February 29, 2008

yarn for shawl

the yarns I'm going to use for my Beltaine shawl:) Hope you like them I do.

Day 4 done with on the radiotherapy. Up at 6 again, Monday is 8am so up at half five. We do have this weekend for fun:)
Blue Witch I do do finger labrynths also. In fact Mr Mog made some dimensional ones on board, must see if we have pictures. They all went to folks as gifts. Wonder if he would like to make another? He is busy at the moment trying to finish the dolls house/garage for our youngest grandson. His birthday is 3 weeks time so it needs to be done.

February 28, 2008

update on Mr Mog and shawl for Beltaine

Well 3 treatments down, 34 left to go:) These first 3 haven't been too bad for Mr Mog, last night waiting about as the machines broke down was followed by an early morning appointment 9.10am. This meant being up for 6.30 am to be sure we were there for just before 9. This allows for the ritual drinking of water that has to be done before Mr Mog is zapped. The great thing about the early morning appointments is they are speedy we were finished by 9.30am. Tomorrow is another early one and Monday unless they change it is 8am. Good thing is that at least the rest of the day is your own. We are going to have a quiet weekend hopefully doing not much at all. Maybe a walk on the promenade weather permitting. My son is coming tomorrow to help Mr Mog do some of the garden. I think he is trying to do as much as he can before the tiredness kicks in. I've been a little flat past couple of days, I think it is the being cheerful and up beat mode. All of a sudden now the treatment has started I'm worrying. It will pass but for now its a black dog mithering me.
I'm knitting and that helps. I fancy starting another shawl something firey to prepare for Beltain when the treatment will be done. Must get all the yarns out and see what will translate into a beltaine fire shawl:) That will be tomorrow while Mr is gardening. I've also found some rubber stamps I used to use, goddess and so forth so I think I'm going to be selling them as I can't stamp no more, takes too much pressure of the hands.
One thing I want to do Saturday is go to Bolton, there is a knit thing on there and I fancy going to see it.

February 27, 2008

February socks and goodies:)

finished february hospice socks and don't they look lovely? Started March hospice socks in posh lucia dune colourway from Kerrie at hipknits. Reminds me of daffodils and spirng flowers/grass and leaves.
Goodies and more goodies:) Lucy J Sent yarn and beads for my elementals, already in use Lucy thanks:)) Wait til you see the pictures. Dian sent oodles of sock yarns as you can see:) Thanks Diana will really enjoy working with these and I do appreciate everyones donations for the hospice. Still time to donate if you wish(VBG) I'll be knitting at leasty all this year for them.
Sursa shawl in noro kureyon with added mohair trim, all from my stash:) made for a friend in Glastonbury.
Mr Mog was very touched by his very first emails and promises to write back probably tomorrow as we are off to hospital shortly for 2nd radiotherapy session. First went fine, day previous and all night he was very concerned and scared about it all but now he has actually started he is much more relaxed. As am I. Thanks for the good wishes and I will be replying to emails soon as I can

February 25, 2008

Mr Mog on internet:) can you send him good wishes for tomorrow?

Yeah Mr Mog is going on t'internet at last:) My technophobe luddite darling is now using the computer for photos and such and has decided to hazard a wee walk in the web zone:) I've set him up an email account and
his email address is mrmog.moggie at virgin dot net using the correct symbols. (well it would have to be mr mog wouldn't it?)
If anyone would like to send him good wishes for tomorrow(don't tell him I said to)
I know he would appreciate it. He is feeling really scared and down at the minute.
thank you my friends

Home ready for the marathon treatment runs.

