June 28, 2006

swapping on gimme your stuff, weather and Woolfest

to answer the queries I'm looking for any weight except very fine laceweight as sadly my fingers can't feel it so good now to knit. Anything from 50gms onwards and colours any except pastels but specially at the moment earth/moss tones for my bedspread project to keep the mog warm in the Scottish winters. Today was a dreadul day for health. My knees are shot at more than ever and every single step reminded me of the mermaid story Charles de Lint did based on original fable. Where the mermaids steps were like knifes cutting into her? that was and is my knees lately. Plus I have a sneaky feeling I've cracked a rib(again) sadly my crumbly joints and bones can break for no reason and I think from the soreness my rib has once more. Its not one you can patch up, basically you grin and bear til the pain goes and it sort of heals. But no matter. Now folks woolfest this weekend who is going and when? I am hoping to be there Friday or depending when folks are going I may make it Saturday. I'm looking forward to seeing whats there and meeting up with blogger mates. I know of some names are there any more?

June 27, 2006

thanks Skein pal:)

A big thank you to my one skein pal who greeted my new home arrival with a super parcel. I love the thought put into it thanks so much:) I will enjoy working with the yarn and have a hat in mind. Just need to design the pattern now

A belated thank you to my SP8:)

Not sure if I thanked my wonderful SP for my first parcel but if not then my apologies. Due to the move my brain has been on slow:) I received a fabulous parcel and the yarns are perfect for this earth project I have in mind. I do appreciate it muchly and so would you all if my camera worked.
Thanks SP and I hope your pal is as generous with you

June 25, 2006

Update from over the border

haven't posted in a while as I've been really busy with the Scottish move:) House is wonderful, very peaceful here overlooking ancient forest and a half ruined castle. This morning I sawa multitude of birds from the bathroom window(we don't have frosted glass as there is only forest to see) spotted woodpecker? cuckoo, blue tits, chaffinches, gold finches and blue tits- all from one window:)
The house is getting done and not too slowly as DH bless him is wonderful at fixing up. We had a friend came on the monday after we moved in on the thursday and he painted the bathroom for us.He made an excellent job of it and was just what we needed to start the transformation into our home:) Its now a delightful shade of purple and awaiting me adding chunks of shells etc to bath panel to add to the under water theme I want to create. Living room is now done bar 2 ash poles for curtains over the entry to conservatory and a curtain on stairs. poles are there ready and waiting. It does get cold here in Scotland in the winter so I'm preparing as we go. My craft room is now done and just awaiting a new carpet which arrives today hopefully with friends. The old one was disgusting the 2 men who lived here had used the room for storage and cutting up of wood including telegraph poles so it stunk of creosote and worse. Gave me asthma problems each time I went in. So carpet went to tip. Room is now one cherry red wall and 3 white ones. It has a jotul stove in green which is wonderfully warm. I lit it yesterday to try it out. DH is currently making lockers in conservatory for storage and for seating. This gets all the sun and is for growing peppers/tomatoes and herbs this year plus assorted house plants. I want a tropical theme in there:) Also thought if I made thinnish seating we could use it for breakfasts and general enjoyment throughout year.Still have kitchen and 3 bedrooms to paint but that will come. I find myself slowing down much more up here its another pace of life completely. I haven't done much knitting but once I get my craft room unpacked that will come. I want to make a bedspread for our bed in knitting/crochet not sure which yet. Earth tones will be good:) Any ideas gratefully received on patterns etc. I do have earth tones yarn, some but will need to swap some of my jewel colours for more to get enough for double bed.If anyone has spare yarn in those shades and would like to trade let me know. Think earth/ moss/ greys browns greens tans????
I will post some pics of the house this week soon as I can get camera working.
Health is not good, much more painful moving about now and my knees are incredibly sore all the time. Seems like I can't get shot of the pain but maybe when house is fixed up and we can chill more then the health stuff will ease.
As for the "always rains in Scotland and they have midges" quote of my DDs when we first mentioned going over the border- we find that the midges are worse teatime and early evening. Solution don't go out then without the avon skin so soft or even better stay in if they are particularily bad. More from north of the border soon.

June 18, 2006

offering yarn, elemental figures Gimme your stuff

love the idea of Gimme your stuff:) I am offering assortments of yarn various thicknesses, also elemental figures
looking for yarn in earthy shades or jewel shades

June 12, 2006

Scotland calling

We made it:)) I'm speaking to you live from my new home in the forests of Scotland. We moved Thursday and I've just now (Monday 9pm) got my email up and running. House is wonderful, albeit stacked to the roof with boxes to unpack but hey we are here. It feels like we've always been here now and it was well worth all the fraught time moving.More news and photos soon but a glass of wine calls

June 04, 2006

update on the move

We went up to the new house Friday and took a van load of things. Stayed over and came back Saturday. House looking gorgeous and waiting patiently for us to move come Thursday. Lots more packing to do and I haven't knit for a week almost as I've been too exhausted. Hopefully after Thursday things will settle down. I'm waiting on tests results Tuesday on my newest health stuff. We are looking after grandsons tomorrow also as its still half term at their school. I think I may be getting the spinning wheel before we go to Scotland(fingers crossed) Then its just a small matter of learning to spin:)) So I'll be quiet for a few days I think now, no internet access til I organise a link with dear old BT. I'll be thinking of everyone though and send a positive thought that the move goes ok for me.
Scotland here I come again:)

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