July 30, 2008

Still here, still knitting and still sore

photos soon I promise. I am still knitting. Fire shawl almost finished and ready for beaded border. ArtisAnne at fault for that, she taught me how to add beads:)
second STR sock is almost done. Still destashing needles etc to raise funds to purchase the knitpicks harmony options ones. Soon I hope:)
Still very sore, this pull has taken for ever to ease and is still there allbeit on a slightly less intense level.
Mr Mog feeling a lot better but still has twitch.
Have a friend here from yesterday to Friday and today had the grandsons also . Did have a friend coming friday til sunday with cat, as this friend leaves but have put her off as we need some breathing time.
Way too warm and muggy here not condusive to knitting
think thats all for now:)

July 27, 2008

finished socks,shawl and socks on needles, destash knitting needles

Finished Mr Mog's socks in the rainbow yarn from Maylin:) Yarn is gorgeous to knit with and very soft on the hands. Thank you Maylin:)

Started another pair in socks that rock jewel of the nile . Looking ok but a confession, I don't particularily like STR, too harsh on the hands for me.
and started a shawl in the fire mohair from Jane
loving these:)

Destashing lots of needles , straights, dpns and circs making space. Anyone interested message me for more details, I have way more than I'll ever use let alone if (when) I decide to purchase the knitpicks so time to let some go. Mr Mog had a clear out of the house a little for me today getting rid of stuff we don't use and sorting out stuff we do. Does everyone else find things just get messed up if you aren't careful?
Gorgeous day here today but I'm in absolute agony. Woke up this morning barely able to turn or move my neck. Pills not much use. I was fine when I woke earlier for loo visit so whether I slept wrong or what I don't know. It hurts breathing in and moving much.
Mr Mog busy putting new plants in garden that we brought back from Wales and that we have just picked up at garden centre. Trying to make front hedging harder to get through. Folks tend to cut across garden rather than use path and it pees me off. Hopefully this will stop some of it.

July 26, 2008

Wonders from Wales

The marvellous trip to Wales brought forth much creativity twixt ArtisAnne and I:)
We dyed a few items in between all the laughter and talking.Here are the results. Did I tell you what a marvellous artist she is? She really inspired me to have a go at dyeing and I loved it. I loved the unknown quantity, would the colours I used turn out right?

mohair in the pan, this was some cheap mohair with acrylic and we weren't sure it would take the colours.
As you can see it did:) I wanted a misty rain on welsh mountains effect and I think we captured it perfectly, can you see the heather and the bracken in there? This will be a shawl(naturally)
Then this was some BFL I think that someone sent me a while ago. We wanted purples.
We got them:) Enough for a hat or wrist warmers this.
Sock yarn from andy at BFL.com I wanted primarys for socks for Mr Mog, the brief was bright and dazzling.
Is it dazzling enough?
I think so don't you?
Then Wye Sue heard we were having a dyeing day and sent some fleece to Anne for us both,
this is the result of a sample of it and will be a seaweed style scarf when its stitched up.
A view on the way to Anne's house, magnificent mountains.

There will be gifts to blog about but that can wait. ArtisAnne was more than generous:)

July 25, 2008

Home from Wales:)

We are home from Wales and staying with ArtisAnne and her DH. What a fabulous time we had and what wonderful hosts they were. There will be pictures just not today as I am shattered.
Anne is a very talented spinner/dyer and knitter to name a few of her talents and she is more than generous with helping folks who wish to learn(me)
We dyed mohair,sock yarn and fleece curls, colours are just divine and all mine:))
I'm hooked on dyeing my own yarns now for sure. Anne made it seem so easy but we will see when I try it here at home.
She showed me how to add beads to yarn how to knit socks on magic loop, how to do a mobeius strip, I've problably forgotten some of it but I'll update more tomorrow. We talked, we laughed so much we had fun all the way. We went sightseeing, we ate and did I say we talked?
Mr Mog thoroughly enjoyed his visit, I'd thought he may be a little bored if we were dyeing but no he made himself at home and chilled out.
Anne let me have a go with her knit picks harmony options , wish she hadn't as I need some now. Can't believe how easy they made my shawl knitting, like speed knitting without even trying.
Her house was full of things she had made and I could have moved right in there but don't think they would have moved out.
I'm tired and sore so off for early night. Pictures tomorrow
Oh and Anne, thank you for the best few days ever:)

July 22, 2008

socks finished, stash enhancement and a rant

Opal socks are finished and I love them:) Won't fit Mr Mog though as I knit tightly on these. I am starting some in Socks that rock jewel of the nile and am hopeful this time I'll get it right.
a trade for an elemental
trade for elemental and some yarn for hospice socks plus pair of socks. Thanks Jane:)
From another rav friend for hospice socks
purchase from a destash on rav
trade for coventina and noro for hospice socks:)

Some great stash enhancement these last 2 days as you can see:)

