February 27, 2006

more stitch markers made

here with a few more stitch markers. They are lapis lazuli(the blue) aventurine (green) need to check what the white speckley and the tiny brown are in my gemstone book. Willing to swap for yarn:)

Olympics, do I get a silver for effort?

first photo a sock on 4 DPns . Second pic a hat on 5 DPns from a pattern of Ruths (Woolly Wormhead). Yarn for hat from handpaintedyarn.com, yarn for sock Lornas Laces. Do I deserve silver? I didn't finish an item but my aim was to learn to use both 4 and 5 DPNs and I have:) I prefer 5 the hat is knitting up speedily and easily. I'm so pleased with how its going on more than 2 needles especially after all the moaning I did.
On the pain front only 2 pills today and pain is just about manageable. Starbucks White chocolate mocha helped a lot at the time when I'd have been taking next pill. Trouble is can't do that every day can I?

February 26, 2006

Pain page

Journal page on pain
Day after day I live with my PAIN
I work with my PAIN
I use it, I abuse it, sometimes I even confuse it.
I make it cower - as it does me.
I dey it, mystify it,
Its only PAIN
Its only PAIN.
It only has power if you let it have.
PUSH it AWAY to the back of your mind,
a little compartment all its own.
Label it PAIN headquarters
Ma\ke it feel important but confused.
It grows in stature by feeding on the negativity it creates.
LOCK it in its own padded cell.
Occasionally give it an airing,
Call it PAIN day.
Celebrate the awful intensity then lock it away until the next time.
(c) amber moggie - not that you'd want to lay claim to it, if you did you'd have to take the pain as well:))
Phew, rewriting that reminded me that I can overcome it, even if in bite sized chunks of time. Goodbye pain, you've had your day

pics of stitch markers and pain pain go away

picture of loki a little grainy but he moves fast. Three pics of the stitch markers to give you an idea what I've come up with, one set with hands, 1 set of agate 2 sets of amethyst. Final picture is the Noro bag finished but minus the knitted flower. It didn't look quite me. I'm going to felt this along with the other one I made earlier(shades of Blue Peter there) Just need to pluck up the courage to actually shrink it, shock horror!! I'm thinking of edging the top with some amethyst chips when I've finished hopefully it will look ok. Really yuck day today, pain is almost too much to bear. I'm trying to do without pain killers for a few days if I can. I've been taking the maximum for a while now and to be honest I think they have lost their effect. It seems to be a shorter period of pain free existence in between doses and I also think they aren't good for me all the time. I am determined to try a spell without if I can manage it. I'm going to have DH do more aromatherapy massage and see if that can help. And hey I believe in alternative methods so I'm also going to try more positive thinking and chakra work during my meditations. Goddess willing I'll keep away from the pills then when I do have to go back on them they will hopefully work again. Trouble is that I've had so many different kinds of pain relief and most of them affect my stomach. Thats the aftermath of having this da%%%d illness for over 50 years. It takes it toll. A while ago I did a journal page for a swap I was in and used the subject of pain. I did the background in shades of bruising and anger, dark blues purples red and some yellow. Will find it and continue post

February 25, 2006

making stitch markers

I decided to make some stitch markers today. Partly because I wanted to send some as a gift for my SP7 and partly 'cause I could:) I've done several sets using gemstones, amethyst, amber, dalmatian jasper. Also done some helping hands ones using some tiny hand charms I've got. Pictures tomorrow. I thought they would be good for swapping with people maybe. Bad day today, way too much pain and I just couldn't get comfortable at all. One of those days where the doing stuff didn't take my mind off the aching. Its been an awful few hours, everywhere I moved it hurt. I'm going to go and finish the noro bag, I'm on the handles now so not much more to do. Think I fancy a change after this, maybe a cushion or two. My sister has a large gipsy caravan and I thought some colourful cushions would look good in it.

February 24, 2006

bags done and in progress

first is bag from Noro Knits book, I think its a little too baggy so this may be the time to do my first felted bag:) I'm pleased with the Kureyon, it does knit well and I love the colours in this particular one. Second is first half of bag from another Noro book, this one I am thinking of customising with gemstones hanging from the top edge. I've also been to a SnB last night where one of the girls helped me with casting on and starting knitting my sock. I think(fingers crossed) I may have the hang of it now. It was mainly knowing how to hold the darn needles. I haven't any ladders this time either. One thing I did notice, and I'm not going to pull sock back because of it, I can't keep to rib, it turns to moss stitch for some reason on part of the band. Seems like 1 needles worth has gone moss stitch. But as I said it doesn't matter, this is a learning curve and I will wear them:) I've just been going through my needles to see what I had as they were in a mess. I've way more of some than I'll ever use so have put them on ebay. I'm still looking for circulars in several sizes elsewise a good mix of sizes now. I also need to find me some good stitch markers, I've lost the new ones from the knitting magazine- can't find them anywhere. The girl who helped with the sock lent me a stitch marker as I hadn't thought to take any with me, not that I could as they have gone walkabout. the bobble said he'd make me some if I get some jump rings, after all the gemstone and crystal stash is still exceeding large so why not use some? I got some nifty knitter frames in the mail that I'd ordered from ebay. Thought they may be fin to play with. Thing was they were 3 times the size I thought so quite a shock when I opened the parcel. Not bad for $5 though:)

