March 31, 2006

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My final SP7 arrived:))

I received a wonderful parcel today from Germany. My final SP7 gift. My spoiler revealed herself as Petra and sent the most wonderful things. THank you Petra please email me privately with your address I have a gift for you also:)
In the parcel were some wonderful soap roses, so delicate and I don't know if I want to use them they are so pretty. A cotton bag ideal for the knitting to travel with me. The name on it is a famous Deli in Munich. Then a pencil case or tool case complete with needles scissors and tape measure. A sheep adorns this and the words have a jolly time on the back. I'm always losing the needles and scissors so this will be ideal to keep everything together Petra an absolutely perfect gift:))
There is more in the box:) Next we have a sheep mug for my coffee or hot choc, a large mug so I can have a mog size cuppa:)) This came with Have a nice day on the back not sure if it shows properly in the photo. Inside the mug a cute sheep cuddly isn't he gorgeous?? He is now ensconsed on the strap of the knitting bag. A rainbow card where Petra reveals herself and explains what the yarns are. Yes there are 2 large skeins of yarn both handpainted. First is a blue that Petra says is popular in Germany for scarves I however have a bag in mind for this one and DH has helped me wind it into balls ready to start. The other yarn is in "MY" colours ambers and is opal sock yarn. I am very very tempted to try socks again or maybe a shawl what do you think? Will go beautifully with the red hair. Petra your gifts through this round of SP have been delightful. I loved that you made me things to wear and the thought put into them makes them extra special. As for this final round I'm overwhelmed with your generosity. I'm so pleased I joined the SP7 and I do hope you received as much fun from it as I have. Watch your mail for something I made for you.
Its been good getting to know you thank you

March 28, 2006

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spring has sprung in the north west

Thought you might like to see the pictures. Spring is officially here in the north west of England. All our ponds are full of frogs and frog spawn. Dozens of frogs singing away to each other and doing what comes natural at this time of year:) The other picture is of the bottom of our garden, our grove and as you can see its wakening up in there. A joyous sight when you go into the garden or indeed if you view from any window. Doesn't it make you feel glad to be here? As the poem says Oh to be in england now that Spring is here. Knitting? Well I got a gorgeous skein of Colinette Mohair from Angie today, colour amber. Thanks Angie can't wait to turn it into something:) I also had an email from my SP to say last package is on its way and to reveal herself:) Its been fun getting to know her over the past 3 months.
I've almost finished the mohair throw, will be ready for blocking tomorrow and then beading with the amethyst chips.

March 27, 2006

SP7, sent my last parcel

sent the last gift to my SP7 pal today. Must say that my first round with SP I am a tad disappointed. My spoilee didn't put any pics on her blog of what I sent and indeed barely mentioned the parcels. I found it very hard to do chatty stuff when I didn't get much of an answer from her. Not a good match for a chatty cat. Maybe next round will be better. For final parcel I sent a couple of sets of gemstone stitch markers, some colinette yarn and latest knitting mag. Will she like them? we will wait and see. I'm not being sour grapes but when I see some of the matches and friendships made just shows different folks expectations I suppose.

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knit one, cry one, slip one drop one and meditative knitting

Thats how it feels today. Knit a little, cry some because I feel so helpless around my son. Slip a stitch or two then drop many stitches when this awful circular needle kinks up. Note to self look for cheap addi turbos so I can be rid of the spidery slippery old circulars. The mohair throw is coming on great guns knitting helps me block out upsets sometimes. I'm also trying a mohair(natch) throw in feather and fan thanks to Bevs instructions.
One thing I have found over past however many months I've been back knitting. It is excellent for meditation. A great way to quieten the mind if you focus on the stitches and can be relaxing. Just find a quiet spot, take up the needles and let the mind wander. After all in the old stories thats how the witches in medieval times worked on their spells. Well not knitting exactly but certainly tapestries and spinning. If it worked for them think it will work for me? Going shopping this morning Spring is certainly here. All the trees are in blossom and the hedgerows are breaking out with green. The Goddess wears her springtime gown.
The 2 photos are from Castle Howe, the last official sighting of fairies was here according to the Janet and Colin Bord book. A magical place full of mystery and beauty. The first pic looked just like a mischievous bear with a bare back half:)) and don't you think the 2nd picture looks like a goddess figure holding her arms out?