We are back:) Came home yesterday evening via Derby to meet up with Mr Mogs nephews and their families. Had a wonderful time but it all went way too quick. We did however come home with the determination to plan our next visit. I've decided that if we have a firm date to aim for it will maybe help Mr Mog through the next 8 weeks radiotherapy. So the savings box had its first ten pounds in it this morning. We are going to try to save a few pounds each week if at all possible to enable the Beltane trip.
To answer various comments while I bethink myself
Most of the pictures were taken in Chalice Well including the mistletoe. However from around Stoke onwards we saw hundreds of trees with mistletoe growing in it. It helped that the leaves weren't yet on the trees of course. I was so pleased to see so much because this Yule for the first time I didn't see any in our local stores. The piece I brought back for us has the flowers on and I've put it into water to see if it develops roots. I suspect that Lancashire is way too northerly to enable us to grow it but you never know. I know of a couple of apple trees where I could place it.
The labrynth, yes Blue Witch we did walk it, both days. First day we shared the journeying with a young girl who raced round speedily laughing all the way:)
I love labrynths and in previous trips we have walked the small one that is at the top of the main street in someones garden. The church one I found a lot of feeling in despite it being relatively new. Its just across from the Holy Thorn Tree and was covered with daffodils while we were there. When we first arrived in the town on Friday the car parks were full and the churchyard was heaving. Lots of rainbow banners and too many smiles amongst the dark suits for it to be a funeral I thought. I was quite curious(GG) so I asked someone what the occasion was. It was a memorial service for Arabella Churchill who died in December. She was involved with the Glastonbury festival from its inception I think.
The place we stayed was Wearyall hill house
We recommend it, such a warm welcome and marvellous food. Also the fact that it is situated on Wearyall Hill which is a start of the ancient way that leads to the Tor
Well tomorrow is the big day, the start of the radiotherapy treatment for Mr Mog. He is quite optimistic going into it but naturally apprehensive also. I'll be with him every step except in the treatment room of course which they won't let me in. Expect lots of sock knitting next 2 months.
Speaking of which photos tomorrow of Februarys finished socks and more sock yarn treasures plus elemental making treasures:))
I'm a lucky mog

February 23, 2008

Glastonbury, avalon of my heart

This may or may not be full of pictures, we will see what the wifi access is like:) Pictures from Glastonbury, the B&B Chalice Well etc. We are having the most marvellous time, the weather has been kind no rain at all. Mr Mog looks years younger, all the strain has disappeared from his face. He looks so relaxed and happy:) We haven't done a lot just browsed around, chilled and enjoyed every minute of it. The place we are staying is lovely and quite old. It is on wearyall hill which leads towards the Tor. Our room as you see has a 4 poster and it was rather lovely this morning waking up in a comfy bed looking out over gardens and fields with blossom on the trees. 4 hours away from our home and as you can see from the pictures Spring is well on her way. The food is great, many choices from breakfast and proper linen tablecloth and napkins. Like going back to an earlier age. We will definately stay here again after Mr Mogs treatment is finished.

Most of the pictures are from Chalice Well which has an ancient spring that is supposed to be a healing spring. We certainly think so and that was one reason for coming here so that Mr Mog could drink the waters to help his treatment. As you can see from the pictures it is full of iron, tastes ok though:) The gardens always look stunning and today was no exception. Lots of colour and an unbelievable amount of mistloetoe growing everywhere. There were 2 pieces fallen on the floor under the tree so I brought them home, a gift from the Goddess accepted with thanks:) Not many pictures of the Tor but if you click on the links that follow you can get better ideas of the place. For us Glastonbury is a very special place, magical, mysterious and very welcoming.

The altar with candle that you can see is at Star child They change the decoration for each festival, this I think is from Imbolc? When you go into their shop the aroma of incense is a delight. In face for me that is one of the great things about most of the Glastonbury shops , they all have a wonderful smell to them. Hopefully these pictures have given an idea of the place we are. We return home tomorrow via Derby to see family. BTW I have done some sock knitting and proof can eb seen on the bed:))

Glastonbury tor

chalice well

February 16, 2008

february socks little and large, jitterbug and more:)


