March 30, 2008

yarn wound ready for April:)

Isn't this gorgeous? This is the Hare Moon yarn that Perran dyed specially for the hospice sock appeal. I've given you a picture of it wound and on the skein and it reminds me of sweets and spring flowers. I will really enjoy knitting this up I know. Vicky if you are listening what colours did you use please? Was it acid dyes? Thanks to everyone who is sending yarn and in answer to one email yes I am still accepting yarn for the hospice, just email for my address. Later this week I'll post a picture of all the socks that I've made for the appeal up to now. Lots more than my original plan of 1 pair a month isn't it:))
I've decided to try and get some more unusual or hand dyed yarns to add to the sock appeal, I thought it would be rather nice to be able to make some more unusual one of a kind socks, makes the finsihed collection more special I think:)
The clocks have gone forward today and the sun is shining could it be Spring is on its way? My ,goddess card that I chose from the pack today is windsong and is in shades of green so looks like the cards are in agreement.

March 29, 2008

Contest , we have a winner:)

Did you miss me? We have been staying at our daughters for the week looking after grandsons and of course trekking daily to the cancer centre for Mr Mogs treatment. Its been quite fun having the week with the grandsons but tiring also. They have been a delight to be around. Awful week weather wise though, lots of sleet, icy rain and wind. March is leaving with a vengeance. The clocks go forward this evening and officiallly we will be in British summer time. Tell that to the plants in our garden. They have been shivering away for weeks now even though the, daffs bless their hearts, have continued to flower throughout.
Received some lovely yarn this week, for the hospice knitting.
Dee from Posh yarns sent some lucia in a lemon daffodil colour that is perfect for spring socks.
Finished another pair of socks, this time in Regia 4fadig ringel color. Don't they lift the spirits? Enough yarn left for some mini socks I think?
I've signed up for the mini socks swap and I'm going to make my mini out of wollmeise I think.
Also in the latest ISE (international scarf exchange) I've an idea what yarn to use and what pattern, well 2 really as I'm unsure which. I think I may go with the iris shawl or the one whos name escapes me that I did before, sea something? Too sore to go and look. My legs have been
dreadful all week , very swollen and my knee is constantly grating and painful.
We had 54 comments on the contest giveaway, thank you all. Lots of great yarn recommendations to put on my wish list:)
Now a reminder what the prize is:-............

There were as i said 54 comments and Mr Mog got to choose the winner. He went for number 11 and that was Roobeedoo
Congratulations Ruth, please send me your address and I'll get the prize on its way to you:)

March 23, 2008

song titles of a witchy/pagan/magic nature??

Indulge me here:)
I had the cd on in the car when we took our grandsons home this morning. We were playing a Manfred Mann cd which they love. One of the tracks was "I put a spell on you". It made me start thinking of witchy/pagan etc songs.
Up to now I've come up with the above,
Hubble bubble toil and trouble,
black magic woman,
love potion number 9
witchy woman
the boy with the moon and stars on his head.
Would love your suggestions please
Well it was youngest grandsons 10th birthday yesterday. We took the car showroom/house to their house before our now traditional birthday meal at Guys thatched hamlet
We have been going to Guys since #2 grandson was a baby so as he reminded us all this is my 10th year. We do go other times but on his birthday it has to be Guys. He is a great traditionalist and things like this are very important. It was fun and a beautiful meal as always. Plus they do a great thing for birthday folks. After the meal they bring a birthday cake(ours that his mum provided was a racing car this year, kind of appropriate ?) and all the staff come. The head waiter calls on all the restaurant customers to wish the birthday person happy birthday in the appropriate way so they all sing Happy Birthday. This is interspersed with salutes on a trumpet. All great fun and he loves it:)
They then came to spend the night at our house because my daughter and her partner were going to spain at 5am this morning.
Anyway, back to the showroom. He was overcome when he saw it and the fact it had everything he had asked for including the lift to the 1st floor and roof car park. I'll let Mr Mog show you the pictures of the finished house later this week. I know you will be impressed with it, he made such a great job.
So we are home until Tuesday morning. Then we go to cancer centre for Mr Mog's treatment and on to DDs to babysit until Friday evening. They are at school which will help and not be too tiring for us. They are with their dad until then.
Lots of great ideas for yarn sigh:))
edited to add that the row boats were empty, just tied up in the bay with the fishing boats etc. Also all the expensive sand that the council put on the beach, many thousands of tons, and that they have spent lots of time sweeping up and returning to the beach after all the storms over past month. Yes that sand is now all over the car parks and promenade once more ready for the council to play sandcastles with again:))
Also we have snow across the bay looking to the lake district and the pennines. Lots and lots of snow and it looks gorgeous. Pity it is bank holiday otherwise I think I could have persuaded Mr Mog to take me up to drive through the mountains.
Ah well maybe it will still be there next weekend. My grandson was most impressed that it snowed on his birthday, just for him:))

