August 31, 2015

Autumnal ponderings

Long time no speak and I have missed my blogging. Sometimes too many things can distract if you let them and sadly I did. Its the last day of August and almost time for Autumn. I have smelt her on the air so often this Summer, waiting not so patiently in the wings. The Summer has been like the rest of the year chez Mogs - not the best.

 I have this hope that Autumns gentle touch will renew and revive us both. There have been some good times but this year more illness, both physical and of the spirit. Low periods for us both and a reluctance to get out of bed in the morning almost ever day lately.
 I would hope that the magic of Autumn will bring back the sparkle and vibrancy of life for both of us. Why does Autumn hold more magic in her than any other season for me? I love the first Spring leaves, the warmth of the occasional Summer day and Winters sparkle as she dances ice across the land.
 But Autumn she resonates within my every being. On all levels she brings joy and promise. My physical self enjoys the colours as her gown takes on its russet overdress. It loves the feel of leaves under foot. All these delight me.
 My soul soaks in the wild magic, a barely heard sound on the wind that brings a sudden glimpse of faery.
My inner child fills her heart with ideas and inspiration. she has a need to create and to make. It matters not if that be spun yarn, or an elemental femme or indeed a painted journal page. There is just a Need to try and portray the very essence of joy that I feel.

 My tarot choices change in Autumn. I turn to the Druidcraft and the Faeries Oracle. I still turn my card of the day from the Wild Spirit Tarot. That remains a mystery I try to unravel each day. They don't always become clear immediately but then life itself isn't. For me the important thing is to draw a card and listen for the reply. Autumn is a time for journeying deeper. Is it for you?
The bobbin and batt are a new to me dyer Lanitium ex machina from Finland. I acquired the batts in a destash on Ravelry and today I thought they were perfect a mix of Summer colours with Autumn peeping through. This is going to be a mobius cowl for me I think.

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