May 05, 2009

A rather special place to knit

Yesterday was the inaugural meet up at the fabulous Midland Hotel. This was recently renovated back to its Art Deco splendour. Alison asked if we were allowed to start regular knitting group meetings there and the first was last night. What a wild windy night it was to be going out. Mr and Mrs Laal Bear came for tea and then we set off for the hotel. I did ask if we should dress up in the period but sadly no suitable outfits being found we went as is.

The building has been lovingly restored.

Just a selection of pictures to wet your appetite. This was looking up through the central staircase.

This seahorse just on the floor in reception.

This in the function room.

You can see what the weather was like from these pictures taken by Mr mog.

Looking out of the room we were in down towards the stone jetty

No it wasn't raining in
Two of the quirky chairs to sit in in reception.
The inaugural group, minus Mr Mog, Laal Bear and I who were taking the pictures.
Not a bad turn out for the first meeting.


Blue Witch said...

What an amazing place. I especially love the seahorse, being a lover of seahorses and blue.

Debbie said...

What a fabulous building! I think a trip to Morecambe may be in order. I love art deco... Hi to the Laal bears and to you and Mr Mog. And a virtual wave to your knitting group.


enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

What a lovely place. I almost expected to see Hercule Poirot coming around the corner,
I love the Art Deco style.
Hello to all of your knitting group.

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