January 31, 2009

Femmes for Imbolc and goodbye John Martyn, sweet little mystery

I've started my Imbolc femmes and thought you might like a view of them, they need finishing off and need their shoes.
This lady is Birgitta, keeper of the flame. A water femme and dedicated to Brigid lady of the wells and bright waters

She still needs dressing and of course her boots:)

This next femme is dedicated to Airmed who was a Goddess of the Tuatha de Danaan of Ireland. She had great magical power and specialised in herbcraft, rather appropriate at this time of year with new growth daily.

Once she gets her boots on and is dressed she will be ready to dance around the new bulbs. The light golds and yellows in her hair represent the upcoming snowdrops and aconites.

She can't wait to dance around the garden.

Next we have
Then we have Flidhais, Goddess of the woods and trees.

Just wait until she is dressed:)

The next two femmes are dressed apart from their boots.
Here you see Belissanna,named in honour ofBelissama the Celtic Goddess of light and fire, crafts and incidentally Goddess of the River Mersey:)

This next femme is Blancheflor, the Celtic Lily maiden aspect of the triple Goddess.
She just needs her boots on. She has some purple streaks in her hair,representing a touch of the old wisdom which she brings forward into the new season.

Hope you like the preview. As always if one calls you, email me.
Then the other part of the title. Sadly John Martyn died on Thursday:( I loved his music and so many of the songs were around at different parts of my life. The synchronicity(or spookiness if you wish) comes next.
For the first time in weeks I put Itunes on the computer to give a background to my creating. Now I have upwards of 400 songs I've loaded onto the puter from my CDs. Everything from New age to rock to comedy. I always have Itunes set to random so my songs get mixed up. Out of the first 10 songs played this afternoon 4 were John Martyn.

January 29, 2009

This post brought to you by the letter K

I saw this on Knitting in the shadows blog and asked her for a letter so this post is brought to you by the letter K
So here goes with 10 things beginning with the letter K.
1, Knitpicks harmony circular needles. Since Artis Anne seduced me onto the dark path I haven't been able to use anything else.

2. Kittens. I really really miss having a cat.

3. knitting, that goes without saying and here is the yarn for my latest pair of hospice socks
Top skein is Laal Bear DK, bottom skein is natural dye studio DK.
Here they are ready to knit. I was originally going to do the heel and toe in the NDS yarn but forgot when I did the heel so I think now it will be used for the toes.

4. The Kinks, I love their music and always have.

5. Glennie Kindred, she writes, and for a long while self published, many books. My favourites are Earth Wisdom,Sacred Celebrations. Several years ago we arranged a workshop at our local arboretum and Glennie stayed with Mr Mog and I for the weekend. She is very knowledgeable on trees and tree wisdom.

6. Knitspot. I find Anne's creativity incredible. She comes up with some wonderful designs and I also love her photos of what is happening around her.

7. Karma. I am a firm believer that what goes around comes around. I also subscribe to the theory "an it harm none do as you will." Harming none meaning oneself also.

8. Kitchen witching. For me the magic you weave in a kitchen with a few simple ingredients is true magic. You can put so much love and thought into even a simple meal.

9. Kermit the frog, I love the Muppets and we have a small Kermit at home that used to belong to our late cat.

10. Kyanite. A great crystal for meditation and also a good one for creativity.
Phew that wasn't easy thinking of 10 things beginning with K. Anyone else want a letter?

We had a great day today, we went to Conishead Priory for a walk in the woods down to the bay. Pictures to follow probably tomorrow. The woods were full of snowdrops and it was so peaceful. We then went and had lunch in Ulverston before returning home. So many signs of spring appearing.

January 26, 2009

Handdyed yarn = more hospice socks for January

Remember I dyed this knitpicks yarn the other week?
look what it turned into:)

More January socks for YOSH. I love how the eye of partridge heel turned out and i love the pooling. When you turn them over the other side pools greens.

Rash what me? and Woolfest/Wonderwool accom

Back to the doctor today as the rash has spread pretty much all over the body. This doctor thinks it may have been a virus I've had that has now come out in rash form. No more steroid cream suggestions, I now have anti histamine pills and antibiotic cream. Lets hope this works as I'm getting pretty peed off with the rash. I've been wondering if it is 2 things doing it because the hands aren't itchy just manky, rest of the body is so so itchy i could draw blood:(
Anyway enough of the depressing spotty mog stuff, anyone going to Wonderwool and Woolfest got any(cheap) accommodation suggestions in case I don't find, get offered, borrow a caravan?
We are going up to Cumbria Wednesday to visit Cecilia and I'm looking forward to it. Always great to meet up with one's like minded friends.

