November 10, 2014

Meet Lugh

We had a trip into one of our market towns today and look who I found in the charity shop:) First picture is courtesy of this website Lugh. Isn't this a stunning picture?  Wiki has lots of  info on Lugh
I didn't realise I wanted a representation of Lugh to come and live with us. Well you never do, do you?

 But look:)

 Found in charity shop for the princely sum of £15.

 I had to get him, he has a mane of fleece after all.

 He is quite heavy and has strapping inside. I suspect he may have been used at the local theatre possibly for their outdoor plays. But who knows?

He is not for wearing, he is currently sitting on top of my Ikea unit where some of  the fleece, yarn and craft stuff is. Mr Mog wasn't sure at first but says he is growing on him. I think he was horrified when I first saw the mask in the shop but said go for it.
He had been sitting there a while when he told me his name. At first I was thinking Pan, Herne or Sol. But assuredly it is Lugh. I am planning to just add a little gilding to his face and touch up his horns as they are showing white in places. I may add some dreadlocks and beads to his mane. What do you think?
His face is latex I think and moves when you touch it. He has been crafted around what feels like a hard hat.
So here is Lugh.

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