March 26, 2006

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Knitting finished and on needles

above pictures throw cavendish drying on floor roughly blocked just to stretch a little and won't rehash why(rotten pattern pics not matching finished size) ok I did just grumble but what the heck. Second pic a throw in colinette mohair colour mist stocking stitch with occasional garter stitch ridge. Doing on circulars as I figured was time to try them again. A bit of a blah time don't know what else to knit. Want to do throws/cushions bags and hats at the minute so looking for new pattern ideas in those. And socks?? don't mention socks:) I am not meant to make them and why I thought I'd enjoy working with 4 or 5 tiny skinny pins goddess knows. Its fiddley its boring and not me,. Plus I'd have to make 2 different sizes as my bad leg is much wider than my good. Oh and plus I live towelling plain white socks that I can random dye. Thatys another thing whilst on a rant. You can't buy plain white towelling socks now, they all have some logo or other on them. Plus I only wear socks with my boots:))

Mothers day tears

Mothers day brought joy and tears. Joy because both my son and daughter were here for lunch along with my 2 grandsons. It was great to have them all around.
Sad because I fear for my sons state of mind. He is a recovered(ing) drug addict. He has been clean for 3 years now after being really ill through abuse of drugs. Sadly he has no friends as he came away from the drug scene. He finds it hard to make friends , he has no confidence and very few social skills. He has always been attention deficient and hyper active. He is now mid thirties. We have tried to involve him in new activities, volunteering and the like. The couple of friends he made when living in a religious community seem to have moved on and he is finding it hard to let them. Especially one girl who he was pretty close to. Today when he came he found it hard to keep the tears away as did I. I feel he is losing the will to keep going on. I don't know what to do after all he isn't a child any more. When he left to go home I had this fear that he would slip back into the drug scene through having nothing else. I also had a very vivid dream 2 days ago involving a man who I knew used to be a casual drug user. I haven't seen him for many many years, he was only someone who I knew in passing so not surprising I wouldn't remember him. He came into this dream to tell me that my son was heading towards drugs again. It was such a vivid dream that it felt like a warning.
I can't live his life for him, I know that but also I can't ignore my worries for him. I don't want him back living with us, that wouldn't help me or DH as my health is enough some days to worry over. And he is not easy to live with demanding attention allbeit unintentionally. I thibnk this post is just to try and get my fears out of my head and face them.
Knitting to follow

March 22, 2006

wood sculptures inspiring

Went to Cuerden park today and saw these sculptures. Aren't they wonderful? I was born and brought up 2 minutes from here nad only recently rediscovered Cuerden after 35 plus years away. When I was smaller we used to play in the grounds and watch scramblig with motorbikes there. Memories came flooding back while I was there. As a child I was in and out of hospital from the age of 2 so time at home and actually able to go outside were so precious. I relived them today while say by the beech nut. Where do the years go? And why do they go there so quickly? We are out for a meal tonight for my youngest grandsons 8th birthday. We've been to the same restaurant for his past 5 years birthday meals(he loves to keep to good experiences) Its a good chance to get together and enjoy the magic of birthday through a childs eyes. I'm still not finished the Cavendish throw from the Noro book and yet again I'm grumbling:)) The wrap/throw is shown several times in the book and looks a goodly size. When I check the finished measurements it says 32 and 1/2 inch by 42 I think. Book downstairs I'm up at 'puter so can't check. BUT that is no where near the size shown in picture. I've done that plus a little more and it does not look big enough to throw around me or my shoulders. I do wish people would make the pictures match the finished measurements. Thats 2 noro patterns now that have been shall we say enhanced??
I'm fancying making a go at the lady eleanor scarf in scarfwise. Never done entrelac before but hey I'm not scared:)

