June 02, 2009

The storyteller

The storyteller
carries tales and fables around with her. As she travels she hears other stories and adds them to her collection. She gives stories to those in need.
Sometimes they don’t understand what the story is about but the more they think about it the more they realise it was their story.
Some of the stories she hears are sad and heartbreaking.
Her listening to them transforms the energy and turns it into something else entirely. As she enfolds them within her cloak you can let go.
She never travels in a straight line but follows her heart; it takes her where she is needed.
Do you have a tale for the storyteller?
My latest femme ,
her name?
The storyteller of course:)

Listening to:-
Animus rising Deamon Soul
Auntie Aviator, John and Beverly Martin
Deva Premal

1 comment:

Haley @ Iridescent Dark said...

She seems so spritely and gleeful!

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