May 12, 2009

Last and first

Thanks for all the comments on streams, I really appreciate it.
It is a time of endings and beginnings lately. The last of the tulips sadly, but to balance this the first of the English strawberries
I have really enjoyed the tulips this year, both in the gardens and the local ones purchased from Lidl.
But it is May and sadly they are coming to an end for this year.
As part of the balance strawberries are arriving in the shops, not the ones that have travelled from far distant climes but British ones.

We have homemade fresh smoothies each morning, none of your bottled stuff for us but made each morning fresh ones. Always with a little live yogurt, a tiny bit of fresh juice to help blend then fruit. I always use bananas(good for Mr Mogs blood pressure), an apple, a pear, then what ever fruit there is. Obviously bananas aren't local and at this time of year neither are the blueberries but I balance this with using local where ever possible. The oncologist told us back when Mr Mog had his radiotherapy that the daily smoothies helped his recovery and his general health. It has been around 4 years now that we've made them and they are something I'd miss if we didn't. We usually have either fresh toast from our own bread or porridge after that. Sets us up for the day.

The strawberry season is much longer than it used to be and I am glad. I love them.
As part of the new beginnings the chestnut is in full flower and a delight to behold.

The beauty that abounds at this time of year is wonderful, so many shades of green on the trees and so many flowers everywhere you look. Even the dandelions look a picture when there are full fields of them.
Part of my opening my eyes, then opening again is to appreciate the beauty in everything, even so called weeds.
We can't pick and choose what is beautiful, it just is. It doesn't come down to likes and dislikes just beauty to behold and enjoy.
We took a trip to Cumbria today to see friends and the countryside was lush. One of those days where you could see for miles. We came back over the old Shap road to avoid the busy motorway and barely saw another car. Hard to believe how many times the road can be blocked in winter when you saw it today. I'll have some pictures for you next time, need to take them off the camera. We were hoping to see new kids from our friend's goat but they haven't yet put in an appearance. We did get home made apple cake and coffee though:)

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