November 22, 2010


I want to make a hat for the Winter and decided to try Woolly Wormheads Marina pattern. As it is sideways knit I thought I better swatch:( Tried 2 yarns up to now and think I may have just got gauge. I'm still obsessed with shawl knitting and lace at that.
 I've been quiet because the cold and damp are affecting my health and making me generally feel yuck. More later

November 07, 2010

A challenging project

 This latest shawl is called Morlynn and was a challenge for me.

 As you can see it is very large
 It took 150gm of Jitterbug velvet Bilberry and approx 100gm of Alpaca silk.
 It was a challenge and I had to tink a few rows here and there on the final section:(
 I almost gave up and counting the stitches in each section of pattern got a little monotonous
 But now it is finished I am glad I carried on. I used my new set of blocking wires that I swapped for one of Mr Mog's latest projects(hackles for blending fibre). I was so pleased I had the wires as it really helped.
And before you ask no it isn't for me. Not sure what to do with it now it is finished. May swap for something?

Poetry for Brigid Imbolc

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