around
This park is built on rock as you can see.
Colours still if you look carefully.

Despite the falling leaves.

Poetry for Brigid Imbolc

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