October 31, 2006

A tale for Samhain

I'll tell you a tale for Samhain
A tale that's rarely been told
A scarey tale, a faery tale
concerning a creature of old

Now if that has wet your appetite let us begin.
Many years ago when the moggie first started being involved with the pagan side I used to do a lot of work involving nature. This particular day I had moored my narrowboat in a deserted place on the canal I lived on. No other boats around just mine. The arm as it was called led onto a little bit of a wood with old trees in it, that eventually led onto a path to a caravan park. It was Samhain October 31st. I had gone to bed quite late but was sober. I had the most strangest of dreams if that was what it was.
I was led from the boat within the woodland, many twists and turns and far larger than it was in daytime. I remember being caught on a bramble which snagged my arm. After a long journey I came to a clearing and within this clearing were all manner of creatures fantastical and real. There was a huge bonfire and all were dancing around it, I joined them and had a great time. There was such a joyous feel to the night. When dawn started to lighten the sky someone came to lead me home. I went reluctantly but with the knowledge I had experienced something out of this world.
So what you might think. If I tell you that when I awoke the next morning I had a bramble scratch on my arm in the same position as in the dream and that there was an oak leaf and an acorn on the side of the bed.

October 27, 2006

Chimney fire at the moggie home

Great trauma today, we had a chimney fire. Fire had been on around an hour or so and we were busy preparing for visitors when the house filled with dreadful smells and smoke everywhere. Bits of stuff falling down the chimney on fire etc. Mr Mog checked outside and flames were coming out the top of the chimney. We rang fire brigade and they were already coming because someone had reported it. But get this, whoever it was did not bother coming to ask us did we know chimney was on fire. We were very very lucky, it had died down when fire brigade arrived , Mr Mog had actually filled a metal bucket with burning coals and dumped them outside, not mayb e a good idea from safety point of view but it worked. I was banished to next door as my chest did not appreciate smoke and allowed back in a couple of hours later. Annoying thing is that as we moved in in June we had chimney swept, guy charged more than he quoted and obviously did not do anything like a good job. We had a friend sweep it after fire was out and he still got buckets full of soot out. So now the mog is warm because the back boiler actually works on heating radiators. It has shook me up a great deal because part of me is thinking what if we had gone out or it was bed time??? Also the new smoke alarm the fire brigade installed in July? It didn't make a squeak.
Off to0 await the visitors:)

October 24, 2006

Fire shawl, Samhain shawl and more

First picture is the fire shawl, don't know whether to fringe or not? Very warm as it has lots of different yarn in it:) Second picture is Samhain shawl,or dark of moon shawl. Mainly black mohair and laceweight black mohair with speckles of other stuff, not finished yet and this is being fringed and beaded with tiny gemstone chips I think. Third picture is start of feather and fan throw, colours as you see. What do you think? I also need easy funky hat and scarf pattern now that its so darned cold .

What a rotten mistake I made

Here you see a silly, stupid daft, and any other words you choose to use, mistake from the mog. Now you know why I prefer making hats shawls throws and bags. Look what happens when I try to make a cardigan all be it a simple pattern. Simple ??? HAH I say. Look what I've done, made one armhole in different place to the other AND I didn't notice til I finished:( What can I do? It won't frog there are 3 awkward yarns in that beggar.

