October 18, 2011

Wollmeise giveaway

I am giving away another 2 skeins of wollmeise. I started a shawl test knit for a girl on Ravelry in a skein of turquoise/green WM and it is awful:( Feels like cotton, very splitty yarn and not nice at all to knit with. Now searching round to find a NICE semi solid for the test knit. I need between 420 and 460 yards so most of my sock yarn skeins are too short.
But if you want the  splitty, cottony (VBG) WM leave a comment. I'll draw winners Friday

October 16, 2011


Sometimes I wonder where the time goes. The days speed by and I see the moon go from new to full and back to new in what seems an instant.
We are still here as you can see. I think we are filling the days while we can. Not from a pessimistic point of view  oh no indeed we try to never be pessimistic but always looking forward with optimism. Trying and mostly managing:)but winter is a coming and the days will be colder darker and more condusive to inside pursuits.

 We had a week in Cumbria a short while ago and it coincided with the heat wave. Who knew that October would have nights too hot to sleep? 26 degrees at 5pm is a change after the wet and cold we experienced before our holiday.

 There were stunning views from the living room windows

 Every day bar one was very hot and sunny
 We enjoyed just pootling around Cumbria, visiting good friends and meandering around the various passes

 It was so different to the last time we were up there just a few months previously
 shorter days, earlier sunsets

 Lots of dragon's breath to be seen most days
 We saw this Herdwick the day it finally rained and we went over Honister Pass. Mr Mog stopped the car and I snapped 2 very quick pictures. I was really pleased when we put them on the computer and I saw how this one turned out.
 Lots of Green Men faces to be seen amidst the leaves
 The many pictures of the lone tree are for our friends Sue and Neil who also stayed on this site back in June
 The lake you see is Bassenthwaite

 I took lots of pictures on our travels, this is a very small selection:)
 Mr Mog is doing well, his next oncology appointment is tomorrow morning so fingers crossed for that please.
Sorry I've not blogged much. I do have a post in the making from our visit to Farfield Mill the other day

Poetry for Brigid Imbolc

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