December 29, 2007

Suggested colours/themes for the lunar sock year, moons of the year

I had a couple of emails about sponsoring my sock year for the hospice and asking about colours
These are the names of the months that I follow and my thoughts/inspirations for colours if that helps?
JANUARY Wolf moon. Darkest time of the year called wolf moon because this was the time of year when wolves came nearer villages looking for food as they were so hungry. Maybe if they took a child then that is why the howl strikes our inner core?
I'm thinking dark colours with maybe dark reds/black mix?purples
BLUE MOON the 13th moon I'm showing it in Jan as its easier:)
known as storm moon, cruel moon as worst of the weather then. I'm thinking greys whites blues

FEBRUARY Chaste moon, also Imbolc or Candlemas snowdrops colours white/pale lemons pale green to celebrate the snowdrops coming through
MARCH Seed Moon a time of planting, Spring Equinox, golden yellows rich greens
APRIL Hare Moon and Spring any spring colours
MAY Dyad Moon, nature is blossoming Beltane, reds, golds, fire colours for Beltaine
JUNE Mead(honey) moon Midsummer solstice, more gold reds greens
JULY Herb or wort moon greens browns
AUGUST Barley moon Lamass, harvest colours
September Harvest moon Autumn Equinox harvest colours again and fiery colours for the turning leaves
OCTOBER Blood moon Samhain, deep reds, blacks, purples
NOVEMBER Snow moon blues/whites
DECEMBER Oak moon and Yule any colours

This is a quick guide to some of the colours I see at the various moons, not necessarily your choice:) However any yarn gratefully received with many thanks
oops also meant to say if there is a particular month or moon you wanted the yarn knitted for do tell me

Sponsoring the year of socks for the hospice?

Maylin suggested I ask for sponsorship for the lunar year of socks for the hospice. Not sure about that as I hate asking for things:( However she has kindly donated a ball of Tiger Feet yarn for a pair of socks thank you Maylin:)
Would anyone else like to donate enough yarn for a pair of socks? The finished items will be going to St Johns Hospice in Lancaster end of 2008. There will be 13 pairs as there are 13 lunar months in a year. If you have a colour theme for a specific month I'd love to hear it also:)
I will be documenting on my blog each pair of socks progress as I did with my shawl knits for 2007

many thanks for reading

Socks,simply too addictive:)

Oh Yvonne what a tangled web you wove when you sent me the Lucy Neatby DVD and the makings of a sock:)) Do you see what you've done to me? I am addicted to the darn things:))
Here you see a finished sock in Yarn Yard yarn I was gifted and the beginning of a sock in some Dennis the Menace yarn. Well that is what it looks like to me:) Unknown origin,gifted again:)
And yes Jo
I have started another sock without doing the second of the yarn yard pair:) OH NO! do you think I have second sock syndrome? Do I need the paramedics perchance? Actually I have cast on the yarn yard second sock but thought I needed to see how the Dennis the Menace yarn knit up. Oh and don't we all know where that leads to? Soon I can see it, dozens of socks lying about, sadly awaiting their ideal partner in life. Wondering if they will ever find their perfect pair. Their solemate(VBG)
However I'm practicing you see, checking that it isn't a flash in the pan. That I am commited, or should that be ready to be commited?
I am thinking of casting on for Monkey, it is calling me and I have the yarn at the ready. Some Lucy Neatby from Lime and Violets destash in Spumante. No I won't show it you just yet. Well you never know I may resist the urge til these 2 socks are done.
Thanks for all the kind comments and Maylin
I am so pleased at your good news, you must be so thrilled:)
Thanks for the offer of some yarn for my hospice sockfest. I appreciate it.
I also received a gorgeous card today from my SP10 Yvonnep:) thank you very much for thinking of me:)
Well it is a very blustery day here, we had a very short walk on the promenade but it was way too windy for me. The tide was stunning and very very high, made me realise once more why I adore living by the sea.

December 27, 2007

of resolutions, gifts and more

Have any of you thought of resolutions for this next year? Knitting or otherwise:)
I'm going to do the lunar year of socks for the hospice and hopefully it will help me improve my sock knitting skills:) I can always use ideas of simple patterns to make:)
My other main resolution is to get Mr Mog though his radiotherapy and hopefully a cure. If the Godess is listening, that would make a might fine post Yule gift:))
I didn't get any knitting gifts for Yule but I did get other good things:)
They ranged from a fabulous East necklace, via lush goodies to the great big glorious book for girls
It also included a heart gift box from Portmerion.We had a great day Christmas Day. The morning was spent at my daughters watching our 2 grandsons open their gifts:) I love that, when you see their faces when it is something they really want. After lunch we went to our friends for Christmas meal of Roast beef and all the trimmings. Followed by games and much merriemtn. Very late when we went to bed and no sleep to speak of as I have had a few days of really bad pain.
We called to see a couple of friends after lunch on Boxing Day and then went home as I was so shattered. We were supposed to be staying with our friend for the night but I had to bail. When we got home at 4pm it was jamas on after hot bath and sat in warm room enjoying the peace of home and Mr Mogs company. I went to bed at 9.30 and didn't get up til same time this morning. I do feel much more refreshed although still much pain around. The damp doesn't help
How was your Christmas?