Labrynth, dare you walk it? Posted by Picasa

Just look how the trees are growing on here Posted by Picasa

more of the otter pool, sadly no otters Posted by Picasa

Otter pool, can you imagine yarn in these colours? Posted by Picasa

Spiders spiders everywhere Posted by Picasa

Bennan water Posted by Picasa

The old railway Posted by Picasa

A webbed castle  Posted by Picasa

Just on the raiders road Posted by Picasa

spiders webs Posted by Picasa

Branching out Posted by Picasa

Loch Ken Posted by Picasa

Along the Raiders road we go

Today I'm taking you all on a little trip alon g the ancient raiders road:) I've plenty of photos to see along the way so pay attention there at the back, you don't want to miss anything now do you? Pics may be back to front but I'm sure you will make sense of them all and if you are very good there are knit pictures afterwards.
We set off along the Loch where there is nary a ripple to be seen, so still it lies. The branch in the water had such a serene look to it I knew you would want to see it. As we drove alongside the loch this morning the sky was blue but all the moutains had mist and cloud on, we had such a heavy frost last night. Just after the loch there are new trees and 2 roe deer were enjoying the taste. Sadly soon as I got the camera ready they ran just out of view but imagine their faces watching us as if to say "hurry along there please, more trees to be eaten".
Then we turned on to the Raiders road, this is only open April to October officially as it is a working forest. First things to see? Millions of trees adorned with spider webs and of course with the frost they sparkled so prettily.
We then arrived at what I think is called Bennan Loch or water which has an old railway viaduct and I'm sure you will agree the pictures from there are lovely. Yet more spider webs just because I like them:)
Our next main stopping off point, and you won't want to miss it, is the otter pool. Sadly no otters there except a stone one but lets use our imagination and see them frolicking among the rocks.
The trees around here grow on mounds, I think they may be the remains of older trees but not sure. Anyway they make for a strange picture don't they?
From the otter pool if you are ready? We go to the labrynth. This is my most favourite place on the raiders road . Made by a local artist and the idea is to choose a stone and as you walk into the labrynth focus on something you want to get rid of in your life, don't look around you remember you are focusing and there is time to look on your journey outwards.. At the centre leave your stone with a thank you. Then, look around you as you walk out you feel light hearted and you can enjoy the view of the mountains and trees that you can see. A labrynth revitalises and refocuses I find. Any friends wanting to visit then this is one of the places we will take you:) (Yarn stores also of course)
So did you enjoy your journey on the raiders walk?
Stay tuned for yarn and knitting contents

Ms Knitingales exchange answers

1. What is your favorite color? Hard one this I love reds/ambers oranges(naturally:)) but also adore purples and rich deep colours.
2. Is there a color you dislike? Not too fond of white or neutrals
3. Do you have any pets? Sadly not now, but I do share the attentions of the 4 cats who inhabit the steading
4. Is there any knitting-related item you’re longing to have? An easy shawl pattern in lace? Needles especially the thicker ones or unusual ones
)5. Are you a sock knitter? Definately not I have way too much trouble with heels:))
6. Do you have any online wish lists? No
7. Do you collect anything that isn’t terribly expensive?Does dark chocolate count?? I love yarn(of course) especially the ones hard to get here in UK. Love cats.
8. What would make you smile or giggle with delight to find it in your gift box? can't think:)
9. Is there anything that would make you cringe if you found it in your gift box? Can't think of anything although I am allergic to fish and anything fish tasting
10. Do you have a favorite edible treat? I adore proper dark chocolate and cherries in chocolate. Also liquorice.
11. Do you drink coffee, tea, cocoa, or….?All the above and I love proper hot chocolate a la Green and blacks:)
12. Are there any dietary restrictions your pal should know about? Just the fish and shellfish allergy
13. Do you celebrate a winter holiday of any kind and, if so, would you like to receive anything holiday themed?I celebrate Yule and Christmas, in fact any excuse for a celebration in the moggie household:)

October 22, 2006

Ancient woodland full of ancient trees Posted by Picasa

more ways to the otherworld Posted by Picasa

Entrance to the underworld? Posted by Picasa

Start of the walk Posted by Picasa

Walk on the wild side

A gentle walk today as my lungs and chest are wheezy from the head cold that this weeks trip to England provided. Hope you like the pictures, this woodland walk is just across from our home and looks different each time you go in there. I love the trees and walls with crannies, a place to head into the underworld or other world? especially as we head towards Samhain when the veil between the worlds is thinnest. This week has been a strange one. I've had a very heavy head cold all week which didn't help but boy when I did sleep what strange dreams I've had. Everything from taking Margaret Thatcher foraging for fungi to spinning moss for blankets:))
Seemed that each time I awoke and then drifted back into sleep there was an even more bizarre dream awaiting me. Knitting, I've done more on the sideways jacket, hopefully photos tomorrow. I'm also finished with the fire shawl and have started a Samhain shawl in blacks to reflect the dark half of the year. Other knitting stuff I received my copy of Yarn forward and its definately one to subscribe to if this first issue is anything to go by. Some very good patterns, lots of interesting articles and inspiration. Plus no pages and pages of how to cast on, knit purl etc. And yes I know that some people picking the mag up won't know how to do that but there are books to teach without doing like the other British magazines and filling many pages with the basics. It gets a tad boring each month to read the same old thing. I'll not be renewing either Simply knitting or Knitting they are too samey IMO, I will stick to Yarn forward and Interweave knits in the future.
If you haven't purchased Yarn forward do it now, lets encourage Kerrie to keep it going

October 16, 2006

Cracks in paradise?