March 20, 2006

bags, baggage, bulbs and happy Spring Equinox or Ostara

the noro for the bags is kureyon from ebay and such a bright set of colours in it. I adore noro and if I could find a cheap wholesale type place for it I'd be in noro heaven:) The pattern is from the Cornelia Tuttle hamilton noro book, the one with the trains in.
Looking round this house I don't know how I ever accumulated so much junk, treasures as well but junk mainly. What ever possessed me to get half of it? Freecycle will be busy once I get DH to start the clearances.
All the bulbs are coming up in the garden especially in the grove. Its a sea of yellows from the crocus, daffs and primulas/primroses. Best time of year in there and perfect timing for Spring Equinox or Ostara. Kind of goes with the whole egg theme to have all this yellow around. Think I may have to explore making something in yellow acid yellow and lime green maybe:) Wonder if I can find noro in those colours? Not much done on the throw, babysitting last night and the sofas at DDs are not condusive to comfort at all. Couldn't read and knit book kept sliding and when book didn't I did. Came home and straight to bed exhausted. Still not plucked up courage to felt the bags.

March 19, 2006

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Mourning, knitting, getting by

I wake each morning with a sense of loss, a sense of something or someone missing. Its quiet, too quiet. Its eery an almost empty house 'cept the two of us. I've longed to go and bring the mogs home, its been such a physical yearning to go get them. I haven't because I think that would be the cruellest thing for them if they are settling into a new home, a new routine. I have been better allergy wise so it was them. Not itching or wheezing the same at all. I spoke with an allergy doc the other day and apparently each cat is different to the next. Some can set off allergies most don't. A drawback of the modern centrally heated house and cats that are stay at homes is they moult more often, much more often. No way to stop that except cool house and I'm unable to function if the house is cold. My joints seize up even more than normal, I ache and burn with pain. So that was out.
I'm not going to see the mogs for a few weeks til they have settled in, although I'm getting progress reports from their new owner, plus others. They seem to be enjoying the new place very much. Thanks so much for all the thoughtful messages, I really appreciate them.
I've been knitting a lot. Here are a couple of photos. First is a bigger bag in Noro, second a throw Cavendish in noro. That is still on the needles.
I'm starting spring cleaning, well actually if we are being strictly honest. I'm telling DH what needs to go out of all the junk we keep. If we are to move( and I'm hopeful that will be sooner than later, goddess willing) then some of the accumulated stuff will be going. I'm thinning down the belongings, less to move, less to find new homes for in the new home. You know I never ever thought I'd leave this house, I love it and the area and thought that would be us for ever. BUT, large , very large , garden here makes so much work for DH, its almost a full time thing spring til autumn and it takes the fun out of it. I can't help with my health stuff so its down to him. And I want him to have time for fun, time to take a cycle ride if he wants, time to just do what ever is in his mind. So herewith reason number 1
reason number 2 some place else is calling me. Charles de Lints book someplace to be flying- well this could possibly be my someplace to be flying, my heart place. If I don't try it I won't know will I? DH is very keen which surpirsed me. When I first mooted it a while ago it got a poor response. Then last time we visited it suddenly grew on him:))
reason 3. children are grown up, doing their own thing. Grandsons are not needing us as much. They can come for holidays when they wish.
reason 4 just because
So yes I'm getting by, I'm grieving but I'm making plans, I'm knitting, I'm moving forwards with looks back

March 17, 2006

Sad day, goodbye dear friends

today my 2 cats were rehomed. Sadly my health problems/allergies from them have become worse, much worse so they had to go to a new home. They have gone to a farm not too far away where they will hopefully have a much better life. They didn't go out here as I have already lost 2 cats on the roads, I didn't want this to happen with these two so they were inside cats. Where they have gone they will introduce them slowly to the farm and stables so they can get used to it. Its been a very tearful sad sad day for DH and I. I feel bereft, lost and so so sad. May their new life be enjoyable and long.
Seems trite to talk about knitting but best keep a little on topic. On the needles Cavendish throw in noro kureyon.

March 12, 2006

what kind of muppet are you?