January 24, 2009

Knitting allergy:( + finished socks etc

There has been knitting chez Moggies and not just socks.
I wanted to make another calorimetry for a friends daughter and ended up making two as you do.

Both in Adriafil quarzo trends, less than 1 x 50gm ball for the two. 1 to fit a 4year old, the other to fit an adult.
They brighten up the day don't they?
Then I knit Mr Mog a pair of socks using the yarn that Laal Bear dyed for him as part of his Yule gift.
I added a contrast red/yellow yarn for heels and toe on 1 sock. Mr Mog doesn't like matching socks so one toe was done in the yellow/orange and one in the contrast yarn. He loves them and they fit him. What more can you ask of a knitted item?
Now for the other part of my posting. I am allergic to the nickel part of my knitpicks harmony needles:( My hands are manky and I've narrowed it down to the needles. Now I am not going to give up my knitting, it serves me well as a meditational aid and as therapy for arthritic/rheumatic joints. I am not going to give up my knitpicks either as they make the knitting much easier. But saying all that I can't go on with my hands affected so much. I've read that other people with this reaction paint the nickel with clear nail varnish to stop it. That is what I'm going to try so wish me luck.
The sun is fabulous today and we had a walk in our local park to see if it was waking up. As you can see from these pictures, spring is in the air.

there were flowers on show

in odd corners under trees.
There were squirrels
and buds on trees, what more could I ask?

January 21, 2009

Imbolc Brigid in the blogosphere poetry slam

WHAT: A Bloggers (Silent) Poetry Reading

WHEN: Anytime February 2, 2009

WHERE: Your blog

WHY: To celebrate the Feast of Brigid, aka Groundhog Day

HOW: Select a poem you like - by a favourite poet or one of your own - to post February 2nd.

RSVP: If you plan to publish, feel free to leave a comment and link on this post. Last year when the call went out there was more poetry in cyberspace than I could keep track of. So, link to whoever you hear about this from and a mighty web of poetry will be spun.

Feel free to pass this invitation on to any and all bloggers.

I've done this the past few years and will certainly be taking part again this year. Thanks to Reya and Deborah Oak for reminding me:)

January 19, 2009

Dyeing results and more socks for YOSH

The results of the dyeing and I am so so pleased with how the yarn has taken the colour.
Firstly this is Alpaca merino double knit yarn from Bluefaced. I wanted something cheery to make socks for me and I think I have succeeded don't you?
I used Cerulean Blue,acid yellow,brilliant orange and buttercup yellow all Procion MX dyes.
Then another view of the same yarn
This next yarn is Knitpicks bare 100% superwash DK
and for this I used Raspberry, brilliant emerald, cerulean blue procion. I deliberately left some white parts for contrast.

Next we have some double knit merino that Artis Anne gave me. This is most definitely my favourite:)

I used Kemtex kenanthrol dyes in jade,vivid violet and electric blue. What do you think?

Last one is the Colinette Isis I over dyed and it looks much better now. I used the same 3 colours as the above yarn but just look at the difference. Partly the fact is is over dyed but also that I forgot it was cotton mix.

lovely muted shades though.
Finally the latest pair of socks for YOSH.
A mix of Hipknits donated by Roobeedoo together with a strand of purple marl 4ply. I think they go together well don't you?
Weather here is mixed. We have just had heavy hail that has left the roads white. This after freezing rain most of the day. Spring is on its way though.

January 18, 2009

Dyeing and nearly Imbolc the snowdrops are out.

I've been dyeing yarn today and hopefully pictures tomorrow for you. One of the things I did was to over dye some Colinette Isis. It was in the colour Morocco and a mucky colour as you can see. I've over dyed with jade,violet and electric blue but silly me forgot it was cotton:( It has dyed it but colours are muted. No matter it is still far better than the previous colour. The other yarns are very vivid though and I am thrilled to bits with them. It was ArtisAnne who suggested over dyeing so thank you Anne.
The sock knitting continues apace and pictures soon.
This time of year as Imbolc or Candlemas approaches I always watch out for snowdrops. For me it can't be Imbolc until they appear. I've seen my first large clump on the roadside into town so it can now officially head towards Imbolc. In some years it has been February 2nd and I've not seen any so Mr Mog has had to take me on a scenic tour just to find them. Least we don't have to do that this year.

