November 29, 2005

Yule sun making

I started to make the sun today for our Yule celebrations. I want it to be small enough to place over the goddess altar but big enough to see. Started out with paper template approx 10 inch round. Cut out a piece from white cotton for backing then from yellow felt for main body. Felt is actually cleaning cloths from poundland. Got around 3o different coloured ones for the pound so great value for stitching. Who wants to clean anyway? I've topped this with various odds and asods of gold and yellow fabrics, anything from my handdyed felts to lame cloth, lace and vegetable bags. I've overlayed this with gold voile and tomorrow will machine all over to hold together. Then I've got a cirlce of crystal like fabric with glitter on very delicate and this will go in circle of sun. Then I think I may bead around the rays with tiny yellow seed beeds.
The snow we got yesterday morning has gone now, however the Lake District mountains are showing in the distance with their tops covered in snow. Started my traingle shawl in colinette mohair but its very slow Think i need to start something else maybe another shawl in point five

November 27, 2005

picture of throw and yarn stash from colinette

here is a picture of the crochet throw I just finished in aran. Picture a little pink due to night light and camera phone but hey it shows:)

November 26, 2005

Saturday night fever

Been cooking up a storm today. Have friends coming over for dinner so made chicken and mango curry to be followed by chocolate nemesis. Yummy. I'm making Saturday evening meals for a friends brother at the moment. Her mum is in hospital with brain tumour and her brother has Downs Syndrome so needs a bit of help with food. Just taken him some of the above menu and roads are very very icy. Its a clear night lots of stars to be seen and the motorway jammed due to them cutting down from 3 lanes to 2. My knitting is crochet at the minute. I'm making a throw in creamy aran wool. I got it from the under £100 ads in our local newspaper. A woman clearing her stash so many balls of yarn over a kilo for £6. Most single colours and I'll probably ebay it as I love my colinette random dyes, far more inspiring. But I thought a crochet throw in cream would be a challenge and its not as boring as I thought. My idea is to add some freeform scumbles over the top in a riot of colours but just tiny bits here and there. So they look as if they are escaping maybe. Been sorting out my stash from Colinette visit Thursday, will take photo of it as its so colourful and keeps calling me to come and play with it.

November 22, 2005

quiz what kind of princess

According to a quiz I just did I'm an evil princess:) I am a knitting one though so does that make it better? Just finished another scarf in firecracker by colinette will try and take picture tomorrow it was way too dark all day today. Going to visit Colinette Thursday and I love going there. The colours always inspire me
here is link to princess quiz

November 20, 2005

new fabric atcs made

Been making some ATCs (artist trading cards) for a swap I'm in and decided to try and make cards for each of the 5 elements in fabric using my hand dyed felt. I got totally inspired and I've made around 18 up to now. None for air yet but they will maybe come tomorrow. I'm uploading the water ones for now but the light has gone so will post rest tomorrow. I like the mix of scraps and machine stitching its so freeform. Just chuck it on and see what happens:) The ones for the swap are winter. I've gone with pale grey/whites and added some silk top I dyed with purples. I covered those with a piece of old curtaining in cream. Titled them winter moon seeing as the moon is so gorgeous this month. I'm listening to Carolyn Hillier Cave of Elders and Eartha Kitt. 2 brilliant musical artists.

November 19, 2005

tonights sunset in lancashire

November musings

I've just taken some gorgeous photos of the sunset from my art studio window. The sky so fiery and the sun just going down. Its inspired me to make a new landscape with my hand dyed felts and some stitching, or should I maybe knit some pieces to make my landscape from? Not sure but will have to see where my muse takes me. I've been admiring my Colinette yarn stash and thinking I'll need to start using some on something other than my dolls. Maybe another loopy scarf to start and I've seen a fabulous hat on a blog (woolly wormheads) that I'd love to try. One of my grandsons came today, the 7 year old. He was so proud of his picture on the front page of our local newspaper. He and his brother played the cornet at the rememberance service last Sunday and Matthew we think is the youngest person ever to play the last post at a service. He and his brother are so talented with the cornet and M can hear a tune and work out the notes and how to play it on piano, keyboard or cornet. Unlike his tone deaf gran who learned to play the cello at grammar school but gave up once I found boys:) Not cool to be lugging a big cello case around when you were trying to impress the boys.

Poetry for Brigid Imbolc

  The Lake Isle of Innisfree BY  WILLIAM BUTLER YEATS I will arise and go now, and go to Innisfree, And a small cabin build there, of clay a...