October 31, 2012


Samhain, a time to remember our family and friends who have gone before us. To remember all our ancestors at this time when the veil is at its thinnest. 

 In our belief Samhain is the end of a year and the beginning of a new one. Where the wheel of the year has completed its travel and is ready for a new start.
 New beginnings and a chance to reflect on the past year. Both its good and bad points.
 Good, well Mr Mog is still going strong and fighting the cancer all the way.
We have met up with friends old and new at various events, not the least being Mogfest in all its glory:)
 Bad, my health is getting worse. My body is not liking the damp and cold that this year has been filled with.
 But new year new attitude. I am not going to let it stop me creating or having fun.
 Today I am wearing black and Green. Black for those who are no longer with us and for the end of the year and green for new beginnings. The wheel moves on and brings new as it takes away the old

Oh and I thought you would like to see some finished items:)
 Wingspan shawl in same difference sock yarn from Knitting Goddess, colourway is bumble bee:)
 Yet another Pamuya shawl in zauberball sock yarn
and another Elsewhere jacket in Austermann

October 10, 2012

Of this and that

It is getting really cool now at night and we have had ground frost the past few days. All the leaves are starting to change colours and everything looks so different. I have been busy spinning and knitting as usual but also taken a class in felting with the embellisher which was good fun. I find it hard to wet felt now with my joint problems so the embellisher helps.
Mr Mog had his oncology appointment last week and they are really pleased with his progress. He is now into the 7th cycle of his drug trial and fingers crossed the cancer has not spread any further which is wonderful.
I am sorry I have been quiet life seems to have got in the way.

Poetry for Brigid Imbolc

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