May 25, 2013

Full moon blessings

It's almost midnight and I have just been outside gazing at the full moon above the house. She rose in all her glory and has no clouds to mar her beauty. I sit here in the conservatory with her light now shining strongly on me and feel refreshed and revived with her energy. I give thanks for the light, for the energy she brings to us.
It has been some time since I blogged and I apologise to all the people who messaged to ask if I was ok. It has been a hard winter and a harder spring. I was supposed to have my knee replaced back in April and it was cancelled at the last minute. My weight was high and my BMI not what it should be . I have been dieting and 3 weeks ago joined slimming world to help me with my task . I do struggle as I can't exercise of course. I had lost some weight on my own and in the 2 weigh ins at slimming world have lost 4 pounds, bringing a total to date of around 9 pounds. I am not trying for crash diets but to eat healthily and  lose weight and keep it off.
My operation is scheduled for just after summer solstice and I can't wait . I have been in so much extra pain with this knee that to have just that one pain go will be a relief. The surgeon and I have talked long and hard about the operation and I know it won't help my mobility but is being done strictly for the pain relief. As I said to him the pain on top of all the rest is just too much:(  I do manage the usual pain to the best of my ability but one little bit too much tips the balance.
Mr Mog is doing brilliantly and the oncologist is pleased with his progress. She has asked us to write down any diet, supplement or other things we do as she says it could benefit other cancer patients. On this trial out of 7 or 8 people on it locally only 2 are responding favourably and Mr M is doing best of all. So glad she persuaded him to go for it.
 On that positive note I will close for tonight, hopefully I can get back In to blogging, I miss my writing.
May the Lady moons light shine blessings upon you x

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