May 13, 2009

Spring colours

I thought I'd change the colours on the blog to reflect Spring and also the change in direction for Project Spectrum from North to East. Flowers seem to be on my mind at the moment and I have added a few that Mr Mog took this morning in the local park. Under my direction of course, I'm very good at saying "take that one, no that one"
I find that colour lifts my spirits, all colour does it to a certain extent but some more than others. Hence the desire for bright dyed clothes and yarns. Especially my need for random dyeing/tie dying. Sometimes I need all colours not just one. They help to counter the pain.
These 2 are blooming on the same tree, hard to believe isn't it?

Bluebells , there is something about bluebells either singly, in small groups or in large swathes in abandoned woodlands. A blue silk cloth tied around the affected part is supposed to help with healing. It certainly helped me when I broke a bone between my thumb and finger. I had a spate of randomly cracking various bones without doing anything to cause it. Not very nice:( This particular one went and was extremely painful especially with crutches. The doctors xrayed and offered painkillers until it knit. They couldn't strap or plaster it really. I remembered the old way of using a silk cloth of blue and kept it round my hand. Within a few days it had knit. Doctors had to check xrays as they didn't believe it could happen so quickly.
This rowan was in full bloom. Rowan is a tree that is mentioned in many a magical book. It is supposed to keep witches away if planted by your gate;) I believe it is a great protective tree. If you take 2 equal sized pieces of twig and bind them with red thread or yarn it is a good way to protect your boundaries.
This picture reminds me of Japanese gardens for some reason, possibly the mix of greens.
There were other creatures in the park besides us. Here a robin takes breadcrumbs that the pigeon has left. The duck watches over them.
The blue on this ones back is so vivid against the green pond.
These three have grown so fast, it seemed only a couple of days ago that they were following their mum and were a fraction of this size.
The fir cones are all over this tree.
Colour, for me is a sacred thing. It is a great mood enhancer. Colour is something that has been acknowledged through the years. What about green with envy, a blue mood, red for danger to name a few?
Purple is a colour that I have a close affinity with, I look on it as a sacred colour, representing spirit when I make my femmes. A rich colour that when you look at it , it draws you in to a meditative state.

As I said yesterday we went to Cumbria to visit friends and came back over the old A6 Shap pass.
The following are some of the pictures I took.
Looking down the valley there is barely a house to be seen, it seems one of the last wild places.
You could almost slide down the wires to the bottom of the valley.
Vast swathes of woodland inhabit the slopes.
When you see Shap at this time of year it is hard to visualise the winters pre motorway when news headlines told you of the pass being closed and the numbers of vehicles stuck there.
It was very pleasant to meander our gentle way over the pass, nary another vehicle to be seen, just lots of brave cyclists making their slow way to the top.

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Laal Bear said...

Having a Rowan tree planted by your gate definately doesn't keep witches away . I have one that visits regularly ;0)

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