A mix of things today for you,
I finished a pair of socks for February and a baby sock:) I'm hoping that it helps prevent second sock syndrome Maylin:))
Yarn was from Maylin for February or I thought it was. After checking out the hospice yarn drawer I find I've made a mistake. Maylin's lovely tiger stripe is still patiently sitting awaiting a turn. Blame it on the fact that when I cast on these socks I did grab the yarn in the dark. Yours will be knit up soon Maylin.
As you can see I have started another sock, no big surprise there then:)
Yarn is posh Lucia , shade Dunes. Gifted by Kerrie from Hipknits. Doesn't it remind you of new spring grass and the new growth on trees?
I am on with the second sock for the mixed colours, its just that I seem to "need" 2 different socks on the go at once. The mini sock is sitting on one of Mr Mog's latest idea, mini sock blockers. Aren't they cute?
The luscious berry yarn is Jitterbug by Colinette and a gift from Maylin for me, not the hospice:) I think it may turn into socks for me:)) I love the colours in this skein.
BTW the lucia yarn, I wound it using my new Sunflower swift from Hannah and doesn't it make winding easy when you have one? It took no time to wizz through the skein.
Definately an improvement on the old way.
No news from the hospital on the last scan so looks like the radiotherapy is a go for 26th February. A relief as Mr Mog is starting to get quite anxious about it. We are hoping to go to Cumbria tomorrow to see Mr Mog's mum, hopefully another lovely day like today weatherwise.
next Thursday we are going to Glastonbury:)))))))))))))))
A dear friend has arranged a couple of nights B&B for us as a cheer up for Mr Mog before the marathon at the cancer centre. Really unbelieveably kind of her and we can't wait. Taking my socks to work on of course:)

February 13, 2008

2 more socks finished:) visits and elementals

here you see 2 more socks finished:) I've found I enjoy the excitement of having 2 socks on the go at once:). Wondering which one to work on each time I get the sock bag out:)
Today we had a visit from Vicky and her daughter Perran. They kindly sent some yarn for the hospice project a few weeks ago that they had dyed. It was lovely to put a face to the names:) We had a great time catching up and a trip along the beach in the sunshine. Sadly we had to rush off mid afternoon to pick up the 2 grandsons but we enjoyed the visit. Vicky took the 3 elementals she had ordered:)

I appreciate everyones kindness in wanting these figures and wanted you to know that we will have a nice sum to donate to the hospice from all this as well as the socks of course:))
Mr Mog had his scan yesterday and we are hoping that we don't get any phone calls about it. We have been given (another) list of radiotherapy appointments starting 26th February and we would kind of like to think that they won't be delayed any more than that.
Came home from the walk on beach to a letter for my breast scan, day before Mr Mogs radiotherapy:)

February 09, 2008

February socks started 2nd pair

here is the start of what will be my second pair of hospice socks for the February moon.
Yarn is opal, colour Maylin christned as tiger feet:))
Gifted by Maylin.
I'm really enjoying knitting up all these new to me yarns, great fun seeing patterns emerge:))

Goodies:) and socks knit

Look what I've got:)))
The lovely Hannah sent me the most fabulous gift via Sunflower swifts a new just for me swift:)) Isn't it fabulous? Aren't I so very very lucky? Thank you Hannah I will treasure this.
Leading on from this Rita from K&CG sent me some of her stash, there is rowan and so much more. I'm going to make some bags and purses I think for the hospice from this. Thank you Rita:)
Then Ronni chose some beautiful coloured yarns to send me for the sock appeal and an angel pin for me because of my knitting for the hospice:) Thank you Ronni I will really enjoy knitting these up.
next picture is the finished pair of trekking marmalade socks for me I think:) and the start of another pair for the hospice, love that pattern emerging.
I have also cast on a pair of tiger feet socks for February from the yarn Maylin gifted me, pictures tomorrow.

Been quiet as Mr Mog has had a nasty virus this week. It kept him in bed a couple of days and we had to have the doctor visit. One of the nasty symptoms was vertigo which really shook him up. He is a lot better today and we had sunshine(yippee) so we have both spent a couple of hours sitting out in the back garden which has lifted both our spirits.
We have the grandsons coming to stay this evening and we are meeting them at Pizza Hut. DD is paying for us to eat there, not her, just boys and us. So we get the fun of taking them home with us hyper on fizzy pop and gooey desserts:) They actually eat very sensibly so DD and I agree that the occasional junk food is fine.
I haven't done too much crafting this week, partly with Mr Mog being ill but also I've had a down week. Way too much dark days and rain for me. I was so relieved to see the sun this morning.
Tuesday Mr Mog has his scan and we are keeping fingers crossed that his bowel has improved and that he can start the radiotherapy on 26th .

