May 17, 2009


This mornings affirmation card was simplicity.
This mornings reading from the book of qualities was creativity
To me these are linked.
I need to simplify to make space for creativity to expand.
However, you can make a space for her but she only appears when she is ready. You can never force creativity.
Lack of clutter helps. Not just in her sacred space but in the mind. Let go of all the negativity and the inner critic as the tree has done above with her petals. She let them go as they had served their purpose. Letting go makes the space for the fruit.
Open up to the beauty around you. Harness the flow, turn it into something tangible.
Let your inner child out to play amongst the paper & paint, the thread and fabric, the beads or the yarn. What ever you have handy she can use any or all of them to mold her ideas into physical being.
Who has not sat down to play and been amazed at what came from your needles or paint brush?
Sometimes I feel as if it appeared by magic. Surely I couldn't have created that?
Yet, how many of us have made a gift for someone and wanted to keep it because it felt wonderful and we were thrilled with what we achieved?
I find that those gifts strike a deep chord with their recipients.
Do it, put your inner child to play.
Create something from within. Look at it .
Do you long to keep it with all your heart? Then pass it on. The person who receives it will be honoured by its soul as you were by its making. An old saying is that to accept a gift gracefully honours the giver.
To me that is the true art and creative endeavour.Real craft on all levels.
The beauty of an item is expanded by passing it on. Don't keep it shut away in darkness. It needs the light to enable it to shine.
A beacon to creativity.

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Lily said...

What wonderful sentiments Amber, thank you for the thought provoking inspiration.

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