May 30, 2020

Return? Never really went away.

It’s been a long while since I wrote a blog post and to be honest I never thought it would happen again. After Mr Mog died my life changed drastically. Not just the grief and the loss of someone I loved, but my soulmate.
Then you start to live again, slow steps but you start to see the sunshine and the turn of the wheel. To follow the moon’s progress through her cycle. It wasn’t the same and it couldn’t be could it? We none of us know where the path will take us, we see just a little bit of it each time. A good thing sometimes as I am sure we would hate to know the future.
So what’s been happening? Lots and some  bad but much more that was good.  But there’s good come out of it. I met a man and we fell in love. Very unexpected to find I could share my life with someone but I have and I am.
I’m still creating, that also changed around but I am still knitting shawls. Still spinning and still playing with mixed media. I’ve got a new urge to make things and it’s great to be in touch with the muse once more.
There will be more but for now let me leave you with a photo of my latest toy, a gift from a very generous friend.

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