May 02, 2009

Of visits to pixies

We went to visit a pixie, not in the woods but still a magical trip for all that:)
This pixie had cats, 4 of them although we only managed to photograph 3 because 1 was very shy.

She is a very sunny pixie as is her friend. As you can see Mr Mog was very pleased to see her once more:)
She loves the colour purple as you can tell by her clothes and by the door of her studio.
Her cats made us very welcome, this one spent most of the evening cuddled up to Mr Mog and purring. The ginger and the white ones also took their turn with us both.
Don't you love the way her tongue is peeping out? Do you think she has found something to eat?
Pixies are always glad to see friends.
I love meeting up with the pixie ,she is so creative and inspiring . Although partially sighted she does the most fabulous calligraphy work as well as being a bookbinder. Not easy skills even if you had perfect sight, let alone limited visibility. I've commissioned a piece of work from her but must admit that after visiting the studio I could have come home with loads more. I'll show you what I've ordered when it arrives.
This little one is called Sugar and was the sweetest little cat who thrived on cuddles. She is a grand old lady now but still sprightly when a cuddle is in the offing. We stayed overnight with Pixie and could have stayed longer. It is 3 years since we last met at camp but it seemed like only yesterday. We do speak on the phone but it is so much better when you can meet up with like minded friends. Conversation just picks up from where you last were.
The journey there was a delight. We travelled across the Yorkshire Dales. There were lots of animals to see and Diana if you are listening I have a post full of barns to put up , probably tomorrow:) The lambs were all sizes, they varied from almost full grown on the lower slopes to a few days old as we climbed higher.
There were also lots of different cattle, here you see belted galloways. We also saw a herd of Jersey cattle but there was nowhere to stop so no pictures I'm afraid. I love Jersey cattle, so beautiful and such rich milk and cream.
Lush growth of grass and trees and strange flowers.
We were never far from water on the journey and here you see a typical Dales stream running over pebbles.
Hope you enjoyed your visit to the pixie and yoiur trip through the Dales.


Angeluna said...

What a lovely drive. Thanks for taking us along. And seeing old friends is the best!

Haley @ Iridescent Dark said...

Thanks for letting us in on your visit, very heartwarming =)

Antoinette said...

What a gorgeous day, and a wonderful pixie!

I've always loved the Dales. Makes me want to be there.

Blue Witch said...

It's lovely to travel when you haven't the energy to do it in reality!

Gorgeous calligraphy work from the Pixie. I know someone who teaches calligraphy and it is so boring... this is truly inspirational.

yarnivorous said...

Thanks for the tours. I can't wait to catch up with old friends, not that I'll be doing it for a while. Glad you had such a good time!

Debbie said...

Some wonderful ideas for my Birthday list - I love handmade journals. Thanks for sharing your trip (and for making me homesick for Yorkshire!). Debbie x

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