March 21, 2008

Ostara greetings:)

Happy Equinox, Ostara, Easter or what ever you celebrate at this most glorious time:) Typical full moon/equinox weather here this past 2 days. Very high tides and high winds. The goddess letting us know who is boss:)
For all that the energy around the beach was incredible. I could barely stand it was so fierce but so envigorating with it. We have had a quiet day today, just enjoying not having to drive to the hospital is a pleasure in itself. I've knit quite a bit on the beltaine shawl. All the fire colours have helped keep me warm.
On the contest BTW if you aren't a knitter/crocheter I will come up with an alternative gift if you win.

March 20, 2008

update on contest

I forgot to mention in the list of goodies there is also a pattern by Evelyn A Clark the fiber trends SEascape shawl. Gorgeous:) who ever wins let me know how it knits up and I may buy it for myself also:)


my 500th post today and in celebration I'm holding a little contest. goodies to be seen above for the winner.
1/ A 50gm skein of Lornas laces Shepherd sock approx 215 yards 80% superwash wool 20% nylon. Colour is Gold Hill.
2/ A 50gm skein of mohair boucle from the natural dye studio. Colour unknown as I've lost the label.
3/ pair of Addi 10mm needles with shiny tips.
4/ 4 stitch markers

What do you have to do? Very easy leave a comment on the blog with your favourite yarn recommendations.
Winner to be picked randomly by Mr Mog on Sunday.

On to other things now. I finished my rainbow sock last night and although I love the colours I don't like the regia sock yarn itself. It splits terribly which makes for slow knitting.
My firey socks BTW, 40 stitches on 2mm needles. can't remember how many rows except that heel was 20 stitches 20 rows, I basically just winged it and then winged the second while trying it against the other for size. Who'd have thought it hey? The moggie winging it on socks:)) Next pair of baby socks I'll try and write down what I do.
Mr Mog is now half way through his treatment and doing very well. I'm keeping him busy of course so no time to dwell on stuff.. He has finished the dolls house/garage for our grandsons birthday on Saturday and will no doubt be uploading pictures to his new blog shortly.

March 17, 2008

Happy St Patrick's Day

Hope youa re all having a good St Patrick's Day. A sad one for me as it is the day my favourite uncle died last year:( Also the day my gran died although that was some 37 years ago now, not that the time makes it better. It doesn't seem 12 months since we were travelling down from Scotland to say out goodbyes and so much has happened since then. His death was one of the reasons prompting our move back nearer to family. The long journey down while he spent the months in hospital and subsequently at home. Then the fact we couldn't just pop round to visit, it had to be a mjor undertaking. Add to that my daughter, son and my grandsons, all ties that called us home. Then of course not long after the move Mr Mog had his tests and we found out he had cancer. Such a hectic year in many respects. But tonight Uncle I'll drink a glass to your memory, may you be at peace and pain free where ever you may be now and may you feel the love being sent from all your family on this day.
So my dears what have you been up to this weekend? I finally (fingers crossed) shook off the remnants of the flu, Mr Mog had 2 awful days but today he too seems on the mend. He has completed 15 of his treatments now.
We didn't go further than the beacheither day and that for only a short stroll.
I did knit though:) Quelle surprise:)
I'm around half way on the beltaine shawl. I won't show pictures of it until I'm finished if you don't mind.
I did however make a tiny pair of socks in a beautiful fiery yarn, name unknown as there was a small ball with no ball band. I have enough left for a second pair of toddler socks I think.
I've also done more on the regia rainbow socks and while not as bright as the socks for Mr Mog I think these are a wee bit more genteel:)))
Tomorrow, or next post is the biggie 500 posts on this here blog. I'm working on a suitable prize for the winner so watch this space:)

