October 22, 2014

Small pleasures

It's been quite dark here most days and very wet. This does not help the creative juices to flow. Add in the virus that is going around and one feels even less incentive to go and play in the craft room. But ,bad nights and antibiotics not withstanding,  today I made the effort and I am glad I did.
Firstly I must show you the gift my friend has just dropped off when she returned some Charles de Lint books she had borrowed. It's plum leather rolls and my goodness what an intense flavour this produces. A tiny strip melting in the mouth is packed with plum flavour. 

 I had given my friend quite a lot of plums some weeks ago when we had several spare bags full. So glad I did now:)

It has been a long while since I made elementals, too long. I really enjoyed making the felted sprites the other day and it made me realise how much pleasure I get from seeing these fey creatures emerge.
So here we go a new water elemental , her name apparently is Violetta . She isn't quite finished she awaits her finishing touches. But I like her she has character.

Her sister arrived soon after. Her name I have yet to find out. She likes to dance this much I know.
And a picture of the two together.

Then last night a friend sent me a link to altered playing cards and it made me think of using them as individual canvasses that could then be fastened into my journals. I made a start on preparing them this afternoon following the tutorial  here Cards. A messy job but fun.

October 10, 2014

The last of Autumn's bounty

Today we harvested the last of our fruits. The tomatoes were already finished but we found these few last apples hidden on the tree. I will make a pie for Sunday I think as we probably have friends coming to visit and it's good to share Natures Bounty with friends.
It's been a weird week. Monday we had our flu injections. Tuesday I felt awful and after a very early disappointing morning visit to the consultant about the result of my knee resurfacing I spent the rest of the day cuddled up to a hot water bottle. Consultant wasn't much help. The knee resurfacing had a 50/50 chance of working and it was my choice to take it. Trouble is it has made the pain much worse and he wasn't really interested. The flu injection washed me out. Wednesday was no better and Mr Mog started then with same symptoms. So both of us felt sorry for ourselves. On ringing the doctors we were told that it usually only lasted 48 hours:(
Thursday I felt better and after a first podiatry appointment felt brighter. The appointment was only supposed to be an assessment then a decision as to if I could have treatment on the NHs. But the podiatrist was very nice and actually did the assessment then some work on my feet. They feel so much better.
We were supposed to be going to drop a first birthday present off in cumbria but got partway there and Mr Mog wasn't well so home we went. He had a bad day but today has thankfully been better for both of us. So a reason to thank the Goddess and celebrate in a small way.
I have been playing though
A needle felted mermaid made her appearance. She has joined the other occasional goddesses in my colour journal.

October 04, 2014

Oh colour I do love thee

Oh colour how I do love thee. You inspire me and you lift my spirits.
 You are a distraction from pain

You give me permission to play

Your colour enfolds me in its beauty

The aches fade as I play

While I await the return of the muse I have things to distract and bring me comfort

And that must be good

Mustn't it?
Apologies for the mixed up formatting. Blogger is playing silly beggars again. All suggestions for a new blog platform gratefully received

October 02, 2014


I received a beautiful present yesterday from an online friend of ours . We have met in person once I think but Sara sent us these as a belated birthday gift. The first is one of those "saw this and thought of you" scenarios and isn't it perfect? It's a tile she found on her travels. Mr Mogs logo when he makes things is a black cat and of course the other "may" mean me;)

 I love it, the simplicity of design but perfect.
Sara also makes things and knew of my love for magpies.
Simply delightful:)

Thank you for all your lovely comments. They are much appreciated. It's good to be back. 
I passed on all the comments about my blanket to the maker. Her name is Sue and she used to blog at WyeSue knits   But can now be found primarily on Ravelry as WyeSue. If you are on there I urge you to go and see her stunning knitting and crochet.
We have come up to spend a couple of days with Sue,her husband and this:-
 This is Boris and he is a sweetie. He loves Mr Mog sitting next to him on the sofa . Last night Mr Mog spent quite a while saying "no Boris" when he kept lifting his head and gazing at Mr M saying "stroke me"

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