December 31, 2006

A year of simple things.

You will notice a new icon among the rings I'm a part of. I've joined the year of simple things ring. I like the idea of being grateful for something simple, anything really and this ring is a good way of focusing on the simple stuff:)

Hospice KAL blog

I have set up a blog for the hospiceKAL if anyone interested

Hospice KAL

I'm thinking of making the new year resolution into a KAL. Would anyone be interested in making items for their local hospice, 1 per lunar month same as I'm doing? I'm making shawls but you could make what you wished. I can't decide if you gift my shawls monthly or at the end of the 13 months, what do you think? Also does anyone know how to make buttons for me for the KAL?

December 29, 2006

written instructions v charts and needle help

I'm looking to make a shawl or wrap a month (lunar month as I am pagan) 13 needed for the year. I've been checking out patterns online and struggle. Why? you ask. I don't like charts. In fact I hate charts. I have always preferred written instructions, partly my eyes aren't good and charts confuse me being so small. Mainly though I can understand written stuff far easier. I am really struggling to find different shawl/ wrap patterns that aren't charted. Something lacy and pretty that is written, not a lot to ask is it? If anyone knows any please let me know.
Secondly I am looking to clear out all my old needles, I have plastic and metal and most are in the old measurements. I thought if I got rid of them and purchased just the main sizes I use it would be nice to have them the same. Also I need longer needles. What are your favourite suppliers?

Blog now fixed??

seems blogger has fixed itself and my blog appears tidy at the moment:)

Blog help needed and new year resolutions or not

My blog seems to be messed up and I don't know how to fix it:( The links and web groups are at the bottom and it looks plain untidy, not a good way to go into the new year. Can any kind soul help please?
New year resolutions( or revolutions as my nan always used to call them)
#1, to knit a shawl a month for the local hospice.
rest to follow as and when
New year non resolutions I won't be sock knitting or learning to knit socks or anything to do with socks:)

December 28, 2006


We arrived home safely Boxing Day evening, tired but happy. Then yesterday we had friends from France over so this is the first day I've had to read messages.
We went down to Lancashire Christmas Eve, First we went to see my sister(she was out) then to my mums grave. I was so pleased to see that one of my sisters had tidied it and there were flowers and a wreath there. Last time we went it was very overgrown. I don't make a big thing of visiting the grave but around the anniversary of mum's death and Yule I do go. I also visited the hospital to see my uncle who was poorly,visited my daughter and grandsons then finally arrived at our friends house were we stayed. Think we went to bed around 2am. Christmas morning after breakfast we went to see my son, then to my daughters to see all the grandsons gifts and to receive yet more. My son had purchased gifts for both Mr Mog and I and wrapped them. That is such a big thing for me and I was so pleased. Its not that long ago he was too involved with drugs to know what day it was. He is the son I used to have which is good. He gave me a box of chocs and a bottle of rose wine because he knew the moggie liked both:)
My daughter and grandsons gave us a throw in rich cranberry fur fabric, 2 matching cushions, a set of candle holders and candles in same colours and a large box of pot pourri to match. My bedroom is painted white and the red looks stunning in there and of course moggies love cuddling into fur:)
From there we went to the hospital to see my uncle and he was much better than the previous day thank goodness. We had a goodly while sitting with him before going back to our friends for Christmas lunch around 3.30pm. Some wonderful gifts, a hand made neclace of wire, a beautiful beaded trinket pot, a fabulous hamper from our friends full of candles, wine, nuts, oatcakes, incense and more.
An earlyish night as I was so tired. Boxing day a visit to see grandsons before heading homewards. We called at mr mog's sisters to see his nephews and their wives. Great to see them as we hadn't seen any since earlier this year at the wedding. We got home exhausted.
Yesterday we had visitors from France mr mogs best friend and his wife. Good to see them also. After they left we opened our gifts. I had got various model railway items for mr mog and a book that sadly hasn't turned up yet.
He got me 2 rings, one a silver and amethyst the other lapis lazuli I think, also chocolate(GG) and 2 wonderful note pads in the shape of ladies dresses complete with coat hangers.
Oh and the most deligthful fairy doll which I'd coveted for weeks:)
Today has been a catch up on sleep, relaxation day. I'm now off to try and finish mr mog's hat and the cream shawl before deciding on a new project

December 23, 2006

Finished shawl and WIP, plus Saturday sky

a few pictures for you to see. First one is todays sky as photographed by Mr Mog on his walk up the fell side. Doesn't the loch look wonderfully misty? Then current work in progress #1 a shawl in a wonderful cream boucle style yarn from Jo at Celtic Memory yarns. I am toying with whether to dye it after finishing or leaving it cream. WIP #2 a hat for mr mog and look folks 4 needles. Pattern is from Woolly wormheads site. I need to find out how to put a link in that just shows the persons name. Yarn is 100% wool.
Finally the finished amethyst coloured shawl. Aren't the colours wonderful? This should help keep me warm on the road trip. Oh and the last picture the berries outside the door, just look at the colours

