April 29, 2007

Beltaine shawl finished in time:)

Just in time for Beltaine I finished my latest shawl. Hope you like it. One thing I may do when I get time is to bead the edging with dichroic crystal I have. I think they will shine beautifully as the light catches them.
My destash is going ok, still some things left but not many. All helps with the removal fund. Going down to England in the morning for a couple of days.Taking some plants and statues to the new house and having another look to check on space for things. Also going to check out Ikea beds as I desperately need a new one.
I will have the laptop so I'll be keeping in touch:)

April 28, 2007

Beltaine shawl all but finished:), destash and Woolfest

I'm all but finished on my Beltain shawl, here you see it in almost all its glory. I am part way through the saw tooth edging as we speak. Hopefully completed tomorrow.
Pattern chevron shawl from just one more row. com but tweaked a little:)
Yarn my most favourite in all the world(GG) Mountain colors mohair yarn, colour indian paintbox. a truly spectacular colour for Beltaine
Destash going well, still have some yarn and lots of books left but getting there. Next is all the bric a brac, lots of witches, other pagan bits and bobs, jewellery. I have started packing. Will continue mid week when we return from viewing the new house once more.
Woolfest, this year I am hoping that I'll get there. We will be much nearer and I really want to go. No yarn budget but when has that ever stopped me? Also wondering what other similar things are on?
I'm also uploading some pictures Mr Mog took this afternoon on the woodland walk over the road. Aren't the spring flowers glorious?

April 23, 2007

large destash due to move, books yarn etc

have uploaded lots of pictures to my flickr account of books and yarn that I'm destashing due to my moving. There STR, posh yarns and much more. On the Starmore book I'm looking for best offer please. Hoping the destash will help pay for the move:)

April 21, 2007

The mog is moving

We are moving back to England, nearer to my family. I'm really struggling with the stairs here and its affecting me both mentally as well as physically so we've decided to call it a day and move. We have hopefully found a bungalow which will be far easier for me and just half an hour from my daughter and grandsons and similar from my son. Its been a tough decision but it had to be made. I'm hoping to move in approximately 4 weeks and as it is a much much smaller place I'm downsizing:) I've loads of stuff to put up for sale soon as I've had a couple of days rest from the journey.

April 19, 2007

Tis me, blogging from England:)

Hi everyone I'm blogging from England:) On my new laptop:)) 2 very dear friends of mine replaced one of their laptops and guess who was given the chance to purchase it for a very reaSONABLE PRICE? Yes me so now when I'm away I can catch up with folks a little more. Its been a very busy few days and I'll tell you mre when I get home. Am not too au fait with using the mouse thing yet and its taking me a little time. So for now here is a short update.We've caught up with family and friends,been on the beach at Morecambe and Heysham which was fun. The weather is gorgeous which helps. I've been knitting in public on the prom at Morecambe and my latest shawl is growing a pace. What have you all been doing? I think I will be home Saturday so I'll get round to reaDING My blogs then.

April 16, 2007

Offline a couple of days and the Starmore book

Off to England for a couple of days, hope to blog but not sure if I'll have internet access. If not see you all Friday hopefully. This came up rather suddenly so if you are interested in the Starmore book email me with your offers and I'll catch up with you in a couple of days. You all play ncely til I get back now:)

April 15, 2007

Alice Starmore The Fair Isle knitting handbook to sell or swap

Have an as new , complete with dustcover copy of Alice Starmore The Fair Isle knitting handbook to sell or swap. Looking for offers:) It is 1st edition and complete with dustcover

A smelly homecoming and a finished scarf:)

We had a very busy few days in England but it was fun with our grandsons and other family. Sad also because my aunt received my uncle's ashes on Tuesday. One of the reasons we went down. I think until the ashes I was in limbo on my grieving, now that they are home I can mourn a lovely uncle but also celebrate the life of him. We went to friends for a meal Tuesday evening, a yummy meal of ostrich stew, wilted greens and baked potato followed by pear and rosemary frangipan with cream. Gorgeous and very tasty:)
My friend who we stayed with made gorgeous meal Thursday a roast lamb dinner followed by lemon tart. Wednesday we ate pizza on the beach watching the sun over Cleveleys.
Friday we went to the local pub for a bar meal, I had lasagne with garlic bread, Mr Mog and our friend had sausage and mash and my friends daughter had beef cantonese. All very tasty. So as you can see we didn't go short on good food:)
We arrived back Saturday evening to a smelly,very smelly home. The septic tank that serves the houses here, plus others had backed up and the raw sewage was coming out next to us from the house next door. You can imagine how delightful that was:( It has been cleared this morning but the tank needs emptying and that will be next couple of days. Meanwhile it still smells foul and the field is a little ripe to say the least. That wasn't it though. Mr Mog lit my stove in the craft room and filled the house with smoke. The fire wouldn't draw at all. He had to carry the burning paper and throw out doors, then he cleaned the stove and pipe, that was clear. He then got help from one of the other residents and they pulled away the asbestos board behind the stove to see inside the chimney, that was clear as I knew it should be . After all we had only cleaned it before installing the stove. They swept the chimney and could see the brushes showing out the top of the pot. No blockage. Tried again by lighting paper in chimney smoke all over. At press we have no idea why the stove doesn't work, the room is freezing. Its warmer outside at 7pm at night than it is in the room.
Phew, there you have it.
Good news is I finished my scarf for the international scarf exchange. Need to block and you can see it. I've started a garter stitch shawl in mountain colours mohair, picture above. Shadows on main picture sorry. Its garter stitch with eyelets either side and in middle. I like it and of course I do adore my mohair yarns:)