February 04, 2008

Thanks yous and such

I've been nominated for the You make my day award by Ruth Roobeedoo and a sheep in wools clothing
Thank you both:) I really appreciate it. I've been busy sock knitting of course:)
Mr Mog has been making me some sock blockers, mini ones to begin with. He is going to have a go at some adult size next.Can't tell you what the minis are for yet, its a surprise(VBG)
It was sunny for some of today so we managed to get on the prom for a walk. Wow the amount of sand on the path and car park was unbelievable. The council had put many tons on part of the beach before Christmas and I think most of it was off the beach today. We are talking several feet high in some parts, not condusive to walking with crutches they sink in way too much as do your feet. Chairs and prams weren't doing well either.
We haven't been too far for a while although we are probably going up to Cumbria in the morning to see Mr Mog's mum. It may be the last chance we have til after his treatment is finished. Nto long til it starts now. A hormone injection this Wednesday, scan next Tuesday then hopefully radiotherapy 26th Feb onwards.
He has been very busy on the dolls house/garage for our youngest grandson. We now have a lift on the outside of the building to take cars to the 1st floor and roof, a workshop with stuff on the workbenches and pictures of cars, wheels etc on the walls. It is looking good. Once its finished I'll post some pictures of it.
I've been listening to some great music this weekend, and it put me in mind of someone I used to listen to Lisa Thiel. I have 2 cassettes of hers but sadly no way of playing them through the computer, haven't managed to find her on cd as she is based in US. Amazon has her with second hand sellers etc but I'm always dubious. We purchased the cassettes in Glastonbury some years ago so I think when we go down next I'll try and get cds, she is very easy to listen to. Does a lot of goddess music.
I've had dead can dance, Bronwen David and Afro celt going this weekend. Mr Mog had Boney M on as his contribution:))
Made 2 gorgeous(well I think so) elementals for a friend, photos tomorrow when their boots dry.

February 02, 2008

a sock for Imbolc, goodies in the mail and a new elemental

In honour of Imbolc I made a new elemental figure in purples for spirit, the inner spark within that makes us all different. The beliefs we have and the path we follow, spirit for me reflects all this.
Hope you like her:)
I have just this noon received a great package from Marianne
Not only yarn for the hospice sock appeal but chocolate, 2 bars:)) Mr Mog will get his share of course(VBG) I'm wondering whether to use one bar to make chocolate pots, yes I think I may then that will make 6 pots, makes the chocolate go much further:)) Thank you Marianne I love the yarn and will enjoy knitting with it. (Oh and Mr Mog says he will get as much pleasure from the chocolate)
I've finished my 1st marmalade sock and I love the colours:) I've also cast on for my February moon sock, perfect colours don't you think? The green of the new growth, pinky/purple for the corocuses, blue for Brigid, gold for the daffodils, white for the snowdrops.

Happy Imbolc, a poem for Brigid

The first new growth of plants peep through
they aren't too sure if its time or no
How do they sense the moment?
Brigid breathes her warmth upon them
she says "wake my children, tis almost time"

The snow lies still upon the ground
fresh snow in places covering the new growth
white snowdrops dance unafraid in the chill
the snow protects as well as harms
new lambs bleat their welcome on Brigid's day

the sun shines without warmth but the promise is there
each day it rises higher in the morning skies
gold of the daffodils as they unfurl their petals slowly
a blessing from Brigid and a promise of spring to come
Imbolc's maiden dancing in the sun and moon

the morning sky when we open our eyes to the dawn
reflects the blue of the water trickling through the woods
emotions, feelings and tears akin to water,water of life
Brigid's well encompasses all within

Imbolc blessings at the turn of the wheel in to the light half of the year.

And as I send out on the cards with my water elementals:-
Of water came I,
from sea and ocean
lake and stream
to water you go when you wish to dream

(c) ambermoggie Imbolc 2008
edited to add blue as Reya and Marianne so rightly said:)

Poetry for Brigid Imbolc

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