December 24, 2007

A surrpise gift from my SP and finished socks

A little of everything today:)
Firstly I made another pair of socks using the yarn Yvonne gifted me with at the end of SP11, doesn't it look good knit up? They are for my DD as part of her Yule gift.
Secondly look what came in todays mail:) A gorgeous card and book mark from Yvonne. Thank you so much they are brilliant and I love the story on the card:)
Finally a quick view of the festive tree, courtesy of Mr Mog.
Hope you all have a peaceful, joyful time however you celebrate

December 20, 2007

Happy Solstice/Yule

A quick post to say Happy Solstice or Yule to everyone. Hope the turn of the wheel into longer days brings new energy to all

December 15, 2007

I know who my SP is:))) and more sock knitting, plus Hospice shawl update

Phew lots to write about:) Firstly I received my final SP11 parcel and found out who had been spoiling me. Yvonne has been gifting me this past few months:) The final parcel was no exception, Yvonne's thoughtfulness continues to the end. Can you see what is in the package? A beautiful soft beret, knitted by Yvonne herself. I haven't had a beret since school and it is a lovely one to wear:) A sock knitting bag that had chocolates in it, sadly they seem to have disappeared;) A bath soap fig and cherry that smells good enough to eat:) Meditation kit that Mr Mog has claimed:) A K&CG pin for me, a moggie card and 2 skeins of Knitpicks merino for socks that feels like velvet it is so soft. It knits well as you will see in the pic above:)
Yvonne you helped me get through a very dark period with your emails and packages, I count my self very lucky to have had you as my SP. Thank you and watch the mail:)
I've finished the socks in Liz's sock yarn knitting on the green picture doesn't really do this yarn justice. It is the velveteen shade. A lot darker than it looks in the etsy site but gothic:) I'm keeping these as for some reason I made them a little too small for Mr Mog:)
I've started a pair in the knitpicks from Yvonne as you can see and this colourway is so vibrant after the velveteen:)
Finally my Lunar year of shawls for the hospice is complete:) Phew 13 shawls in 13 lunar months, I'm taking them to the hospice on Monday but thought you'd like a little pic of them on the bed.
My next long term project? Yes I've come up with one and it's all Yvonne's fault:) I'm doing a lunar year of socks for the hospice next. Starting with January's moon:)
See I can't let them go now I started, can I?
Thanks BTW to all who helped the destash. I'm hopin g to take Mr Mog to Glastonbury for early January. I wanted to take him for the Yule celebrations next week but realistically we can't. He is a lot brighter than he was but still sore and tired. Also the weather forecast is awful and we have so much on with nearing Christmas. So January before the radiotherapy seemed best. Anyway it is always a little flat after the celebrations so this will help.

December 09, 2007

More socks finished and it's been a few days

Did you miss me? It has been an horrendous week, both weather weather wise and health wise for Mr Mog. It has rained every single day until today. Not just rained but sleet and floods, you name it we have had it. Today it is sunny but icy cold, we actually managed to get 10 minutes on the promenade which was good.
Mr Mog has been poorly this week. He has possibly had a virus to add to his hormone problems. Also really bad acid in his throat. His temperature keeps fluctuating from freezing to boiling, no inbetweens for this mog. I rang the NHS direct line yesterday teatime as he hadn't picked up at all. In fact he had spent all Friday night awake then all yesterday just lying on the sofa, not like Mr at all he is normally so active. I'm ringing the doctor in the morning to make an appointment for him, he has to have his next monthly hormone shot on Wednesday and I'm a little worried about him having it if he is so low. So not much time to do much.
I did list a lot of stuff on ebay to raise funds for his holiday fund and it has gone pretty well. Thank you all who purchased. Last ones finish today. I'm hoping I can take him away, fingers crossed. He is so down at the moment.
However I have finished another pair of socks and made 1 sock of another pair. Oh SP, what have you done gifting me with this obsession??
The rainbow pair are made from some fabulous yarn sent me by Ruth
Regia Nation color (rainbow) and the pattern was the simple one I've done BUT I added a little reverse stocking stitch to make it interesting:) They fit Mr Mog perfectly, those are his legs BTW not mine:))
The second picture is very dark, this yarn is hard to photograph perfectly but take it from me it is stunning. It reminds me of night, the dark blues aubergine and purples. It is from Liz Knitting on the Green
The colour on the website was a lot lighter than the acutal yarn but I love it. Liz mailed very fast and the yarn is soft and stunning.
So one more sock to knit then I need a simple easy pattern for more please:)

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