May 21, 2009


Drumbeat, slow, one beat at a time. Count the beats, feel the earth's heart beating slow slow slow.
Slow your breathing down, right down to tune into the mother's pulse.

Can you hear it? Can you feel it? Be one with the heartbeat of the earth.
Too fast the world today. Too many rushing to their journey's end with no thought for the actual journey itself.
We all need time in tune with the earth.

Time for her beauty, her sacred heart. She shares it oh so willingly with us despite the way we desecrate her.

Who can say they don't enjoy just being? But, who makes the time to do it on a regular basis?
I see the world anew when I stop and be.
I hear more in a conscious minute than I do all day blithely wending my way from moment to moment.
In one of my previous careers with a building society we had one of the, for then, new workshops or development days. All different team building games and role playing. You know how it goes, they seem to do that all the time. Back then it was something very new.
Much of it I have forgotten now. I do remember how bored I was. One thing stuck in my mind however.
The person running it asked us how much of our day to day activities we thought was done by habit or on auto pilot.
I can't remember the exact percentage(I'll see if I can find it on g$$gle later) but I believe it was something around 85%.
That is 85% of our day seeing nothing, doing nothing except by habit. We could be robots.
Get up, clean teeth, wash, get breakfast, go to work, come home. You know it goes and how easy it is to stay in the habit.
Wake up. Do everything consciously, be aware.
It is surprising what you will see, feel and notice if you make each act a conscious one.
Back to the drumbeats:-

I find drumming has a strong effect on me. I love music where drums play a large part.
I love drumming on its own.
I really love the evenings spent drumming, alone or with friends.
It is cleansing and exhilarating. It gives me a buzz. I can feel the energy coursing through my veins.
When I become aware of the earth's heartbeat that too gives me energy and gives me a feeling of being a part of the earth. Connected by a thread of rhythm.
Gordon MacLellan(Gordon the Toad) in his excellent book Sacred Animals has a wonderful quote.
" A pagan world is one of endless connection and communication between the individual and the inter-related, growing, changing, always evolving world that that person lives in"
Do you live in your world or just exist?

Some of my favourite music containing drumming:-
Drums of a nation John Richardson
Any by David and Steve Gordon.
Inkubus Sukkubus heartbeat of the earth.
Any by Peat Bog Faeries.
Any by Gabrielle Roth.

Phew , I do go on don't I? Something to do with the Beltaine energy rising methinks.
BTW the tulips remind me of orchids today as they twist and spiral towards decay.


Elizabeth said...

I know what you mean about drumming. I play in a samba band, and when it's good I get such a buzz. But I've also found that when I'm not in a good frame of mind it can really intensify the feelings. I remember one gig, not long after the death of a much-loved great-uncle, where I just had to stop playing because it was all getting too much for me.

We have blue skies and big white clouds here - no rain for a change! I hope the weather is good with you.

Elizabeth x

Suzi Smith said...

oh i do love it when you 'go on'
Yep, love the sound of drums too... and the heartbeat of the earth...wise words... x

Sue Simpson said...

Oh Joy of Joys! How weird is that...I've just finished a music piece of work. Music and drumming at the front of my brain right now. Connected or what?

Must get out those drumming CD's. It's just not the same drumming on your own!
Bright blessings,
Sue xxx

Antoinette said...

Great post Ambermoggie! It starts out with eye-candy, (those shawls are works of art - how long does it take you to do all that beading??) and has great music links.
And I love that quote too...

At first I actually mistook those tulips for orchids!

Blue Witch said...

Just wanted to say how much I've enjoyed recent your posts.

I don't like drumming though! Give me soft harp music, or mellow sax, any day.

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