Home again and my first SP parcel greets me:)

I,m back:)
We had a few days with family and friends down in England which I really enjoyed. Came back Saturday evening to a wonderful parcel from my SP:)) According to the address on the parcel she lives in the Netherlands. Hi SP:)))
As you can see from the parcel this person has sussed out the mog:) I opened the package before I even unpacked I just couldn't wait. Everything was wrapped in purple tissue paper and the smell as I opened the first parcel was wonderful. My SP sent me some lovely aromatic nag champa incense sticks,(burning as we speak) I have always loved nag champa, in fact the smell of this many years ago inspired me to start making and grinding my own incense so a truly wonderful memory lane present:)
There were a selection of fruit and herbal teas to try and they are so refreshing.
A dainty wax candle for my shrine. 2 teddies which I think? may be needle protectors? Haven't seen these before but love them, they remind me of gummi bears but I didn't try to nibble them honest(GG)
Chocolate and do you know I have not yet eaten it all up, there is a little left for after I've typed this. It is a rich dark chocolate, the kind I adore:)
And yarn, oh such tactile yarn in pruples, my colour my most favourite colour and a shawls worth easy between them. I'm casting on for this soon as I finish my latest one.
Finally some incredible Eisbar wolle/mohair/PA in a soft creamy white. The label attached says Was sockenwolle? This I think may dye?? This is 3 threads together, it is beautiful and there are 2 large balls of it 100g balls with 490m in each. Enough for something special. My SP also sent a card with tulips on, a hint of where she is from:)

Thank you my dear SP for a wonderful gift tailormade for me. So much thought has gone in to each item and I appreciate it very much:))
When you read my next post you will understand what a breath of beauty receiving this was

April 08, 2007

pictures of my scarf for ISE4 and happy anniverary to me and Mr Mog

Here you see the pictures of my scarf project for my pal in the International Scarf Eschange 4.
Not what I first thought I'd do but there you go:) I decided the fyberspates on its own wasn't working for me so I've mixed 2 strands fyberspates laceweight and 1 strand Fearless fibers raspberry sock yarn. Don't they go well together? I'm hoping my pal likes it I know I do:)
It is gorgeous here today in fact past few days have been warm and sunny which is great. We don 't celebrate Easter chez moggie Ostara or Spring Equinox is our eggy fun. Usually we have a party for friends with egg hunts etc but since moving we haven't. However next year. Today is our anniversary. I've been married to Mr Mog for 13 years and happily. We haven't done anything today to celebrate but tomorrow we will go to Kitty's tearoom in the village for afternoon tea complete with gooey cakes. I count myself very lucky to have Mr Mog after 2 nasty mistakes in the marital stakes. Here's to you Mr Mog my sweetheart.

April 04, 2007

ISE4, fab website and warm weather:)

Have started my scarf for the ISE4 . I am using some wonderful Fyberspates laceweight yarn and making the Ocean lace stole from Justonemorerow.com. Third time for this pattern so I'm hoping (fingers crossed) no mistakes. I love Fyberspates yarn its so gorgeous and the colours are yummy.
While writing I must just mention my friend's new website. Hedgewitch handprints She makes some wonderful pagan clothing, including Tshirts and knickers (VBG) Also lots of altar cloths etc. Her stuff is first class and definately different. She also does OOAK items. We've been friends for many a year and Elaine's stuff is inspiring. She has an ebay store also and ships worldwide. She is also doing tshirts in different languages
Right advert over:))
The weather here today has been gorgeous, really warm. In fact Mr Mog has been in shorts in the garden, first time this year. We have the 2 grandsons here til Friday and they are loving walking the hills looking for animal prints.

April 01, 2007

SP questions/answers and a lovely day:)

We've been asked a couple of questions by our hostess in the latest SP and here are my answers
I first learned to knit around 5 years old I think because I kept nagging my nan to teach me. She knit and crochet all her life and was known for the fabulous bedspreads she made in very fine cotton and silks.
I think Nan got so fed up of me she thought if she taught me I'd be quiet:))
Isn't it a gorgeous day today? The sun is shining and its been warm. I'm not going to Glastonbury, health is not good enough for the long journey but I'm smiling honestly. I hope sometime to get there just not this week. Never mind I've got my 2 grandsons visiting Wednesday to Friday and its our anniverary next Sunday so I've got that to look forward to.
I've just received a lovely ecard from my SP. Thank you SP (waving)
I've been in touch with mine also and sent her first gift to her. I've finished another hat which needs felting and it was also on 4 needles then a circular. I am now in the mood to make another shawl, maybe this one for me?

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