May 11, 2009


Starting any project can be hard. Do I have everything I need? Am I too busy? All these things are designed to delay the creative process

Taking control helps to tell your inner critic "I am ready"
React to the world around you, both its beauty and its pain.
Enter into the moment. embrace it and go where it takes you.
Amass inspiration throughout your day, the little pools of wonder are there if you open your eyes and then open them again to really see.
Muses are within us all. You just have to invite them to reveal themselves.
Sometimes you will be amazed at where this journey takes you. You will never be bored if you listen to the inner self.
It isn't easy to make time to be in the now, where you notice all the little important things. We all rush on to the next appointment, event or place.
While you are travelling enjoy the journey. To me that is at least as valid as the destination if not more so.
Write down things you see or things you feel. They may not seem important then but later who knows?
Take pictures and capture the fragile. With your minds eye if not with a camera.
Feel the earths heartbeat in your blood.
Travel with the phases of the moon. We are ruled by her just as the tides are. Know in your soul where she is on her path.
Are you more creative on a waxing moon, a full moon or a waning moon? There is no right or wrong answer to that, only what is right for you.


Suzi Smith said...

Lovely pics & lovely thoughts... a stream of inspiration...awen... I feel a post on your theme coming on!! Funny, for all my moon connectedness Ive never looked for a pattern to my inspiration/creativity...

Blue Witch said...

Thank you, I enjoyed that.

Like Suzi, I've never thought about temporal creativity like that.

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