December 21, 2012

Winter Solstice

It is 21st December,, the Winter Solstice, Midwinter,Yule call it what you will:)

It has been a very long time since I have blogged but this morning I woke with the need to mark this longest night and shortest day.

 I had the need to feel the words beneath my pen again. I haven't felt like blogging for a long while or indeed for any writing in my journal.
 I do miss it somewhat and obviously more today, hence this post. As usual I don't have anything particular in mind but just the need for words to flow from pen to paper(or from keyboard to screen as I am now copying this onto blogger)
 It is a need to write as opposed to type and that is what I have always loved, the act of writing and not just the content.
 So with that in mind maybe I will try a page a day in my journal as the days grow longer. Words or art but most likely words, for words I am. The art being merely the illustration of the page where words are the star.
 For others the art is the important thing, the colour that runs wild over paper or is genteelly placed, a dab at a time.
 My art when it comes is wild,untamed, a way of writing the words that must spill. But with colour sometimes instead of letters.
 My other crafts mean much to me as colour escaping from its box, a wilder form of words in visual form.
But the words are still there. They are always there, waiting their chance to play upon the pristine paper. To spill as jumbled,windswept ideas.
Or to march purposefully one by one in straight lines.
 Does it matter which form my thoughts choose? Not at all. As long as they dance their way into form from dreams I care not. Just letting them free is an act of beauty, a way of meditation and of ritual. A way of being that is all they need to be, nothing more and nothing less is required.
Just a beginning, a middle but not an end. A spiral, not a circle. Always moving up and on.

So Winter Solstice, a dark time but with the promise of  more light to come  each day. An introspective time. We all need this time of quiet, even with Christmas and all its gaiety our hearts are still and our minds thoughtful.

Mr Mog had his latest oncology appointment this week and they are very pleased with him. The drug trial is keeping the cancer static.It hasn't spread any further. It hasn't  gone any less but we aren't bothered. As long as the drugs keep it in stasis, long may it last.
We are both currently nursing the latest flu virus which isn't good. This time of year I think we are more susceptible to bugs and it isn't helped by those who insist on coughing and sneezing without covering mouths and noses. 

May I wish you all a peaceful solstice. 

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