February 21, 2006

visiting Ulverston and a great LYS

went to Ulverston today to visit a friend at the buddhist monastery. We went in to the town itself to Spinning a Yarn. A wonderful yarn shop with a great choice of colours/yarns/ patterns and more. What I like is the samples of the yarns knit up so you can see what they look and feel like. I didn't succumb to yarn although was tempted by some hand dyed from Cockermouth that they had in. I bought 2 pattern books, set of bamboo DPns in case I ever get to make socks. I know I know, highly unlikely but a cat can dream:) Had fabulous lunch in the Hot Mango steak burger, home made, with salsa, sour cream, cheese, salad and home made chips. Yummy and filling so no tea for the mogs tonight. On way there and back managed to do 2 sides for noro iro bag, need to make bottom piece tonight. Least I can do that:)

February 20, 2006

Oh woe is me, sock nightmare, plus converted grandson

Socks, don't talk to me about socks. I started with Lorna's laces last night thinking thicker yarn, thicker needles equals easier right? Not right, in fact nightmare. I frogged these over a dozen times and was so frustrated. I did maybe 4 rounds max and ladders everywhere, I just could not knit in any fashion. Plus the stitches seem to come off the needles so quickly, the bamboo ones I'm using for the other sock don't do this.
Is it just me? Am I destined never to knit socks? I'm going to try and get to a local SnB to see if someone can show me how to hold the needles and more importantly how to knit the d*** things. I've looked at the sites on line but I feel I need to see someone doing it in front of me to get the gist.
On a positive note 7 year old grandson. You remember I got him the knitting set for Christmas? Well today as its half term we had both grandsons over at the house. M brought his knitting set. I gave him the option of which he wanted to learn first. The knitting nancy, the crochet, the flower loom or the knitting needles. He went for the nancy. The needle with it was very soft plastic which didn't help as it was too pliable. However once we found a blunt darner he was off. First 2 hours 18 inch of knitting. He is so proud of it and took it home to continue, have just had a phone call from him and its far longer than him now:) Isn't it wonderful when a child enthuses over a new skill? When his mum came to pick him up he was full of the excitement of the work done. my daughter just said thank you as she left she was so happy he had a new interest. He is a very active child and always on the go, things soon bore him so you are constantly trying to keep him occupied on some days. This did the trick.
After he went I cast on for a bag in Noro Iro from the Noro Knits book. It doesn't seem to be a problem, unlike the socks:))

February 19, 2006

Stash get thee behind me

Oh Ruth, Ruth what have you done? Telling us to photograph our stashes for posterity. Tis shame on you it is. I am ashamed to say that this is only some of it. I have several boxes with yarn in the 5 elemental colours and a large bag with colinette in waiting for me to knit the poncho from Akashya. However I digress, first pic is Noro mainly kureyan.
second pic is chunky from Face mainly.
third pic is Lornas laces and I am puzzling what to make with this.
Oh and have of course not photographed my mohair:))
Nearly finished another noro hat and I'm currently finishing the mohair triangle shawl I've had on needles for a month or so. Then decisions on next project.

February 16, 2006

stash enhancement and circular needles? No probs

firstly circular needles, worried me? No way:) Here you see a little sampler started on circs this morning. I woke with the need to try them and metaphorically closed my eyes and began. I do have one question though? These are 40cm, sock or tube or whatever isn't quite that diameter and I struggle to pull them around to work. How do you do it if needle is bigger than your work? Anyone?? The socks, well thats another matter, call me proud, call me vain, call me big headed even. I'm almost ready to start the next bit, the heel is it?? Its looking wonderful and whether there will be second sock in this who knows. I do know for sure I'll be making more as its fun, I don't know what worried me but hey I'm high on achievement:)) This may be framed on the wall with a plaque saying first sock for the mog. I do know that sock ply is a little thin for the mogs paws to feel properly so may have to go up or is it down a ply.
Secondly stash enhancement, Colinette mohair from Ebay and isn't it gorgeous? I know, I know I twined about colinette and having had enough of fancy wools but mohair doesn't count, mohair is akin to cat fur, mohair is queen, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE mohair. (Think maybe I like mohair?) And for some reason I love to knit and crochet with mohair it never feels thin to touch. Also my paws can find it to work with.