January 17, 2009

Light on rooftops and cave paintings(almost)

Another post but it was such a gorgeous day today that we meandered along the promenade. Whilst doing so I thought a few pictures in my rooftop series would be fun.
This is the clock tower and the top always makes me think of a tuning fork somehow.
The next one is a lingerie shop. I love all the windows .

This next one is shared between 2 banks, HSBC and Natwest. Battlements do you think?
I like the top of this building and think it just needs a bell in the gap there to finish it off.
This reminds me of a fairy castle, it is the Winter Gardens. I love the dark contrast with the sky.
Then ,whilst returning to the car I saw the way the pavement had cracked and it just reminded me of cave paintings.
I can see a man in this picture above.
Hieroglyphics, could it be a tale unfolding?
This one is super with all the lines.
Ape or poodle or both?
bird's footprints.
A stag with a magnificent pair of antlers.

YOSH donations

Just look at the marvellous donations I've received for YOSH:) Thank you very much everyone. I will enjoy knitting this into hats and socks.

From Clarabelle this yarn is lovely and soft. I've never used any of these so can't wait to knit it up.

From Laal Bear, bright and cheery and just check out the Rowan. Hats from this will be snuggly:)
From Aniexma, yarn is for March and September/October. Lovely colours and doesn't the Regia remind you of Kureyon?
Thanks my friends I appreciate your donations.

Then look what Aniexma sent me as a gift alongside her yarn. For sharing with Mr Mog (of course)
I love the dragon scarf pattern and have wanted that for ages since I traded for a dragon scarf last year at Woolfest:) The fleece artist dreadlocks will make a wonderful shawl Anne and is a perfect colour for me:)
Then to share with Mr Mog some Canadian rice and yummy maple spread:) Toast and spread anyone?
Thanks Anne a feast for all senses.

January 15, 2009

Socks finished.

Here you see the latest socks for the hospice, posh yarn think it is sophia?
Done on 3.25mm knitpicks harmony circulars using magic loop technique

Gratuitous closeup of the heel for you

January 10, 2009

Dumb down TV:( Why do I bother?socks and donations:)

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed the almost moronic TV we are now subjected to?
Documentaries can't be shown without distracting music being played all the way through them. Entertainment isn't entertainment without rubbish music throughout, quite often drowning any dialogue. Serious programme has to have funeral music. Watch any drama or should I say don't watch it but have it on whilst reading or knitting(or both) You know what is happening by the music.
Animal Park I used to watch quite often, after all it is Longleat and if you read my previous post you know that is on the list of "hope to do for this year". Insane music throughout and a dependence on the drama side.Also what is with the show a little of the item then say we will be back later. Can't we see each article in full before going on to the next one? Hallo this is supposed to be entertainment.
My latest rant, Going Green with Dick Strawbridge. Fairly good first series but this one is dire. In fact so dire I didn't even watch to the end. It is even more jokey than normal. Perhaps that is because they don't think viewers can understand normal speech, or indeed any item that lasts longer than 2 minutes. Wella fter allw e have the attention span of fleas according to them.The item on using crystal deodorants was pathetic. Use this, play football, smell our underarms WOW it works. It has got to the point now where unless it is a must watch(and those inevitably disappoint) I don't bother but get out a DVD.
I think the only regularly watched programmes chez Moggie are Eggheads; although I can't stand Jeremy Vine he is too patronising, Flog It in case we have something that is worth a mint and we can flog it. That's it off the top of my head.
Now lest you think all the moggie does is moan I have some finished socks to show you and some wonderful donations.

The red socks are finished for YOSH, pattern improvised, yarn DK,BFL dyed by moi.

Here you see the first items for January for YOSH. 1 hat and 1 pair of socks.

Then the dear postie brought some rather generous donations for YOSH.
Firstly from Ruth these 2 silky soft skeins.
I'm thinking Spring colours here, are you?

Then from Dreamcatcher, this fabulous set of pinks to knit up:)

Are we sensing a theme in colour choices? I will really love knitting these up thank you both.

Poetry for Brigid Imbolc

  The Lake Isle of Innisfree BY  WILLIAM BUTLER YEATS I will arise and go now, and go to Innisfree, And a small cabin build there, of clay a...