May 20, 2009

Last faded splendour of Spring

I know I said that I had photographed the last of the spring tulips but it would appear that I was wrong.
I saw these in Lidl the other day and had to buy them, the colour was so evocative of spring for me.
They may not be the last of Lidl's British tulips but I suspect they are mine.
Now that they are a few days old I love the fallen splendour.
I love the way the pollen has collected at the edge of the petal, ready to fall.

I love the shades of colour within these flowers.
As spring flowers fade the blossom is thriving on the trees. This year is the best I've seen the blossom looking. I am sure the hard frost last Winter has worked wonders. The plants need this dormant sleepy period to enable them to throw forth spring growth.
We need it.
I've found it hard in previous years to wind down in the winter, to go inward and reflect on the previous year. As the years have gone by it has become more natural to me. To try and live with the wheel of the year instead of just live alongside it. To be in the now, noticing the weather, the length of the days and the phase of the moon. To be part of it and not just pay lip service to the wheel.
I'm not perfect, far from it. I am human after all:) But I do try. If I find myself straying a mental reminder helps.
My word for today was clarity. A hard word to live up to. To be clear about what? For me to be clear about where I want to be and what I want to achieve.
Making an affirmation of each word I chose and consciously saying it to myself throughout the day.

1 comment:

Sue Simpson said...

Oh how weird....Affirmations :o)
I blogged about it BEFORE I read this. Just catching up on blogs. Can write or read but don't seem to have enough hours to do both! lol.

Love Sue xxx

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