May 16, 2009

Books that inspire, help creativity and such

I was reading one of my favourite blogs, The Creative Spirit and Pixie had written a brilliant piece on books that helped her. I loved the idea and decided to take a leaf out of her book and mention mine;)
Firstly one by Julia Cameron , The Artists Way. This started my journey towards being myself. I did Morning Pages for many months and even now still do them when the need arises. I found it a great way to clear my head of junk and allow the creativity freedom to just be. The idea is to write 3 pages , by hand, each morning before doing anything else. It clears your head of all the rubbish. At the beginning I found it extremely difficult to write 3 full pages each day, indeed in the first week or two there were suggestions of lines as I wrote "why am I doing this" many times. It worked though.
Secondly Writing down the bones,freeing the writer within. This was by Natalie Goldberg. It helped me to explore my urge to write. I couldn't believe that after so many years of being told that my writing and poetry were rubbish it was a lie. I could and did write. My inner child began to smile and enjoy her new found ability to play with words on paper and with paint. I was giddy, exhilarated with the buzz it gave me. I filled books with morning pages, I filled journals with my art and my writings.
Third book was Earth Wisdom by Glennie Kindred. A marvellous down to earth writer on the pagan path. I have all her books but this one is the one I recommend to the people who ask me how they follow a pagan path. It isn't a book to frighten or mystify a beginner. She doesn't suggest lots of formal rituals or lots of fancy equipment. Her path is one of following the wheel of the year in a simple heartfelt manner. It is a good beginning for people when they aren't sure where to go.
Following on from this my next recommendation is Wheel of the year, myth and magic through the seasons by Teresa Moorey and Jane Brideson. Again a simple look at the way the wheel turns. Jane also creates the most incredible artwork, check out her cards.
I love these pagan books and have often dipped into them, still do:)
Then on a lighter note, anything by Charles de Lint. I love his work and have all his books. I found Charles at a very low point in my life and his urban fantasy gave me a place to escape to. I'm lucky to have a few of his books signed and a few of his chapbooks that he sends out each year to family and friends. He also has some of my femmes:)
I will add to this list but Pixie inspired me so much i just had to make a start, thanks Pixie.


Georgina (remote knitter) said...

I 'did' the Artist's Way a few years back and found it very stimulating and then I started on the Vein of Gold, but got stuck on the doll task. I have just got back to it after reading
and have completed my dolls though not dressed them yet! Bit of synchronicity happening for me, that I should also read your post today!! I am itching to progress on to Walking in This World! Love Natalie Goldberg too!!!

Haley @ Iridescent Dark said...

As much as I loved The Artists Way, I could not do those morning pages! I did it for a couple of weeks but still couldn't get anything from them. Despite that, it is an amazing book. As for Earth Wisdom, I keep on meaning to get that book!

Priestess~Harper said...

We collect signed de Lint's too! We really need to meet up one day and have that long cup of tea . . . :)

yarnivorous said...

Thanks for the links :-)
I have some Charles de Lint at home. Shh, I think I like his stuff more than Neil Gaiman's.

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