February 15, 2006

sock pic update

here you go bit blurred as its night time but proof I've made progress on the socks:) I think next pair will be on 5 needles and may get easier but I've definately got keen on them. Oh and I'm looking for pattern for knitted cloak (full length) if anyone knows of any

FOs mixed bag

mix of stuff here, firstly - yes you've guessed it another of my hat fixation:) This one is going to Austria with a friends daughter Sunday. Made of Colinette the tape yarn. Can't remember its name. Weird to knit with and wouldn't want to do too much with it as it doesn't run smoothly. I really must try and find some more quirky hat patterns to do that don't involve circ needles. Least not until I've found someone to show me how to use them properly. Think I may need to find a local S'N'B to visit.
Second item is a cushion made in Colinette(what a surprise) this is I think Crysalis zebra colourway. Not bad to knit with and took just one night. I've edged with sparkly mohair. Needs a cushion in then sealing.
Third picture was in the grove at the bottom of the garden this morning. Aren't they pretty? Our grove always looks best in Spring and another couple of weeks or so should be full of dafs, tulips, fritillaries, crocus and much more. They always wow you as you enter the trees and see them. Will post a pic when its in full show:)
I think I'm Colinetted out for the moment and it almost feels sacriligeous(not sure if thats spelling) to say so. I really want to knit with non funky yarn for a while something say double knit or worsted perhaps? Nothing weird but something that shows the pattern. Having said that I just got a book from library on big crochet and may have to get a large hook and try that:) Oohhh decisions decisions:))
Went to Hebden Bridge today and had a look in the yarn shop there, lots of choice and very welcoming. Didn't have large crochet hooks though so saved my money and went to Organic house for lunch. Yummy tomato and lentil soup with toast followed by Americano. Very squally weather and the hills looked fabulous with all the waterfalls everywhere. DH had a 24 hour blood pressure monitor on so every half hour he had to keep the arm still while it took his BP. Hopefully it will show that most of the time BP not as high and that most of it is the white coat syndrome when he has to sit around waiting to be called in doctors and gets anxious. I know lots of people get it. I fortunately don't, must be something to do with being constantly in and out of hospital from the age of 2 with my health stuff. Just something to get through and get on with fun as much as you can.

SP valentine surprise:)

Look what came for me yesterday, what a wonderful Valentine surprise. My pal had read my blog where I was having difficulty with the socks I'm trying to make and made a pair for me:) Aren't they lovely? Cables on the ankle, very warm and cosy. She also sent me a card to celebrate the day. Thank you so much, I've actually worn them today to go to Hebden Bridge as it was freezing and right warm they are:)

February 12, 2006

Socks don't frighten me

I am not a craedy cat, socks don't frighten me. They may mystify me, confuse me, annoy me but frighten? No way. I'm on to the knit now, have done around 3 inches I'd guess. Very slow cause its fine yarn but I'm getting there, battery is flat on phone due to wedding pics yesterday so when its charged I'll put a pic up so you can see progress. I do have a couple of queries? Why does the right side of the knitting go on the inside of the sock? Is it something I've done wrong? Also do you ever really get used to 4 needles? I am confused BTW how you knit socks on circulars. If you join the stitches on 1st row, how can you use the same needle to knit with? I know I should just cast on and try but enquiring minds need to know.
Its been an exhausting few days in the run up to the wedding. Friday we took the cake to the hotel. 2 and 1/2 hour journey there, lots of diversions and roadworks but we made it. Then coming home 6 hours????? got lost leaving hotel ended up going through cannock birmingham to name a few and you don't want to go through Birmingham by accident. Then on to M6 a few miles and gridlock just after a junction. Don't you just hate it when that happens? Put radio on and apparently gas wagon had accident and both sides of motorway closed at next junction til one after. Thats really helpful when you have a mile to the junction and no one moving much. We finally got there and of course many others thought they would try same so all roads blocked. I hadn't had any food, no water in car, lots of pain you know the story. We stopped at beefeater for essential rehydration and food. Water was yuck, but it got the pills down so that was main thing. Had burger and chips, fairly good then back on to the road to hell. Through Stafford this time then back on motorway at a junction into stop start. We finally got home 6.30 after what should have been pleasant drive there and back. Oh the best laid plans of man and cat. Yesterday same journey for wedding, under 2 and 1/2 hours we were there. Wedding lovely, bride gorgeous but aren't they all? Beautiful old church very atmospheric and cool. Back to the hotel for champagne reception(hey cats quite like a sip of champagne you know). Wonderful spread, lots of catching up with family some of who we hadn't seen since last wedding 5 years ago. Cake looked stunning, DH stopped getting grey hairs with worry. Bride and groom thrilled to bits with how it looked. Told other nephew, he gets toaster when he gets married. No more cakes for us. Well for DH. I'm just the supervisor and general bossy boots:). Home around 9pm, didn't stay for evening disco as I was so exhausted and in pain. Did a couple of rows on the socks while watching the St Trinians train robbery film I recorded in afternoon. Mindless fun very enjoyable. Today, exhaustion, relief cake is done, socks looking at me asking when I'm coming back to the fray. Also on needles, or needle the cream crochet throw for my craft room. Its around 4 foot square now and looking good. Photos later on this also. Had my hair cut really short Thursday , a bob with long sides, short back(instead of the proverbial short back 'n' sides) Lots of nice comments at wedding so must look ok. It took peoples attention away from the red nose, dry skin from the antibiotics and chest infection so that was main thing.

