October 31, 2010

Les femmes de Samhain the beginning

 The Femmes are beginning to take shape, it seemed appropriate to use these colours at this time of the year
There is something about the colours that reflects night time, veils and winter

T'is Samhain draw back the veil

 It is Samhain today and I hope you all have a wonderful, magic day . It is a day for remembering those who have passed, both recent and long gone family and friends.
 A time when the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest. A time to reflect and to let go of things we do not want to take with us into the new year.
 I haven't made any femmes for a long while but the urge to do so came suddenly and you have to obey the Muse when she calls. There will be a few of them but as this one was finished I thought she could appear on the blog. Notice her funky boots:)
 It isn't easy to take pictures when mohair and felt are involved but more pictures at a later date when her sisters are ready.
 Her name is Hecca, a tribute to the Goddess of this festival, Hecate. The Goddess of boundaries and death and rebirth which is quite apt for this season.

There has been knitting, apparently shawls remain an obsession with me:) This is Pamuya made with Colinette Jitterbug and I thought a great colour for Samhain.
 This is Garden pond made with my own handspun yarn. A mix of merino/silk/ glitter and the like.

Fibre from Ashford and from Southern Cross fibres.

 One of my Samhain altars.

 Hope this day and night reflect within your heart and mind.
 Draw back the veil if you dare to and honour the ancestors.

This femme is a Samhain gift from me to one of you. Please leave a comment I'll draw the winner tomorrow evening

October 28, 2010

Samhain approaches

 I hate this new Blogger editor and its way of putting pictures on the blog

Guess what these will be being used for?

These words came into my morning pages today;_

They wrapped midnight around them and made it theirs.

The shadows and the twilight also they wore as if it were made for them.

Colours were visible within the velvet black  but overlaid by the shimmer of the night skies.

The dark enhanced their otherworldlyness. It made of it an eerie yet beautiful sense of dreams.

It is a dark time here but with hope.

October 12, 2010

flu jab problems now:(

Oh tis a happy house chez moggie:(

Not content with asthma, steroids and  inhaler Mr Mog and I went on Saturday for our annual flu jab. We have this each year because of my weak chest and normally it goes off smoothly. A sore arm for a day then nothing.

This year however was different. We were not aware that the governmen in their wisdom had decided to add the swine flu stuff to it. If I had know there is no way on God's earth I would have gone for the jab. So many friends of mine last year were ill after having this injection.

No mention at the surgery, no questions no information just injections.  Saturday was ok til the evening then both of us started to feel really weary. Aching, headaches, cold. The works
Sunday morning no better and no energy. Violent headaches and sore. Bed at 8pm for us both, trying to combat the poisons. At this time we were unaware that this wasn't the normal injection.

Forward to Monday even worse, we rang doctors and were told 48 hours we would be fine, take paracetamol and lots of liquid. No mention of anything else.

Speaking to an aunt later she mentioned the swine flu element. I rang doctors to ask and was told yes I think we may have that in this years injection. The devious part of me wonders if they don't mention it to avoid people refusing to have the darn thing.

Today I am in bed, shakes,I am  frozen, headaches, so weary I ache all over. Mr mog is a little better thank goodness. When he rang the doctors earlier when I could barely move for shaking he was told, she can come in at 7pm and have her chest listened to.
That will really do me good I am sure.
I have to go to the asthma clinic for the first time tomorrow, we will see what they have to say then. It reinforces my dislike of the medical fraternity and my belief in trying to doctor myself when ever possible.

October 04, 2010

Autumn flurries, autumn squalls Timbertops wheels for sale

 It has been a squally week or two chez moggie, very wintery weather and much colder than normal.
I've also been feeling pretty grotty and have now been diagnosed with late onset asthma. This particularly affects me more in the morning which is a nuisance as I struggle to move around then anyways. I've been prescribed steroids, Now steroids and I have a long long history we go back over (well over) half a century. I know they are excellent for some diseases/ailments but I hate the side effects of them. It would seem now that they prescribe them in a different way than previously and I have been given a two week course. This apparently stops all the weaning off and the side effects. I hummed and aahed about taking them because of previous problems but decided it wasn't going to get better without the help of these tiny pills.
I'm feeling somewhat easier(except in a morning) and the pills plus inhaler appear to be helping.
Watch this space.
It has made things rather fraught for us both but yesterday Mr Mog reorganised one of our altars as you will see below and that has lifted my spirits:) I love the effect of floating candles when they reflect in crystals.

Now onto the wheels. I'm destashing my 2 timbertops wheels as I am getting a suzie pro.
These are original Williamson wheels from the 70s. Both numbered/dated and in excellent working condition. The first is a timbertops Leicester in yew
Timbertops Leicester in Yew
 second is a Timbertops thurmaston 18inch wheel in oak. Both spin beautifully but in a small house I need a smaller wheel so these have to go.
Thurmaston 18inch wheelPlease leave a comment if you are interested in either of them

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