June 28, 2009

Woolfest part 2 the stash enhancement & gifts.

Woolfest wasn't just about having fun and meeting friends . There was some stash enhancement and some gifts.
Firstly from Artis-Anne 5 skeins of hand dyed hand spun yarn for the 5 elements. Anne and I had agreed a trade, 5 skeins in exchange for a cone of mohair to dye. Look what she came up with, aren't they gorgeous?
They will work beautifully with my femmes:)
I have wanted a shawl pin for a while now to compliment my shawls when I wear them. This is sycamore and was purchased from Kevin.
I love the shape of it.
Then I purchased some yarn and received a free shawl pattern from the Laal Bear. The pattern is written out which is better for me as I can't read lace charts. We will see how I get on, more later on that.
I chose these colours especially. When I was little I went to a boarding school for delicate children . I was there for almost 2 years aged 7 to 9. One of the crafts I remember doing was weaving and I made my nan a scarf using bright turquoise and bright orange yarn. It was extremely garish but she wore it with pride many times:) This blue yarn is called seaside and has some small flashes of orange in it so it seemed appropriate to add orange as a contrast.

I met up with so many online friends it was unbelievable. There were dozens of them and I enjoyed it greatly. One of these friends is Jan and she does the most superb crochet. I've several items in my wardrobe made by Jan and I now have 2 more:)
Jan gave me this along with some extra yarn so I can fringe or bead it to lengthen a little.

Isn't it gorgeous? I have the beads lined up ready to start tomorrow and watch this space:)
Not content with silencing me with the top Jan gave me this:-
Isn't it incredible? I'd seen the pictures on the blog and was tempted to ask her to make me one, I don't need to now. It is mine, all mine:)))
Jan I love the things you made for me and will love wearing them, thank you so much for them.

I also received 2 bags of yarn for my hospice knitting from Lisa and Vicky which is much appreciated:)
Wye Sue presented me with a huge bag of yarn to do with as I will, mainly Colinette. Guess I'll have to force myself to knit it then;) I love Colinette colours.
So a great time, very tired still today but it was worth it.
My thanks go to the Wool Clip for organising such a brilliant festival and to all the people I met who made me glad to be part of the online blogging community.


dominiqueknitting said...

Sounds like you had a wonderfull time... meeting up with friends, and getting wonderfull presents...

Suzi Smith said...

Lovely gifts & stash... the colours & textures at the show were beautiful... glad you had a great time x

Joanna said...

Always good to see you Amber, and I love your new cardigan, it is just so you! Great gifts and a fabulous time was had by all inspite of the heat!

enthusiastic crochetoholic said...

So glad that you liked the garments. I am looking forward to seeing your customisation of the Farpoint Topper.Will it be beads or will it be a fringe?
When I finished the Circles jacket I thought this is far more Ambermoggie than me so I guess your name was on it right from the start.
I think that I have just about recovered from my first Woolfest.

Georgina (remote knitter) said...

So glad you had well deserved fun! I like written patterns over charts too - I love the 'language' we knitters share!

Artis-Anne said...

WOW what fab gifts I love both of them . Glad you were happy with the yarns I spun for you too ;)

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