I feel as if paradise has a tiny crack in it at the moment, its really damp and cold and the house heating is inadequate to say the least. My craft room has no heat since the stove blew up, landlords have not replaced yet. What always used to be my haven in the old house isn't in this. I am permanently cold and due to this quite miserable, I even regretted the move this weekend which isn't me at all. I'm putting some of it down to the wheel turning, maybe I'm nearer to it here? I feel the fact that its the dark of the moon and that from Samhain it is more of an inward retrospective time of year and my thoughts are dark. Instead of looking forward to the dark half of the year I dread it. Being in tune with nature isn't all light, you have to have the dark to balance and my dark is a maudlin tearie dark today. Some of it is the pain, constant pain and the cold makes me lose feeling in my feet and hands and that doesn't help with knitting. I've done a lot more on the shawl and a little on the sideways jacket. Yesterday I didn't go over the doorstep, not even to help with the firepit renovation. Mr mog helped but I didn't want company except my own so I stayed in by the fire knitting and watching the flames. Tomorrow we go to baby sit and my daughters house is warm and there is the large bath so I will be a warm moggie:) I'm working on ideas for warming the house, I wasn't going to have curtains as we aren't overlooked but think certainly in the rooms that aren't double glazed I'll need to. Also maybe a couple of little heaters to help in the mornings when there is no warmth at all. Our heating is from the coal /wood fire so only works in the day when fire is lit.
Sorry to be a morbid moggie, come Samhain I hope my mood lifts

October 12, 2006

Home again, home again

Great giddiness as we have come home from baby sitting early:) We actually took the boys to school this morning and then came home instead of tonight or tomorrow morning and what joy:) Our most thoughtful neighbour ,dear sister that she is, lit the fire so we came home to warmth. Its been a wet few days for us and the mog has suffered greatly with the cold and damp, BUT as we came past Gretna on the final leg home the sun came out and stayed that way,. The view over the mountains was mightily nice and had misty edges to it as it does in autumn. My house was welcoming and I had goodies to open which is always a good thing. Photos to follow when camera is found. I received a large cone of yellow mohair from an ebay seller and some knit picks in sage from a destash in the states. Never used this, not sure now I've got it that its me but we will see. I've done around 12 inches of the restrained cardigan (VBG). I was a wee bit too sore for sustained knitting this week.
Only other bit of news was so so sad. A dear friend of mine who I purchased my first narrowboat from quite a long while ago is terminally ill. I have known he and his wife for around 20 years I'd guess, we don't see lots of each other but when we get together its as if we only spoke yesterday. I'd last seen them early May before the move and R looked very frail then. He was awaiting a scan for indigestion probs. It is one of the times that I really hate being psychic for lack of a better word. I saw him and had a dreadful cold shiver and death feel eminating from him. I told Mr Mog when we went home but put it down to being tired etc etc. For one reason and another I hadn't spoken to them, Tuesday I rang as it had been niggling me. His wife answered and as we chatted I asked how R was, "well "she said" as you know the cancer is inoperable". I didn't know what to say. He has stomach and liver cancer is on constant chemo and has told doctor he doesn't want to know how long. They can't operate and its only a matter of time. What do you say? We are going to see them next week and J said "you know we were only speaking of you last week and saying how much you cheer us and that we always feel better after you have visited". I now have to try and do just that next week and I know it will be oh so hard.

October 09, 2006

fire elemental shawl various yarns Posted by Picasa

WIP sideways cardigan from Colinette pattern made from assorted oddments Posted by Picasa

cavendish throw Posted by Picasa

Where do the misty mornings go?

Where do the misty mornings go when the dragons breath disappears? Do they go in to hiding til the next day or are they there but overlain with the sunny day that follows? Today when I first peeked out at the forest all that could be seen was mist and shadows with eerie sounds of the wild geese echoing gently through the mist. Then betwixt my getting up and next looking out the window clear sunny day. Truly magical living here in the Scottish Borders. The smells are autumn but with the decay of winter hinting at its presence. We are heading towards Samhain when the crone goddess is in the ascendent, a time of fear for some and indeed used to be for me . I could never think of winter without a shiver, the thought of being stuck in on long dark days and nights filled me with horror. Gradually I became aware of the fact that without the death there could be no rebirth, the plants had to sleep to renew their strength for the following spring. Once I realised that the winter months were a time for me to take stock, an inward meditatory spell not a negative thing then it became easier. I do still suffer from lack of sun but when I win the lottery(VBG) I intend to spend a month in the winter somewhere sunny and that will fool the SAD genes:))
Anyroads on to something different, I've uploaded a finished object, don't faint but here you see Cavendish in Noro Kureyon just off the needles and still needing the ends finishing etc but finished none the less.
Also 2 works in progress, firstly a sideways cardigan from a Colinette pattern. I'm using some pinguin mohair, a cone of something unknown(cost all of 50 pence) and a ball of I think sock yarn? I know there is enough on the cone and enough mohair in the cupboard but when the sock yarn runs out I'll see what the goddess of the stash cupboard gives me to follow on with. The second WIP is a fire shawl to honour the element of fire and to enjoy some of its heat when the shawl is being worn.
Hope you like

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