You Are Miss Piggy
A total princess and diva, you're totally in charge - even if people don't know it.You want to be loved, adored, and worshiped. And you won't settle for anything less.You're going to be a total star, and you won't let any of the "little people" get in your way.Just remember, piggy, never eat more than you can lift!
The Muppet Personality Test

March 10, 2006

Project Spectrum March postcard received

Red/Pink project Spectrum. This is the gorgeous card from Anjo:)

photos of the bags and hat

here we go pics of the 2 Noro bags that are quite cute but NO WAY anything like the size they show in the photo in the pattern book and YES my tension is correct:) Have to say I do love Noro yarn for working with the colours are scrumptious especially the lime /pink combo. The hat is yet another colinette ear flap with extra eyelash and others. A friend requested it and wants wire in the top knot to make a question mark:) Now what to knit??? I'm started on my squares for the piece for peace project, hoping I get a good response to this as I'd love to have a large finished prject for the G8 conference in July.

March 08, 2006

New project knitters for world peace G8 2006

Just been watching Miss Congeneality again and had a brainwave. Now that the Games are finished how about make a piece for world peace? Had a thought of folks maybe knitting or crocheting a sample piece and sending them me. I'll put together in time for the G8 summit in Russia in July, enmail if you want my address to send to. I'm not madly activist but I do feel that if we knit/crochet a piece with thoughts in our minds of a peaceful world it will help.

Yeah, back online

Thanks to Anne in Hants I'm back online and back emailing. She very kindly helped me to rectify the computer problems and what a relief. Here was me worrying that I may have been picking stuff up online and to top it all couldn't use outlook express. Some wonderful knitters out there I salute you all. I received my project spectrum postcard today from Anjo, photo to follow. Fabulous use of colour thanks Anjo:) Mine went out Monday and with all the puter probs I forgot to take a pic of it, hopefully Anjo will upload a snap. For my red/pink month I'm going to make a hat, maybe also a bag see how I go. Health is a little flaky. Went to docs yesterday and have to go and have mole removed 2 weeks time as its giving trouble. From no mole to one thats nasty in 4 weeks, fast or what? Doc did say that I've also got an allergy and twould seem it may be the mogs. They are moulting at the minute and the hairs may be doing the rash, asthma etc. He gave me some pills to take away the itchyness but the list of side effects are long and some nasty. I'm currently trying stuff out of my aromatherapy manuals and nans old recipe books instead. Will let you know how it goes. Off to surf now and send emails:) I've lost my address book so if I haven't replied or if I'm sending you something please remind me

March 06, 2006

Bags of fun

I'm busy making bags from the Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton book for Noro, its kind of a folded bag? plain garter stitch and great to knit while doing other things which I like. However I can't figure out how its meant to stitch up?? It reminds me a little of how you used to fold nappiesI know showing my age. Also the pattern says 10 and 1/2 inch for strap and that is way too short. Second one I've made longer or should I say I'm making longer. Yes even though I haven't figured out how to stitch it up I'm on with the next:)

Anyone made it and can help?

March 02, 2006

computer worries, woe is me:(

Despite Norton internet security I appear to have picked up something nasty on my computer. I can't use outlook express and can only see limited emails via virgin website. I've had 2 days of hell with the flaming computer and this afternoon was all set to throw it through the window. Til DH mentioned that double glazing precluded my doing so. I am not at all technically minded I'm sorry to say and anything beyond blogging and emailing is pretty much a hard task for me. When things go pear shaped it throws me and upsets me which is totally stupid. That the mog could be thrown by technics, goddess forbid. I'm hoping someone will be able to assist tomorrow and we will see if that is the end of it. I never NEVER download attachments or unknown emails. 2 from names I didn't know where in my mail box last night both with attachments, virgin reckon thats what has maybe done me even though I didn't open them,. Things are better on the knitting front though. I've almost finished my 3rd hat from Ruth (Woolly wormheads) pattern and changed 2nd and 3rd somewhat to add to the fun. Once I'm online properly will upload pics., I'm also up to heel on 2 socks so we will see how that adventure goes.

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