February 05, 2006

socks on needles

Well here we are at last, socks on needles. Not sure how long for as it is very awkward knitting with several needles. And to think some people do this for pleasure??? This was my order from Web of Wool, gorgeous colours and really spooky. We had our Imbolc celebration Friday and at the end we all took a talisman home. Mine was lunar and the slip of paper attached gave various details of lunar talismans one of which was the colours associated Purple and Blue. I had asked Web of Wool to surpirse me with colour a few days ago so coincidence or no? DH talisman was Jupiter and the colours associated were same as mine but opposite so where purple was my positive blue negative his were reversed. Least I think that was way and without looking for paper it will have to do. So back to the socks. I've cast on naturally as you can tell, I've done 2 rounds and it is so so fiddly. Pins are too fine for me as much as anything. My health stuff means I can't feel the pins as I should in my hands they are too fine. That won't be a worry next time I'll knit with bigger pins thicker wool. I'm not giving up yet. Other thing though is the darned things keep getting in the way while I'm working on one lot. Why do they do that and why do I care? Well I am determined to knit socks just to know I can still do it. I learnt as a very young child to do them and was quite happy making socks, but hey folks that was over 45 years ago and since then just bootees for my children and baby socks, this again over 30+ years so not exactly in the back of my mind waiting to be called on. On a more positive note me and Morse did more of the crochet throw for my sofa last night. Well Morse entertained me while I crocheted. This was more like as I can fly through the crochet without watching and it does help a girl to feel less inadequate after sock hell. Today more done on the cakes after a very late start for me. I've been fighting off a rotten throat infection for nearly a week now and it isn't going. I'll be doctors tomorrow if it isn't gone. I can barely speak(DH says not a bad thing that) and swallowing is a nightmare. So late start and now I think back to the socks, what do you say???

February 03, 2006

For what we are about to receive

I have ordered some sock yarn from Web of wool? a kit with needles and pattern. Waiting for it to arrive so I can play, hence the title of the piece. All my stuff now on ebay or sold, room getting emptier by the minute and easier to navigate. Reckon by Tuesday should all be finished on ebay and hopefully on their way to new owners. Have my colours ready to paint room and my son standing by to do the job. Gone for moonshadow, a soft lavender and a darker lavender I once had mixed and don't know name. So I'm obviously hoping there wil be enough for the job. May get into week after to finish as this week we have 3 wedding cakes to ice and put together one of which still needs cooking as its to be a sponge for top tier, we being the royal we of course as DH does that I just supervise and pass stuff:)) Then we have to take cake to Lichfield Thursday, then through to Burton and Lichfield Saturday for the wedding. Doesn't leave much time for room revamp but we will see. On the circular needles still the mohair scarf slow work, and on crochet hook the large cream throw for the art room. finishing now as I can barely type today

February 02, 2006

A Poem for Imbolc, Brides Day or Groundhog Day:)

Grace from http://goldpoppy.blogspot.com/ Graces Poppies has asked for people to do a silent poem reading to celebrate the day, I loved the idea so herewith a poem my nan used to tell us. Don't know if it was hers or from elsewhere but no matter
Once I found a fairy in my cup of tea
she was nearly drownded(yes thats how its spelt GG)
as wet, as wet can be.
I took her out and dried her,
I asked her if she'd stay
"Oh no, oh no" she answered
and off she flew away

In memory of nanny and a celebration of the day. For me Imbolc or Brides Day. From Ewes milk, first lambs and snowdrops are here. Can Spring be far away?
Blessed be and may Brides blessing be upon you all.

Poetry for Brigid Imbolc

  The Lake Isle of Innisfree BY  WILLIAM BUTLER YEATS I will arise and go now, and go to Innisfree, And a small cabin build there, of clay a...