Rant, we went to see neurology doctor yesterday and what a total waste of time. The man treated us as though we were imbeciles and we were in and out within less than 5 minutes.
Total contrast to when Mr Mog visits the urologist or oncologist. Guess we have been spoilt by their care and courtesy.
After sitting for around half an hour ,which was good and we were offered a cuppa, we went into the doctors room. 3 questions fired off to Mr Mog in rapid succession. What age are you, are you right or left handed and does it make your eye blink?
Those answered we got a simplistic lecture on hemi facial spasms where those 3 words were repeated at least 9 times. He then sent the nurse out for a leaflet explaining once again for her benefit what the leaflet was on.
Question: if this is something he does often why were the leaflets not in with him?
No examination, told that the treatment is mri scan, botox and then op if not cured. When I mentioned doctor thought it was sinuses originally I was rudely interrupted and told no it isn't.
Then Bob's your uncle out we were sent.
Mr Mog is going to try and get rid of it himself by relaxing more. He hasn't any confidence in the doctor and I haven't
What happened to smiling doctors, caring doctors?
Glad our main specialists are good:)
Oh and on a side note after all I said about the moon and its effects, the doctor was covered in hair all over his hands, fingers etc. Black hair.
Spooky or what?
We are going to Wales tomorrow for a few days with Artis Anne, talk to you when I get back with hopefully lots of dyed yarn:))

July 20, 2008

did anyone notice the face?

anyone else see the great face on the picture with the pink weed and yellow loosestrife? One of our gaurdians of the garden methinks:)

'Twere the moon what done it

Well it is official it was the moon that caused some/most of the depression worsening pain etc. And for Mr Mog also. Last night the moon spun over from full and wow what a difference it made.
Because the weather has been so miserable I haven't seen her for quite a few weeks and just plain forgot where in the cycle we were. Today we both woke up full of the joys, sun shining although breezy and did I say joyous?
Mr Mog is getting used to the pills, not as low or as tired. I am glad we didn't go to Derby though as the long journey late nights wouldn't have helped. Plus we are going to Wales on wednesday for a couple of days with ArtisAnn so need to be well for that. We have dyeing planned, we have fun planned:)
I took a few pictures in the garden this morning, can you tell my favourite colours I wonder?

latest water feature that Mr Mog is in the process of making accompanied by the rosemary.
Our oak and herbs
purpley/pink spiky things that I'm too lazy to go and check the name.
Nicotiana amongst the tumbler tomatoes
and again
The tomatoes are ripening although these are not as good as previous years tumblers.
our version of pagan prayer flags from my friend Elaine's shop
The lavateria is blooming well
as is the borage, the shadows remind me of a puppet show.
The bees and butterflies love the buddleia as do we for its colour and wonderful honey perfume.
these purple flowers have bloomed for weeks amongst the sage and mint
would have helped if I'd put this right way up, nasturtiums and calendula
more purples:)
the pond is looking well, we shifted an incredible amount of surface oxygenating weed last week and need to move some more I think.
the yellow loosestrife goes well with what I think may be a weed? It looks good so it stays.
Alliums among the loosestrife
feathery plumes against deep leaves
last nights moon
slowly going behind the clouds
This butterfly loved the taste of the buddleia
It was only planted late last year but thrives against the fence.

These begonias were a gift from a lady on free cycle and go well with the herbs against the stone altar

July 19, 2008

Fact: pain = change in gauge

I found out a new fact last night. I knit much more tightly when in pain or depressed(or both).
The sock I knitted Mr Mog in the Tricot Treat yarn was a wee bit tight but he can get it on. This sock I knit with 5 extra rows in the leg and 5 extra in the foot, same problem. It fits but is a little tight to get on. Now I've knit socks for Mr Mog before using my standard sock pattern and no trouble. Ergo it is the pain and depression making the socks smaller. Must remember that. I'm not frogging it he can wear them so it isn't too much of a pain. But next time more stitches or bigger needles. Doesn't it look gorgeous though? It is the Opal Hundertwasser and it made me smile watching each colour come out:).
Bad week for both of us. Mr Mog isn't doing well on the new medication and is very low and tired. I spoke with oncologist and she suggested going back on monthly injections. However today he is a little brighter so we are going to hang on and see if he continues to improve.
Me? I've had an horrendous week pain wise and from that depression wise. Can't seem to shift the pain at all. The fact we have had rain and cold all week is a major factor though.
today's brighter weather has lifted the spirits some what.
We haven't gone to the christening, it was too far and I couldn't face it. Neither could Mr really.
We are hoping that not going will make the trip to Wales better. Get the kettle ready Anne:))
edited title as I got several weird comments:(

July 17, 2008

Current sock knitting for Mr Mog

Today's sock knitting is for Mr Mog and is brought to you courtesy of Maylin and Annarella.
Maylin dyed this yarn especially for Mr Mog and he loves it:) It knit up very speedily as you can see and I'm now past the ribbing and racing up to the heel on the second sock.
close up showing how gorgeous it looks. Love the heel flash of turquoise:) Thanks Maylin , Mr Mog tried the first one and it fit to a T.

Second set of socks for Mr Mog uses Hundertwasser by Opal from Annarellas destash, isn't it lovely? I saw this on Jans blog and loved the colours and Annarella was destashing et voila:) I thought it was time Mr Mog had some new socks. I know I should have finished the first pair but I needed to see the opal knit up:)
We have spoken to Oncologists secretary about the effects of the new hormones. She has said he can go back on the monthly injections, a little better but not quite what we had hoped:(
He is still very low, no energy and upset stomach plus twitch is worse today.Also he is really feeling the cold, all part of the hormone effect I suppose. Poor Mr Mog, I am trying to keep his spirits up but it isn't easy. He feels that all the good of the past few months has been undone with these new hormones.
Other stuff, I'm working on some new designs for the elementals . A zodiac series pictures when they get to the showing stage. Won't be yet as we have christening this weekend in Derby, neurologist on Monday then Wales Wednesday to spend a few days with ArtisAnne and her DH. Looking forward to that, well we both are:)

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