June 08, 2009

S is for shawls

As the title says, S is for Shawls and I did say that I had some knitting finished .
Hope you like the finished items.

First up the orange mohair mix. Very large and unblocked. I decided whoever took this one could block it larger if they wish. I think the weight of the beads on the border will pull it down a little anyway.
It is very much a Lammas shawl I'd say as it reminds me of the colours of the fields and the colours of the crops.

A close up of the beaded borders, all glass beads in shades to compliment the colours in the shawl.

Then I also finished the shawl I'd named "the night had a thousand eyes" due to the glittery colours I added to the plain black mohair. Black never photographs well for me but I can assure you it is most definitely black.

The next picture is a little nearer to the colour.

This gives a close up of the beaded border, I used iridescent glass beads in purples to reflect the colours in the shawl. Once again this would block much larger should you wish it.
With those 2 off the needles it seemed only right to start another, I did tell you that the shawl obsession was back didn't I?
This is going to be stunning. I'm calling it the Undine shawl.

Imagine the colours in the sea and notice how they change when the sunlight hits the water. See the weeds drifting underneath.
The colours shift from lightest turquoise to deepest indigo.
Where the sun reflects you see diamonds that flash colour with every movement of the water.
The undine shawl reflects all of this and more.
Wear it and feel the mystery of the moon as she pulls the tides. Be swept up in the romance of the oceans.

I love the colour changes.
What do you think?


Suzi Smith said...

Love them... & the Undine... really, really love it... and your description!

aniexma said...

Beautiful colours on all three of those shawls. The turquoise is especially lovely..and the black...and the orange too!

You need an etsy shop.

Sea said...

Love the colour of the one you have just started. I've crocheted shawls before , but not knitted one, as yet.

Antoinette said...

They are incredibly lovely Ambermoggie! And yes, I agree, that orange shawl has got such a Lammas energy to it. Very harvest-like.

Beautiful work. Wearable art, in fact.

Artis-Anne said...

Great shawls Amber as always and as you say your next one will be a stunner :)

dreamcatcher said...

I particularly like the orange shawl :-) The blue one is going to be stunning too.

Rosie said...

I love the stories and names almost as much as the shawls!

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