May 10, 2009

WIP, FO, full moons, cardigans and more

A busy week with lots going on so without further ado I give you WIP (works in progress), FO (finished objects) and more
Firstly the WIP , here you see current progress on the stripey sock. This is slow because I've been (slightly) obsessed with shawls once more.

In fact so obsessed that when I finished the latest shawl I HAD to have a new one on the needles. It uses black mohair and the glittery yarn cone I used on the last purple shawl. Adds interesting highlights and colour to the black.
This picture shows the yarn as well as current state of knitting.
And why is it only a small shawl at the moment? The Laal Bear forced me to start a jacket:) When they came over last Monday for the new knit group I casually mentioned that Kemps had a sale on Patons Jet yarn. It was normally £3.89 and now reduced to 79p. LB has used it several times and I think may be a teeny bit obsessed with it as she has around 200 balls:) No matter, we all have our obsessions don't we and who am I to say its wrong, after all she does knit it. I may just have ordered a couple of packs when LB used my computer to order hers. Well with this colour I couldn't resist, despite knowing that that kind of amount would necessitate making something other than a shawl. LB had a wonderful jacket on and it coincidentally used Jet. I thought long and hard about starting something Gasp for me. I haven't knit jackets or other similar items for many moons. I think the last aran and fairisle sweaters for husband #1 quite put me off. Could I do it? Could I actually knit wearable items for myself?
As you can see, yes I can. I started this last night and I'm pleased with current progress although a little leery about the fit. I've done the large size but shock horror haven't done a swatch. If it doesn't block to size it will be a gift for someone. I'm certainly not ripping it back. Too pretty and too much work.
Then I also promised you FO(finished objects) These are finished knitting but need beading on the border edging yet. Sometime this week if the jacket will leave me alone for a while
I love the colours in this shawl.
It shimmers when it moves because of the glittery yarn added to the mohair. I couldn't take a full picture of it spread out, or the next one as they are so big.
This green one especially will need a very tall person to carry it off, or someone who likes floor length shawls.
This was the one that I ran out of yarn for the border on. I was going to get some at Wonderwool but as we all know I didn't . However, I had some similar colour filatura di crosa in my stash that when I checked matched perfectly.
What do you think?
Full moon last night and I got Mr Mog to take a couple of pictures for me.

This full moon is full of Beltane energy and mystery, a very powerful moon methinks.
There will be another post,maybe later with pictures from my trip to Hebden Bridge.


aniexma said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean about not knitting garments for one's self. I've fallen into the "hats, mitts, shawls" camp for way too long and am now working on a cotton top for summer. Go us!

Love the glitter yarn with the mohair in those shawls. You should open an Etsy shop.

Laal Bear said...

Moi! Obsessed ! Never :0) anyway you din't need much persuading . You'll love wearing it .

Antoinette said...

I love that purple shawl! Well, I love all your shawls actually.

The full moon felt very powerful this time. Scorpio add an intensity didn't it?

Jean said...

I look forward to seeing your garment. The purple/fuscia shall is fabulous, I like the colors merging into one another.

Blue Witch said...

I don't know how you manage to create so many things. Beautiful. I am avoiding the wool shop - cheaper than charity shops though!

Very Witchy Moon, I agree.

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