May 01, 2009

Beltaine greetings:)

Happy Beltaine, may you celebrate in the way you choose to honour the day .Remembering that the old ways and the new ways are all a form of expression, no one is better than another.
Me I'll be toasting the Lord and Lady of the wildwoods:).
As I said earlier today is Beltaine and it is still celebrated here in England in various ways, some might not be what you think of as Beltaine revels but I am sure they have come down from the original bonfire and revels. In Northallerton they have a May fair, amusements abound through out the main street. On our way there yesterday we went through a village where they were setting up a maypole ready for today. They also promised morris dancers. Sadly we went home a different way so I didn't get pictures, I did get some of the fair though.
My granddad's sister married into fair folk and my earliest memories are of going to the fair to see Auntie Janey and her family. She had many sons and was a larger than life character. I loved visiting. Not only did we get free rides but we also got candy floss. I love candy floss, both the taste and the smell.

There were even witches at the may fair.
It covered the whole of the main street on both sides.

I love the steam engines and generators they use for the rides.

Tea anyone?

The flowers were beautiful.Chestnuts in full flower, they always remind me of candles.
We've been visiting purple pixies and spirit whispers, tomorrow I'll blog about it:) There will be cats as well.These 2 pictures are from a pixie garden


Priestess~Harper said...

And a brightest Beltaine to you!


sulkycat said...

how funny - and nice - to see northallertons may fair - that was the highlight for many many years, both as i was growing up, and then for my daughter (in fact my mum mentioned it this year, saying how many memories of taking kerri when she was little she had!) - hope you enjoyed your visit, its a nice place and theres some beuatiful places to visit nearby

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