January 19, 2016

Chemo update

Second chemo was 2 weeks ago.  Mr Mog has been quite poorly. They had to take him in to hospital the week after chemo with a very high temperature and infection. He was in 3 days  on drips, oxygen and antibiotics. Slept around 22 hours out of the 24.  They decided the infection was inconclusive and as his temperature had returned to normal they sent him home last Tuesday.
Wednesday night he was very rattly breathing and on Thursday doctor came to visit and sent him back into hospital with suspected pneumonia and very low oxygen levels. It was confirmed it was pneumonia so he was put on antibiotics , stronger ones and on oxygen (again)  the first time in hospital was good, staff were excellent and pain relief adequate.
This time was totally different and I will be complaining. Pain relief was abysmal, no regular drug rounds and I frequently had to chase nurses for his medication as he was in agony. Friday  the drugs were non existent til I arrived mid morning and eventually were given. Afternoon ones took several hours to get as they kept giving excuses. Friday night they were moving him to a ward and he rang me at 10 then said he would have to put phone down as they were taking him to ward. 11pm he rang in tears, not been moved and was sat on end of bed as they had taken all his bedding. They finally moved him at midnight in tears. Saturday was a usual fight for the drugs he needed. Sunday there was a very nasty nurse on. Usual fight for drugs and at lunch time while I was trying to persuade Mr Mog to eat a little( he has lost a lot of weight) she came up swooshed the curtains round the bed and said it was restricted meal time and I shouldn't be there. As I was trying to persuade him to have a little soup I most certainly wasn't moving. After the hour I got up and opened curtains as Mr Mog was struggling with lack of air.  In the afternoon our friends came and we had usual fight for drugs. Eventually ward manager came and gave Mr Mog what he needed. Not sure if she had a word with nurse but for a short while she was almost human. At half four she came over to us and said we all had to leave visiting was finished. Now bear in mind I normally stayed all day until 8pm, our friends asked did it mean I had to go and she said yes all of us. Yesterday I got there for 9am as palliative pain specialist was supposed to be coming to see  Mr M. Still no pain relief when I got there . At 10-
45 they were bringing some drugs when consultant came with pain people so drugs delayed. He agreed that Mr Mog could go home if oxygen levels ok. They have upped the pain relief.
 He is weary, not eating and things are not at their best.
Oh and discharge diagnosis? Hospital acquired pneumonia. Obviously caught on first visit. I have picked up a viral infection, presume in the same spot.
That's where we are up to.

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