March 14, 2008

Almost time for another contest:)

Just noticed I am 3 posts away from 500. I think that calls for a contest don't you?
I'll think about the prize and what you have to do, probably just comment on the post:)
Wait for it:))

Mr Mog has a blog:)

Mr Mog has his own blog now.
Mr Mog
I'm sure he will be pleased to see visitors

I'm back:)

Well I think the lurgy is finally leaving me. I'm at the catarrh, ,yucky stage. Its been an awful week and I haven't felt much like doing anything.Except a little knitting of course:)
Mr Mog has now started with it and I'm hoping it doesn't linger for him as he doesn't need that on top of the radiotherapy. Over a third done on that now, just 23 left to go.
As I say I have been knitting. I finikshed the blue socks and they look good, I do like the colour mix on the Meilenweit fun.
I've started another pair in Regia and theya re quite cheery don't you think?
Final picture is the current state of play on mini socks. Do you like the mini sock blockers Mr Mog made?

March 09, 2008

WIPs, and the lurgy

No pictures today, can't be bothered because I've got the dreaded lurgy. burning itchy throat, headaches, sinuses you name it if its neck up I've got it:( My nose is a little like Rudolph's today.
However I have been knitting. Quelle surprise:)
A tea cosy from the knitty pattern
I'm using kureyon and I love it:) Will be finished shortly, bar icord so hopefully pictures tomorrow . I think I'll make a tea cosy hat for next one. I don't like bases in tea cosies because they always seem to go manky after a while. But its a change from socks isn't it?
I'm also making some secret thingies, pictures when they are finished and on their way to the recipients.
Now I think I will shuffle off back to the couch with my hanky

March 07, 2008

My prize from Aknita:)) socks and more

Some gorgeous pictures today:)
Firstly the forest canopy shawl I won in Aknita's contest. Lydia is modelling for us today and I think the colour goes perfectly with Lydia's paint don't you? Also a close up of edge so you can see how fabulous it is. Thank you Joy the colour is perfect for me:))
This is followed by my second pair of finished socks for March. Yarn is Opal magic and from Shona
perfect for Spring don't you think? Made these a little smaller because I didn't want to make all socks same size. Adds more variety to the knitting and to the finished sets. Also means more than 1 pair can come from some of the yarn.
Final picture is from Yvonne , sent as part of her February fling to release some stash upon the world:) Feltable so I foresee bags in its future.
Second week is over for Mr Mog and his radiotherapy. 9 treatments done already. No problems so far but I'm touching wood it remains so. Main side effects seem to be coming from the hormone injections, making it hard for him to keep his temperature stable. This is worse at night where he seems to be either frozen or boiling. No happy medium. We've put the heavier duvet back on.

March 04, 2008

first March socks finished:)

First March socks finished and started the second pair. They remind me of daffodils for some reason:) and is why I got Mr Mog to photograph them with our pot of daffies.
6th treatment done with for Mr Mog and weather was freezing but brilliant sunshine so easy to get there. Although we were there for 8.30am machine was running half an hour behind so a little bit longer sock knitting:)) Tomorrow is the first day of clinic to see how the treatment goes as well as another radiotherapy session. Have to have a rant though. Despite it being 8.30am in the monring it was almost impossible to find a space near the unit. We ended up with the last one as someone came out but it wasn't helped by an inconsiderate people car taking 2 spaces due to lazy parking. They weren't even in the cancer unit either. It makes it so stressful for Mr Mog getting there when he has to worry if we can park at all or end up miles away.
Trouble is to go by bus it would take 3 buses each way and around 2 and a half hours minimum so its out of the question.

March 03, 2008

Daffodils and a miscellany:)

Drinking - Hot chocolate whilst nibbling on mandarin cake
Admiring the snow that fell in seconds and is disappearing just a little slower
Fifth day of treatment done with for Mr Mog:)
Finishing the second lucia sock
Ordering some more DPNs when I can find some I like
Dyeing some felt for some more elementals
Inventing reasons not to leave this warm room
Listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan, Deva Premal and Katie Melua
Spending way too long thinking of words to fit the flower:))

Fun though isn't it?

