May 29, 2009


Today's topic is connections
We are all connected in some way or another. You've probably all seen the those connection doodads that people write where through such a body and such a body we have royal relations etc. That is fine and fun to read but I'm talking about the connections and synchronicity that abounds at the moment.
You know when you read a blog or someone says something to you and you think" that is weird I just wrote the same thing"?
That is connection. A spiritual link in some ways.
I wonder if it is with the current state of the world and all the negative things going on. Are we connecting as a defence or to shout out to people that there is more than just the dark side that the media portrays.?
Yes things are bad with the economy and with parliament. Things are always bad somewhere or some when. We can't live our lives through this only. There has to be more.
We connect in so many ways and sometimes it is almost magical how it happens. You meet someone , get talking to them and realise how much you have in common.
You talk to strangers at a museum say where there was a witchcraft exhibition on. They seem to be following you round the exhibits and then as you pause towards the end of the artifacts they approach hesitantly and ask a question. Do you know of moots, or open groups where I can get to talk to people about what I believe or what I want to learn more about?
How do you answer? How do you help without pushing? How do you give them a guiding hand on their first steps without presuming and without pushing something you believe?
Is this how the cults initially operate do you think? Seeing some lost soul or some confused person looking for answers and latching on to them?
I gave this person some magazines with local moots in. Her choice then what she did with the information.
We kept in touch and when she found out we had open gatherings to celebrate the wheel of the year she asked if she could come?
Our open gatherings were for all ages, a way of celebrating the turn of the wheel and having fun. No pressure of beliefs. After all the old ones used to get together at say midsummer to celebrate the longest day, simply because it was.
Why can't we?
It will shortly be the midsummer and I see it as a joyous time, a time to enjoy the long days and short nights for themselves not for anything more.
Yes we can have a spiritual belief and it can be a big part of our life but that is what it is. A part of life not its whole. It permeates all we do and all we are but so do the simple things of going out into the garden and taking photos of what is there today, at this moment in this place. That is who I am and what I am.
From my readings in blogland it would appear there are lots of others who feel the same.
Connections you see:)
My next post has finished knitting and it is for me:)

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