Tis almost the night before Christmas and I got a great SP gift:)

Well almost another celebration, Christmas this time:) At the moggie household we celebrate each and every holiday not just our wheel of the year ones. We go down to stay with a good friend tomorrow morning until Boxing day so this will be the last post for a couple of days. You all behave yourselves while I'm away won't you?
We will be seeing my son, daughter and grandsons. Also fitting in a visit to hospital on each of the 3 days as my favourite uncle is in there recovering from major surgery. I am also going to be going to tidy my mums grave and put some plants on it. Finally (I think) I'll be catching up with the only sister that I get on with. I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers. My favourite brother is living in New Zealand so it will be phone calls to him. My other 2 sisters and brother I don't have anything to do with. Long story and not very nice so we won't go into it here. Suffice it to say the mog has a busy few days lined up:) I am taking my knitting with me to do in the car. I do have some goodies to show you though:) Look what my dear SP sent me that arrived nicely today. She sent me a marvellous bag for travelling knitting complete with a change purse. Lots of different teas to try and I adore fruit and herb tisanes:) A lavender sachet that smells delightful, a candy cane envelope that held a beautiful mermaid holiday card. A cute sheep with its chocolate droppings:))) My grandsons will love this when they see it tomorrow.2 balls of knitpicks superwash in red pepper. I loved working with the knitpicks wool of the andes so I can see this being equally good to knit with. Thank you SP a wonderful present:)

December 21, 2006

Merry Midwinter:)

Merry Midwinter, Yule or winter Solstice:) Hope you all have a great celebration.
As its impractical to send cards to everyone by snail mail ,and I'm late anyway, here is my Yule card to you:)Enjoy
On the needles a hat from one of Woolly Wormheads patterns in 100% chunky wool and a shawl (what else) in some gorgeous cream boucle from Jo at Celtic Memory. Off to get ready for our Yule celebration

December 16, 2006

almost Yule or Midwinter

Tis getting ever closer to Midwinter, also called the Winter Solstice and Yule. I've finished my gift making and purchasing now we just have the final wrapping to do. I don't have any pictures at the moment as the only knitting I'm doing needs a progress photo when its daylight. I'm making a shawl for me in Argyll mohair in delightful shades of lilacs, this pic gives you a slight idea . It is really warm and cosy and I can't wait to finish it and wear it. I've been down in england this past week grandson sitting, always fun. A wee bit traumatic this time as youngest banged his head. Fortunately he soon recovered. Also my dearest uncle went into hospital Thursday for major cancer surgery. He had the operations yesterday and is critical. We won't know for a little while how succesful it was. He had operations last year for it and was given the all clear in June. Sadly it then recurred:( Think positive thoughts for an early recovery won't you? I saw him Tuesday prior to his going in and will see him Christmas Day when I return to England for a few days. We are staying with a friend of ours Christmas Eve to Boxing day then returning home. Well weather permitting of course. Our main celebration is Yule on Thursday when we have a feast with the rest of the people who live around us plus visitors. Our contribution to the food is braised brisket and we are also doing the roast tatties and roast parsnips. Well think thats about all for the moment
cheerie bye

December 10, 2006

knitpicks is Fern

for those asking, the knitpicks yarn wool of the andes colour is Fern and thanks for the comments:)
Off to decide what to knit for ME now, maybe try fetching? or should it be a midwinter wrap?

More finished objects

A few finished objects here to see. 3 ear flap hats, my own patterns on top. First is actually a lot more purply in real life and is unfelted. I used 3 strands of different yarns so it feels felted anyways and nicely fluffy. Second and third hats are felted. All green is knitpicks wool of the andes, cream/green is same green and handspun cream, Definately need a head for displaying these, they don't look the same on a pan and of course the pumpkin is now gone:)
The shawl you see blocked and unblocked. This was boucle yarn from Maylin and lovely to work with. Reminds me of a stormy day which we are having here today.

more purple in real life Posted by Picasa

top view Posted by Picasa

earflap hat Posted by Picasa

Finished objects


December 01, 2006

from the back door Posted by Picasa

where is the path? Posted by Picasa

lovely for the swans Posted by Picasa

a little wet Posted by Picasa

it has been raining Posted by Picasa

OOhhh we be surrounded by water

As you can see by the photos we have a lot of water around at the moment. The village was cut off for a while until it dropped a little. Now we are only partially isolated. We had been to visit my MIL yesterday and arrived home around 4.30pm. Fortunately for us as an hour or so later the waters rose. Doesn't it look beautiful though?
I have been knitting and made 2 quick scarves in a pink chenille for a friends birthday and an aunts birthday. Not my colours but they will both love it I know. I forgot to photograph them sorry. Now I need a project, something simple and doable while reading or watching the odd bit of tv. Another shawl maybe or???

Poetry for Brigid Imbolc

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