Well 5th day over for radiotherapy and n horrendous journey this morning. Morecambe is having majot roadworks on the main road in and out so diversions on. This meant that even at 6.45am this morning traffic was building up. When we were almost ready to leave motorway for the hospital we suddenly went from dry road into a couple of inch or more of slushy snow and hail, quite scary as no one else seemed to want to slow down at all. 2 miles on, nothing but we did get a really heavy hail/snow storm this lunch time. Its all gone now. Hoping that roads are clear for tomorrows hospital trip. The cake was from a Nigella recipe forgot to say, I just changed the clementines to mandarins. My nan used to do a very similar cake but added a tot of rum. Really brought out the flavour and was quite marmalady. All recipes seem to come round in various guises, like all things really.
Anyone got any suggestions for good saxophone music to listen to? I love blues with a saxophone very sexy tone to it and would love to hear of any you like.
Daffodils are sprouting all over now. The ones we put in tubs in October have all come out and are flowering their heads off, bless them:)
Had a great book from the library which sadly has to go back tomorrow. Getting started knitting socks, Ann Budd. Think I'll have to try and find it online noone on ravelry has it for sale or trade. Some really good pictures and step by steps. Once this lucia sock is finished I am going to try toe up I think:))
Mr Mog is getting on wonderfully with the dolls house/garage for our youngest grandsons birthday in 3 weeks. Will put some pictures up when it is finished , it is quite the thing:)

March 01, 2008

pictures for St David's day

first picture is Beltaine shawl. It is actually more orangey red than the image shows. Also twice the size now:)
first sock of Lana Grossa MEILENWEIT , love the colours in this:)
finished mandarin cake for Mothers day although we did have to try it and verdict is better than clementine cake.
A slice for you? on yellow plate for St David's day
first start with 6 eggs
add 4 mandarins that have been simmered slowly for 2 hours first. Liquidise these together. Then add 250gm ground almonds and 225gm brown sugar. I use raw cane demerera to this add 1 teaspoon baking powder Mix together with a spoon,
pour into lined springform pan. Cook 1 hour and eat.
Not sure if I put finished sock picture on and too lazy to check as I am awaiting cup of tea from Mr Mog. This is the posh lucia colourway dune. Gifted by Kerrie at Hipknits and the most glorious soft yarn to knit with:)

odds n sods, Happy St David's Day:)

Firstly Happy St David's Day everyone:)) And for the mothers amongst us, happy Mother's day for tomorrow. My son remembered and gave me a bottle of my favourite red wine. You may wonder what is so special about that? He was a drug addict and almost died before going through detox. He has been clean for several years now but still has short term memory problems to go with his other mental stuff. It makes any kind of gift or thought from him very special:)) I'll be seeing my daughter tomorrow.
Photos to follow on the following:)
clementine cake with mandarins. In oven . Ready for tomorrow when DD and family come to visit for Mother's day.
Beltaine shawl, started
Posh Lucia socks, 1 finished 1 half done
Mellenwheit(sp?) sock in blues 1 finished and photo to come. 1 still to cast on

Blue Witch I do a lot of knitting because it helps keep my fingers supple. This darned rheumatoid arthrits and osteoarthritis restrict my movements a lot sadly. I have a lot of time on my hands and knitting does keep me sane:) I no longer can do half of what I used to but its just one of those things. An old saying is that the Goddess never gives you more than you can handle and I'm handling:))
I won a prize:) A forest canopy shawl on Aknitas blog:) I tried knitting one of these several times and my brain didn't like to work with the needles so I kept frogging and eventually gave up. This will be perfect for me so thanks Aknita and your Dd for choosing my name.
Writing, an article on using witchcraft and magic to help in our fight against cancer. Not to cure it though Goddess knows that would be fabulous. More as sympathetic magic to alleviate the side effects and protect the parts we don't want the radiation to harm.
Reading Ironside by Holly Black, I love this and the previous Tithe
in the queue to read next.
In the night garden Catherynne M Valiente yet to start just arrived from the library this morning. Recommended on a blog I read who's name escapes me:)
as was the next Garden spells Sarah Addison Allen
Listening to Bronwen David Cabin fever and Saint Saens Carnival of animals

Poetry for Brigid Imbolc

  The Lake Isle of Innisfree BY  WILLIAM BUTLER YEATS I will arise and go now, and go to Innisfree, And a small cabin build there, of clay a...